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The passing of someone, especially those who are dear to us, is a very tough thing to admit. It may take us a while, maybe a month or even a year, to accept that the person close to us is leaving us permanently and that we need to move on in our lives without them but still carrying the precious moments that we share with them as well as the lessons that they have taught us. Even during these tough times, we must remember that we should, in one way or another, be happy for them as the burdens brought about by the cruel life have already being lifted from their shoulders for they can no longer feel the pain, may it be physically or emotionally.You may also see funeral flyers.

But no matter how overwhelming the passing of someone is, we must stay focused on what to do after his or death. And among those is letting the relatives and friends know about the death and funeral by creating a formal funeral announcement. Funeral announcement is important so there will be a proper dissemination of information especially nowadays that pranks about someone’s death is becoming widespread. You may also see funeral eulogy examples.

The examples of funeral announcement designs are presented in the next section. Check them all out, and see if there are anything that fits your perceived design. Moreover, you may also be interested on these related topics:

Examples of Funeral Announcement Designs

Floral Funeral Announcement or Invitation Example



Printable Funeral Announcement Template


Modern Funeral Announcement or Invitation Example


Greenery Funeral Announcement Invitation Example


Elegant Funeral Announcement or Invitation Example


White Floral Funeral Announcement Invitation Example


Customizable Funeral Announcement or Invitation Example


Bohemian Pink Funeral Announcement Invitation


Vintage Green Funeral Announcement

Modern Black and White Funeral Announcement Invitation


Editable Funeral Announcement or Invitation


Leaf Funeral Announcement Mourning Invitation


Funeral Invitation or Announcement Card Example


Floral Funeral Announcement Mourning Invitation Card


Art Deco Funeral Announcement Card Example


What Is a Funeral Announcement?

Basically, a funeral announcement is a written notice informing the family, friends, and acquaintances of the passing of a loved one. It can be customized in every possible way that you want it to be presented. You may also used a template provided on the internal for the sample wordings as well as the design, as what we presented in this article. Moreover, it can also take the form of an email sent to the appropriate people or it may also appear in the newspaper in the obituary section. It must be posted earlier so that people will be informed ahead of the memorial or funeral service. You may also see funeral speeches.

1. What to Include in a Funeral Announcement?

Almost always, we do not prepare a written notice of death ahead of time, maybe because we do not want to anticipate the coming of the miserable day. Because of this fact, it is always difficult to organize your thoughts when you write a funeral announcement while you are still mourning. You are not in the right mood to compose a notice because you yourself is not capable of being composed and collected.

Hence, to help you with what to include in your funeral announcement, here is a list of the important information that should be included in your funeral announcement. This is to ensure that you include everything that is vital and will not forget any information that is crucial for the announcement. You may also see funeral brochures.

2. Full Name of the Deceased

The full name of the deceased must be included in the funeral announcement as well as any associated titles. For a female who is married, also include her maiden name. This will help people remember her when they only know her by the name when she was not yet married.

3. Residence of the Deceased

You must also include the current address or the residence of the deceased. This is to inform the people where is the deceased currently living.

4. Surviving Family

The surviving family members of the deceased must also be included in the funeral announcement such as the spouse, children, siblings, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and any close relatives. This can surely of help if the person reading the notice, especially for the obituary in newspaper, is acquainted only with a member of the surviving family. You may also see funeral notices.

5. Employment

It is also a great idea to include the work place or the office of the deceased. This is to notify the company or the management as well as his or her co-workers that an employee had passed away.

6. Funeral Information

You might as well include the funeral information such as the date, time, and place of the funeral. If this information is not yet available at the time of the announcement, you may include the words, “Funeral service information to follow.” or any other similar wordings.

7. Clergy of the Funeral

Clergies are either deacons, priests, or bishops who are ordained for religious duties, especially in the Christian church and are involved in presiding over the funeral service. You must also include the name and other important information of the clergy who will handle the funeral service if this information is available. But if not, just leave it as is for this is not a must for the funeral announcement.You may also see announcement emails.

