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Business branding can come in varying circumstances, activities, and applications. As one the means for business communication to occur, email messages can now be used to promote the brand of the business. Email branding is an activity that is already implemented by a lot of companies within varying fields of professional expertise. In this modern time where digital and technological advancement is evident, it is only necessary to maximize the usage of platforms like emails.

Email branding is not as hard and tedious as you think it is. Being guided by branding principles can help you incorporate your business brand to the email messages that you will disseminate in your target market. If you want to develop the email branding of your business, refer to the samples that you can download in this post. More so, be guided by the tips and other information that we have curated so you can easily identify the email brand that you would like your business to be incorporated with.

Fashion Email Branding Template

fashion email branding template

Sale Announcement Email Branding

sales email newsletter template 21 1

Factors to Consider When Developing an Email Brand

Email branding is under the processes of corporate branding. If you are already in the development phase of your email brand, it is necessary for you to focus on the content of all the email messages that you will use. A part of your email branding is your ability to relay the exact message that you would like your target market or audience to be knowledgeable about. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider when developing the email brand of your business:

  • The header of your email message. It is very important for you to brand your header. This is the first thing that people see when they open the email message that you have sent. Hence, an email message header ca be considered as the top part of the online communication. Make it interesting so that people can be more curious with regards the content of the email.
  • Your business name. Loyal clients and patrons will surely open the email that you have sent them if they are aware that the email is from you. This will also allow new and prospective customers to have an idea of who you are as a corporate brand. if you will include your business name in the email, it is for sure that you can get more favorable results from the activity.
  • The contact details that the customers may reach. Always ensure to provide the means for continuous communication. Email messages are very precise which sometimes lead to inquiries about additional information. Your contact details may include your fax number, business phone number or the corporate mobile number of the company.
  • The social media accounts of the business presented through icons. Nowadays, responsive email messages are already used to create a more interactive experience. If you will include the social media accounts and online pages of the business, then you can fully maximize the exposure that you have created through the use of your email message.
  • A promotional banner. Though not necessarily needed every time you send an email, a promotional banner can make your email messages look more attractive. Some businesses even want they email messages to look like one page websites. With the help of a promotional banner, you can easily give focus on the important details that you would like the email receivers to know.
  • Disclaimers and confidentiality clauses or statements. A part of your email branding is how you follow specific laws and regulations especially when it comes to the confidentiality of the information presented in your messages. You need to make your customers or clients trust your email messages so they can also trust you as a corporate entity.

Retail Fashion Email Template

retail fashion email template

Why Use Email Branding?

Not all companies use email branding in their regular brand programming and development. Businesses think that it is only a waste of time while others believe that it is not the most effective means of branding the business. Even if there are a lot of negative speculations about using an email brand, we think that proper cohesion and presentation of information can make a lot of difference when it comes to achieving the branding and marketing goals of the business through email branding. Here are some of the reasons why we think your business should consider using an email brand:

  • It is a cheap way to spread the brand message. Unlike a television ad that cost millions, email branding comes for free. You do not need to shed a lot of money just to ensure that your brand message will be carried out to your target market. Though sending emails are free, designing the email content is not. You can decide whether to hire a permanent artist for the business or you can seek for external or third party service providers with regards this matter.
  • It is an easy undertaking that can be sustained. You have full control over when to send email messages. More so, you have the liberty on what to send depending on the current trends in the market or the activities of the business. With this, you can ensure that having an email brand is a sustainable activity as you need minimum efforts to continue it.
  • The usage of email is growing every year. As we have mentioned, more and more people are using emails. With this, it only means that you can target more market niches and market segments. If you will have proper measures on how to gather the email addresses of the people that can practice their purchasing power to your business, then your marketing and branding goal can be realized.
  • It can directly target the market that you want to tap. Aside from the liberty to send what you want and when you want to, you also have the freedom to select the recipients of the email. This can help you provide exclusive information to the people who can help your business grow may it be in terms of exposure, brand acknowledgment or actual sales.
  • It can present your business to people who have already provided their interest with the brand. Most email addresses where the message of the business will be sent are owned by previous customers. There are a lot of businesses who get the contact information of clients to ensure that these people are updated with what is currently happening in the business. This can serve as a great means of communication to the people who are already aware of what the brand is and what it can provide from time to time.

