Funeral Announcement Designs

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Funeral Announcement Designs

Whether we like it or not, death is indeed an inevitable part of life. For some, talking about it is still considered taboo, and some of us choose to ignore the reality of what would happen if we, or our loved ones, were to die out of a sudden. And this kind of mindset spells trouble, given that holding a funeral or memorial program takes a lot of processes. However, everything shouldn’t be taken in a rush, since solemnity should still be the top priority of holding this kind of ceremony. Hence, if you’ve come to set a funeral arrangement, you should take it on a step-by-step process by having a funeral announcement first that would gather around bereaved family and friends. To help you get started, we’ll help you through our samples list below.

Examples of Funeral Announcement Designs

Floral Funeral Announcement or Invitation Example

Floral Funeral Announcement or Invitation Example



Printable Funeral Announcement Template

Printable Funeral Announcement Template


Modern Funeral Announcement or Invitation Example

Modern Funeral Announcement or Invitation Example


Elegant Funeral Announcement or Invitation Example

Elegant Funeral Announcement or Invitation Example


Customizable Funeral Announcement or Invitation Example

Customizable Funeral Announcement or Invitation Example


Vintage Green Funeral Announcement

Vintage Green Funeral Announcement

Editable Funeral Announcement or Invitation

Editable Funeral Announcement or Invitation


Leaf Funeral Announcement Mourning Invitation

Leaf Funeral Announcement Mourning Invitation


Funeral Invitation or Announcement Card Example

Funeral Invitation or Announcement Card Example


Floral Funeral Announcement Mourning Invitation Card

Floral Funeral Announcement Mourning Invitation Card


Art Deco Funeral Announcement Card Example

Art Deco Funeral Announcement Card Example


What Is a Funeral Announcement?

Basically, a funeral announcement is a written notice informing the family, friends, and acquaintances of the passing of a loved one. This type of material can be customized in every possible way that you want it to present, whether in flyer type presentation, brochure, or card. A funeral announcement material also includes wordings, like the organized program flow, invitation details, a bit part of funeral speech, as well as design. Moreover, it can also take the form of an email sent to the appropriate people, or it may also appear in the newspaper in the obituary section.

Guides for Creating One Funeral Announcement

When it comes to creating one funeral announcement for a dear friend or a loved one that passed away, setting the right approach for your material is a bit challenging. Given the fact that funeral announcement material must be solemn since it is used to share the unfortunate news of someone’s passing, one must also consider that this material is a reminder for bereaved family and friends that attend the funeral. Thus, if you opt to create one funeral announcement, make sure to keep in touch with the details for your departed’s life and legacy through thoughtful messages.

1. Grapple with the Moment

Logically speaking, we do not prepare a written death notice ahead of time, for most of us think about not anticipating the coming of the miserable day of death. Upon creating one funeral announcement, no question that it is always difficult to organize your thoughts, given that you could still be at the mourning phase. However, as much as you want to cope with the sorrowful event, keep in mind that you should be calm and composed so that you can actualize a meaningful funeral announcement material.

2. Stay with the Details

The details of your funeral announcement serve as the heart and soul of your material. Once you’ve already had a clear state of mind, you can now begin collecting the funeral ceremony’s essential details. You can start it by compiling everything on a separate list, and make sure to include the important information, such as the event date and time, overview of the deceased, program flow, and name of the important guests.

3. Incorporate Creativity

Since a funeral announcement can serve as a keepsake for invited family and friends, there’s no wrong in integrating creativity for your material. Whether you aim to produce a funeral announcement in a flyer, brochure, or a simple card type, you can always spice up your material with a creative motif.

4. Proofread, Edit, Enhance

So that you can achieve and error-free funeral announcement, double-checking your overall content should be your next move. Given that your funeral announcement serves as a memorial program guide for your respective ceremony guest, establish accurate information in your announcement. You can also get back to your funeral announcement’s design and incorporate several enhancements that would make your material more presentable.


What are the other communication channels to announce the funeral ceremony?

Aside from funeral invitation cards, flyers, or even word-of-mouth, you can inform others about a funeral ceremony through various outlets like obituary or social media. If you wish to use social media as a platform, still, you need to keep in touch with your details, particularly the 5s and 1h (what, who, when, where, why, and how) of your event.

What are the things to consider in sending a funeral announcement?

If you already have the actual funeral announcement for your organized ceremony, there are several things that you need to consider before you send one. First, you need to consider choosing the right recipients of your funeral announcement. Second, consider the location of your recipients; hence, stipulate directions, contact details, and additional information, especially for out-of-town guests. Lastly, resort to other options like publishing a social media announcement post or newspaper obituary, primarily if time limits you to send one funeral announcement personally.

What card or paper type that is best for a funeral announcement?

When it comes to the material type of your funeral announcement, having the basic paper or card material used for invitations will do. The most commonly used materials for this kind of printed material are linen finish, vellum, glassine, board, canvas cardstock, vellum, or parchment.

The passing of someone is a very tough event in the lives of the surviving family as well as friends and close acquaintances. No matter how much we wanted the person to stay, death is really a part of our life that we can never decide. However, the most important thing we could do is to move forward, stay strong, and focus on the preparation of the funeral. With this, celebrate your departed’s life journey through a presentable funeral announcement.

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