8. Memorial Contribution

Include in your funeral announcement whether or not floral contributions will be accepted as well as if any other contributions will be accepted. Alternatively, inform people whether or not you want donations to be sent to a favorite organization, institution, or charity.

9. Photo

You may or may not include a picture of the deceased. The final decision lies on the hands of the surviving family. But it is highly recommended that you will include a photo of the deceased for immediate recognition of the reader, and who knows, people only know the deceased by the appearance or the face.You may also see baby announcement designs.

10. Type of Funeral

Inform people if you plan to have a private funeral where only family members are invited or it will be open to the public where all people can attend the funeral service.

11. Memorial Service Information

Lastly, never forget to include the memorial service information. Specify if you are planning a memorial service only or  a funeral service now and a memorial service later.

Funeral Announcement Wording Examples

Most of us, especially on the times of mourning and grieving, can no longer think well on what to do next. As previously discussed, among the first things that you must do is to inform people of the passing of someone through a funeral announcement. The above section provides you the necessary information that must be included in your funeral announcement. Specifying the content, in this section, we provide you sample wordings or templates that you can write on your funeral announcement. You may also see memorial thank you cards.

Here are ten great funeral wording examples that can help you in your funeral announcement:

1. (Name of the surviving family) is sad to announce the death of his/her (relationship) (name of the deceased), who died peacefully in his home on (date). He was (age) years old and worked for the (name of the company). The friends and family will surely miss him. Funeral services will be held on (date) at (time), (place). In lieu of flowers, please send donations to the (name of organization or institution or charity).

2. The family of (name) cordially invites you to join in celebrating her life on (date) at (time). We request you bring your thoughts, prayers, and fondest memories of (name). Reception will be announced later.

3. In loving memory of (name), beloved husband of (wife name), father of (children name), grandfather of (grandchildren name), who passed away last (date of death). Forever in our hearts. Please join us this (time and date) at (place) to remember his life. You may also see memorial programs.

4. Cherish the memories and celebrate the life. (name) (date of birth and date of death). Memorial service, (date), (time), (address). Survived family, (names).

5. Death leaves a heartache that no one can heal, but love leaves a memory no one can steal. Join us for a celebration of a live well lived for (name) on (time and date) at (place). He will forever be loved and missed.

6. It is with our deepest sorrow to let you know of the death of our beloved wife and mother (name) on (time and date). A small family memorial service will be held on (time and date) at (place).

7. Announcing the death of (name) who passed away last (time and date). The honor of your presence is requested at a memorial service on (time and date) at (place).

8. A life well lived. Please join us for a service in memory of a (name) on (time and date) at (place).

9. In remembrance (name) who passed away last (time and date). Join us for the memorial service on (time and date) at (place). Dinner will be served after the service. You may also see death note examples.

10. Celebrating the life of (name) who passed away last (time and date). Join us for a luncheon to share stories and remember a life lived to the fullest this (time and date) at (place).

Mop Up

The passing of someone is a very tough event in the lives of the surviving family as well as the friends and close acquaintances. No matter how much we wanted the person to stay, death is really inevitable. The most important thing we could do is to pour out our emotions, move forward, stay strong, and focus on the preparation of the funeral and burial. Among the first things that you must do is to inform the relatives and friends of the deceased through a funeral announcement. Funeral announcement serves as a formal notice to let the friends and relatives know the passing of someone dear to them.

The important information needed to be included in the funeral notice are as follows: full name of the deceased, residence of the deceased, surviving family, employment, funeral information, clergy of the funeral, memorial contribution, photo, type of funeral, and memorial service information.

Also presented in this article are sample wordings for a funeral announcement. There are also awesome examples of funeral announcement designs presented in the previous above. Be sure to check them out for those can really help you especially in this time of grieving. You may also see death notices.

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