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Gratitude is an emotion that we often feel but rarely express. Some of us are just not good at it. Some may even think that saying “thank you” is mawkishly sentimental. (For the record, it’s not.) More often than not, a warm smile is all we could muster even if, deep inside, we are crying out of gratefulness. This is a habit we should really strive to discourage. You may also see what to write in a thank-you card.

An act of kindness, in whatever form it may come, deserves to be acknowledged. The doer should feel appreciated. After all, he is not obligated to do anything for you but he still did. It’s true, you don’t owe him anything for whatever he did for you, but the least you could do is tell him you appreciate him. You may also like stunning photo thank-you cards.

Mini Thank You Notecard

Colored Elegant Thank You Card Example

Wedding Thank You Note Card

Why Are Thank You Note Cards Important?

1. Thank you cards help us achieve what our timid little lips can’t.

They help us express what we feel (since more and more people seem to find this task too daunting for them). If you couldn’t muster enough courage to personally tell someone how much you appreciate whatever they have done for you, go to the nearest store and buy yourself a thank you card.

Or, if you really want to make it up to the person, design one yourself. These note cards can do a good job at making your recipient feel your sincerity since you’ve obviously taken the time to personally write them a note to say thank you. Let your card do what you can’t.

2. Gratitude can help strengthen bonds.

Relationships are a give and take. These are the product of showing affections and receiving it back in turn. Thank you cards will help you make sure that your friend or family member knows that you appreciate their efforts. It can make them feel seen and worthy of the effort, the way their actions made you feel as well. Never pass up an opportunity to reciprocate positive feelings. You may also see wedding thank-you cards.

Foil Thank You Card Example

Sympathy Memorial Thank You Note Card

3. Saying thank you is the right thing to do.

Say you’ve received a birthday gift sent through mail from a friend who couldn’t come to your party. If he took the time to pick and send out a gift for you, what is your excuse for not being able to do at least say thank you? None. Absolutely none. But don’t start being grateful now just because society dictates. Do it because it’s what you would want for yourself too. As cliche as it may sound, but treat others the way you want to be treated.

4. Not saying thank you has negative consequences.

The tricky thing about not expressing our gratitude is that it will make us look ungrateful. It’s one thing if not the other! After all, thanking someone is not that hard a thing to do. So why couldn’t we do it? And if we could, why couldn’t we do it properly? You may also check out memorial thank you cards.

Vivid Thank You Card Example

5. Showing gratitude through thank you cards make you unique.

In a world where people consider a kissing emoji enough to express love, and a two-lettered text sufficient as a way of showing appreciation, a personal thank you card will definitely set you apart from the crowd. And you never know, by doing it, you may actually start a trend. Imagine a world with all of our technological advances but with also the forgotten act of handwritten letters and cards. That would be a perfect world.

6. Handwritten thank you cards are more personal.

Basically anything that requires more effort from you can be considered more personal. Which is why taking the time to pick a printed card or even a blank piece of paper to write “thank you” on is a hundred times more intimate than taking out your phone to type. Writing is more like giving a part of yourself to someone. And isn’t that the best way to say thank you? You might be interested in bridal shower thank-you cards.

With thank you cards, you can make someone happy. Nobody can help smiling over a personalized thank you card sent by mail. The thing itself oozes with care and effort that the recipient can’t help appreciating as well. Make someone smile today. Send a thank you card.

You can bring back a lost art. Sadly, a lot of people now think that handwritten cards and letters are cliche and unnecessary. With all the ways you can communicate online, who needs paper and ink right? But you should never underestimate the joy a card can bring to your recipient. Also, texts, chats and emails can be so easily lost or deleted. Cards and letters, on the other hand, can be stored and kept. They can even be displayed! Your act of gratitude will be kept for a lifetime.

Aqua Watercolor Thank You Note Card

When Should You Send A Thank You Card?

1. After receiving a gift.

If you’ve received a gift by mail, sending a simple thank you card instead of a text or email can make your recipient feel like you’ve really appreciated his gift since you’ve deliberately taken the time to write to him. If you’ve received the gift personally, on the other hand, and you feel as if you haven’t said thank you in person enough, sending a card will make your recipient feel like you’ re still thinking about the gift that could only mean that you really liked it.

2. After organizing a party or after being invited in one.

You may think that as a guest, the host is indebted to you for your attendance but it’s the other way around. Send a thank you card to tell your host for the simple invitation. Being invited is an honor. If you’re the host, on the other hand, sending a thank you card to the people who cared enough to attend to your party is a big way to show how much you appreciated their presence.

3. For anything at all.

In fact, one sent in random will be more appreciated because it goes to show that you’ve been thinking about that person and all that he’s done for you! You don’t need to receive anything or be invited to something to feel the need to make someone feel appreciated.

Blank Minnie Mouse Thank You Note Card

How Do You Write A Thank You Card

Since they are now considered overrated, no one really takes the time to teach anyone how to write a thank you card. But now that you know all of its admirable qualities, here are a few tips to help you start writing your very own:

1. Pick a pack of pretty paper.

If you have absolutely no sense of art or design, choosing the perfect stationery will make up for it. But if you’re one of the lucky few who is just so good at arts and crafts, go ahead and design your own. If neither of these appeal to you, you also have the option of choosing a printed card. There are a lot of cheap yet pretty cards you can use. Don’t worry, as long as you write a short, personal message on it, even if store-bought, your card can still be as special. You may also see business thank-you cards.

2. Compose your message (but on a separate paper).

You need no reminding that your card doesn’t have a delete button and you don’t want to waste precious paper! (Save Mother Earth.) So to avoid mistakes and erasures on your simple card, start concocting your message on a separate paper before copying it on the stationery.

As for the content, say something sincere like how much you like their gift, or how much you enjoyed their presence during your party, or how thankful you are to them for helping you when you were in need. Be honest with your message. No need for buttery words or fake compliments.

3. Begin with a greeting.

And “hey” is not enough. If your recipient is a close friend or a family, let your greeting be the name you usually call them by. Don’t be too formal if you’re in a close relationship with them. Save that for colleagues or work friends.

4. Personalize your message.

If your thank you card is given to all your party guests for example, don’t say the same thing to all of them. Personalize a few, especially the thank you cards for the people close to you. You may also add an invitation to see each other again soon. This simple gesture can really speak a lot to your recipients. You may also like baptism thank-you cards.

5. Don’t be too formal.

This is not a job interview. You are expressing your gratefulness to friends. Add in humor to not make things too dull. Also, being too formal may create the impression that there’s a gap between you. It can make you sound distant and impersonal and that would completely beat your purpose for writing a thank you card.

6. Add a little token.

This is actually unnecessary but if your smart goal is to really reach out, attaching one along with your card would actually be better. It doesn’t have to be expensive. A piece of wrapped chocolate or a homemade cupcake will do. Or, if your card is a thank you for attending your party, you can add in a cute photo of the two of you together! Now, how’s that for personalized?

Blank Thank You Note Card

Sympathy Memorial Thank You Note Card with Photo


Although thank you cards are an accepted and appreciated way of saying thank you, we still should not overlook the remarkable ability of a warm hug, a sincere smile, or even a handshake to express how much we appreciate the deed and the person behind it. After all, these relationships are the best thing we could ever get from this life. The least we could do is to make them feel appreciated. You may also like awesome kids thank-you cards.

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