16 Fashion Business Cards

If you are immersed in the fashion industry, then you may already be aware of the fact that following trends, presenting your own style and having a sense of what’s in-the-know are the things that you need to always showcase in whatever you do. Aside from your main line of expertise, being fashionable should also translate to the materials and items that you incorporate yourself with. One of these items on your business cards.

A fashion business card works just the same with any other types of best business cards. However, it is less strict when it comes to formatting and designing. There are a lot of fashion business cards that can fit different personalities and various fashion job functions. You can select from any of the samples below if you would like to get inspiration for the development of your own business card as a professional in the field of fashion.

Simple Fashion Business Card


Fashion Designer Business Card

fashion designer business card

Black and Red Fashion Business Card

black and red fashion business card

Personal Fashion Business Card

personal fashion business card

Why Is There a Need for a Fashion Business Card?

When you work with brands, especially those where the movers-and-shakers of the industry belong, it is essential for you to establish a connection that can help you further develop a professional relationship. You can start by giving out a comprehensive and impressive fashion business card. If you are unaware of the reasons why we highly suggest the specified gesture, here are some reasons why a business card is needed by people who work in the industry of fashion:

  • Aside from your deliverable, your success in the fashion industry will greatly depend on the connections that you have created. It is no secret that the fashion industry is linked by different creative processes. As an example, an advertisement can be created with the help of photographers, stylists, creative directors, models, fashion houses, designers and graphic artists. With the number of procedures that require specific work functions, it is important for you to present yourself well as a professional so that people will remember you positively. Doing this with the help of a fashion business card that you can give to the people that you have worked with can allow you retain the trust of all the people within the production. This can also possibly help you to be hired again or to even create new work opportunities in the future.
  • Your fashion business card is a representation of your professional brand. Do you want your business card to look boring and simple? If that’s the case, then you may not want to immerse yourself in the fashion industry. Professionals in the field of fashion are very enthusiastic when it comes to items that are appealing, extraordinary and visually impressive. You have to make sure that people will be more curious about who you are and what you do once they already get a hand on your business card.
  • A fashion business card can help you become more relevant. The more people who you get professional contact with, the more entities there are who can receive your fashion business card. With the help of this tool, people can be updated on what you do, how they can contact you, and how your deliverable can be beneficial to their needs. Staying relevant in the field of fashion is important especially considering the fact that there are more and more professionals who are joining the industry every single day.

How to Make a Fashion Business Card Stand Out

The way you create your fashion business card can greatly affect how people will create their perception of you. If you are working in the fashion industry, your business card is expected to be more than the ordinary. Though creating simple and minimalist cards can be acceptable if done well, there is still a need for you to add design elements that can make your business card fashion-appropriate. Listed below are some ways to how you can make your fashion business card stand out.

  • Make sure that you are aware of the trends in the field. Your fashion business card should be at par or even better with the business cards that are used by your competitors and the people that you work with. You do not need to specifically follow trends, however, the influence and inspiration that you can get from them will help you create a more interesting and timely fashion business card.
  • Do not always take the fancy route, especially if you are unaware of how to do so. Though fashion is known to be elegant and interesting, you have to draw the line on when to be fancy and when not to be. Do not work on design items that you do not know how to incorporate into your brand. It will be best to stay true to who you are when developing a business card design. There are other themes that you can apply to your business card that is still fashion-related even if fancy designs are not present.
  • Be aware of the kind of fashion business card that you want to create. There are different types of fashion business cards which vary on your line of work and the processes that you need to provide to your clients and other stakeholders. In an instance, a fashion designer business card is very different when compared to the business cards of digital fashion marketing personnel. Ensure that your business card is fit with your work functions.

Black and White Fashion Business Card

black and white fashion business card

Hair and Fashion Business Card

hair and fashion business card

Fashion Art Business Card

fashion art business card

Minimalistic Fashion Business Card

minimalistic fashion business card

Printable Fashion Business Card

printable fashion business card

Modern Fashion Business Card

modern fashion business card

Fashion Retailer Business Card

fashion retailer business card

Fashion Model Agency Business Card

fashion model agency business card

Fashion and Beauty Business Card

fashion and beauty business card

Design Tips to Incorporate into Fashion Business Card Development

Designing your fashion business card is one of the procedures that you need to keenly look into so you can ensure that it can present your professional identity the best way possible. Some of the design tips that you can incorporate when developing your own fashion business card are as follows:

  • Use bright and vibrant colors. If you want to tone down when it comes to using these kinds of colors, you can also opt to use a color palette that is visually pleasing.
  • Use bold typography and make sure that all the information that you will place in your fashion business card are readable and understandable.
  • Develop a clear layout that can help you put content and design items in their proper places. This will allow you to present information in a cohesive manner.
  • Have a final output in mind. Knowing the characteristics of the fashion business card that you would like to achieve can help you be guided by the entirety of the fashion business card design development.

Benefits of Using a Fashion Business Cards

Your fashion business card is a relevant part of your professional undertaking. There are a lot of advantages that you can experience if you can come up with an informative and complete fashion business card. A few of the benefits that you may experience by using a fashion business card include the following:

You can specifically provide information about your work designation. This way, entities can be more aware of how your deliverable can be used in projects and other undertakings. This can also help you to associate yourself with the brand of the business where you work at.

You can make yourself more marketable. There are a lot of uncertain circumstances that you need to take advantage of. Especially in events where potential clients and collaborators are present, you can easily continuously connect with people with the help of your fashion business card.

What Is a Fashion Business Card?

Though there are differences when it comes to developing the design of business cards used in the corporate field and in the fashion industry, there are also some similarities between them especially when it comes to the content of the tool. A fashion business card, just like any other kinds of professional business cards, contains the following details:

  • The name of the person who will use the business card
  • The work designation or position of the person
  • The business where the professional is associated with
  • An email address

    A mobile number

    A business phone number

    A mailing address

    A fax number

  • The location of the business where the individual works at

Since there is no limit on how you can present these items in a fashion business card, feel free to experiment with how you would like to put these details together. Never forget to make the design of your fashion business card to be cohesive and polished so that you can present the above-mentioned information in an organized and professional manner.

Vintage Fashion Business Card

vintage fashion business card

Fashion Consultant Business Card

fashion consultant business card

Bare Fashion Business Card

bare fashion business card

Entities Who Can Use a Fashion Business Card

Technically, any entities who are immersed in the field of fashion can use a fashion business card. However, fashion business cards can be of most benefit to the following professionals:

  • Fashion designers
  • Models Photographers
  • Creative directors
  • Runway trainers
  • Fashion stylists
  • Fashion bloggers
  • Fashion store owners

The entities listed above can design their fashion business cards in ways that can cater to their work processes. Since there are a lot of professionals in the fashion industry, the fashion business cards that you can see in the industry can also come in a variety of formats, designs, and layouts. If you are having a hard time in creating your own fashion business card, it will be easier for you to refer to samples and templates that you can download online. Never forget to incorporate who you are and what you do when creating a fashion business card so you can ensure that you can maximize the potential of its usage.

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