Responsive Email Template

responsive email template

Fashion E-Commerce Email Branding

fashion e commerce email branding

Email Template PSD

creative market template

How to Effectively Implement Email Branding

Being guided by branding principles can help you allocate time and effort that will not be wasted when creating an email brand. As a corporate branding and marketing activity, email branding processes should be consistent so that you can promote a strong and solid brand that you can also present in the actual market area. Here are some ways on how you can implement the activities that are directly relevant and related to email branding:

  • It is essential for you to provide exclusive information. This feeling of exclusivity will allow your target market to feel more special. The emotion that your customers will invest in your business can help you properly create strategies to convince them to buy your products or acquire your services.
  • Always remember to organize the content of your email messages. There is nothing more flattering on the part of the email receivers than to receive an understandable and polished email message. Ensure that you will create a smooth flow of discussion and presentation so you can easily persuade your readers to browse through the entirety of the email message.
  • Do not forget to nourish your relationship with your customers. Provide links for customer relationship development. You can also include special offers and other deals for a limited time period. It is essential for your customers to feel that the email is truly for them.
  • Share information that are valuable to your target customers. The content of your email messages should always be relevant to the needs and wants of your target market. Your branding undertakings will only be effective if you can properly communicate with the people whom you would like to be aware of the brand that you are promoting.
  • Do not focus on selling products. Email branding does not always need to be about sales. Branding activities will take a long time for you to see desired effects. As much as possible, use only a tenth of your email messages for product selling or any other online discussion that focuses on the purchasing of your products. However, this may not be applicable to some businesses in the field of direct sales and online retail.

Multipurpose Email Branding

multipurpose email branding

Tips in Branding Your Corporate Email

There are successful corporate branding tips that are not only applicable to the operations of the business. You can also use these to develop a usable and effective corporate email brand. Some of the tips that you may incorporate in the creation of our email brand include the following:

  • Always remember to build trust and credibility every time you send an email message. Do not just focus on what you can get with the activity. Also, think of how your customers and/or clients can benefit from the messages that you will send them.
  • There is nothing more impressive than consistency with all the branding activities that you will implement as a business. Always be consistent when branding your business so you can create a recognizable email brand.
  • Focus on the core value of the brand. Always present your brand as it is so you will not be the same in terms of comparison with your competitors. Who you are as a corporate brand should be reflected in the email branding that you will use.
  • Do not use disjointed and misleading emails. Be precise and direct to the point. However, do not forget to use a few hints and elements of surprise, excitement, and fun.

Photographer Email Branding Template

photographer email branding template

Email Branding Template

email branding template

How to Design Emails for Branding Purposes

Just like following tips to improve website branding, there are also some simple guides that you may follow so you can ensure the efficiency of your email branding activities. Email branding can be more successful if you will use design items that the business is already known for. Here are some guidelines that you may use when designing your email message content for branding purposes:

  • Refer to design templates and samples so you can get an idea of how you can effectively create your own email brand.
  • Develop a color palette that you will incorporate in the fonts, layout and other areas of the email.
  • Always make it a point that you will create outstanding and one of a kind campaigns so you can make your email messages interesting.
  • It is advisable to test the email message before sending it to clients so you can ensure that all the items that you would like to achieve are already present within the email.
  • Create a timeline or time frame that can help you implement proper timing in all your email branding activities.
  • As much as possible, use the same design details that you use on your company’s websites. This includes color tones, button designs, font styles, and content layout.
  • Always use relevant and recognizable branding materials and tools like your company logo and tagline.

Purposes of Email Branding

Just like any other branding activities, email branding should be based on the purpose of its creation. Businesses should be aware on what they would like to achieve so they can easily brand their email accordingly. Some of the reasons or objectives of email branding include the following:

  • To ensure that the business will have an online platform that can provide information to customers in real time
  • To help the business maintain, develop and grow its online and social networks
  • To give the business the online traffic that it needs for its social media accounts, online pages and main corporate website
  • To keep the online branding of the business continuous which can result to the generation of new sales leads and markets
  • To have a medium of communication where companies can easily launch new products, services, and other offers
  • To provide information to limited people about special deals and offers

With these items, it is for sure that you are already aware of how beneficial email branding can be. The next time that you send an email to customers, make sure that the message that you will deliver will count as a brand experience.

No matter what purpose it is that you have in mind, starting to create an email brand can help your business have a particular online activity that can spread the news about who you are and what you provide. Your brand will be exposed accordingly if you will follow specific measures in terms of email branding. Have one step ahead of your competitors and make an effective email brand now.

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