10+ Mother’s Day Card Examples & Templates [Download Now]

mothers day card

Mothers are known for their high patience, care, and love toward their children. A lot of challenges and difficulties would come in the way, testing the parents’ patience and endurance. Hence, a special day is celebrated in order to give honor and appreciation to the hard work of all the mothers, that is, the Mother’s Day. Show your love during Mother’s Day by sending a Mother’s Day card to your biological mothers, guardians who acted as your mother, and even to those who are not related to you by blood but who stood up and take care of you as a mom. Here are useful Mother’s Day card templates and examples.

Mother’s Day Card Examples and Templates

1. Artsy Mother’s Day Greeting Card

artsy mothers day greeting card


Not sure what to give to your mom during Mother’s Day? Apart from your personal gift, you can also make a card, similar to this artsy Mother’s Day greeting card example. There are a lot of templates on the Internet that you can use or examples that you can refer to. You can also start from scratch and customize your card to have a personal touch. You have the freedom to choose the color combinations as well as the designs that you want.

2. Steampunk Mother’s Day Greeting Card

steampunk mothers day greeting card1


Steampunk-designed cards are perfect to be sent on Mother’s Day to your cool moms, just like the example presented above. The design usually features science fiction or science fantasy images which incorporate technology and aesthetic designs that are inspired by the 19th-century industrial machinery. Seal your greeting card inside a plain envelope or an envelope that has design elements similar to the one on the card.

3. Pink Mother’s Day Greeting Card

pink mothers day greeting card


Let your mother know that you appreciate her effort and time in raising you up to become what you are today through an excellently designed card, such as this pink Mother’s Day greeting card example. You can include relevant graphics or clip art and a short poem, quote, verse, or your personal heartfelt message. Choose colors that complement well with each other, and make sure that your text color and background color can go well with each other so your text can still be readable.

4. Floral Mother’s Day Thank-You Card

floral mothers day thank you card


Just like this floral Mother’s Day thank-you card, you can design your card with flowers, highlighting femininity and celebration of the Mother’s Day. You can pour out all your emotions toward your mom through a thank-you card, and you can even express how grateful you to your mother for taking care of you, for the useful advice, and simply for having an incredible mother.

5. Minimalist Mother’s Day Greeting Card

minimalist mothers day greeting card1


If you want to have less yet still elegant and decent design for your card to be sent during the Mother’s Day, you can refer to this minimalist Mother’s Day greeting card for the design and layout. This involves only three colors: black, brown, and white. Just these three colors with the appropriate and simple design can turn your card into something that can captivate the minimalist heart of your mother.

6. Mother’s Day Invitation Card

mothers day invitation card


Apart from greeting cards, another type of card that is typical during Mother’s Day is the invitation card, which is used for inviting people to come to an event, gathering, and any other activities during Mother’s Day. To give you an insight regarding an invitation card, you can refer to the example above, which can help you know what are the important elements that must be included in the invitation, for example, date, time, and location.

7. Mother’s Day Hand-Lettered Card

mothers day handlettered card


If you want to achieve a personalized greeting card that you want to give to your mother, you can create a Mother’s Day hand-lettered card, such as the example above. You can write the text yourself or you may choose a font similar to a handwritten one. You can also include complement background as well as borders to have a final touch of your card. You have the option to print your card at home or at local printers near you.

8. Glittery Mother’s Day Greeting Card

glittery mothers day greeting card

During Mother’s Day, appreciate and honor your mother by sending her a dazzling greeting card, such as this glittery Mother’s Day greeting card example. You can put accents in your card using colors that provide emphasis on your designs, for example, gold and silver. This can surely make your card stand out among the other cards. Apart from the design, make sure that you are also working on your content.

9. Pastel Mother’s Day Card

pastel mothers day card1


You can also use pastel colors for your card, for example, soft millennial pink, light azure, creamy mint, and whimsy yellow. These colors are calming to the eyes, and because of the pastel background colors, there are a lot of options for the colors that you want for the texts of your card. You also get to choose your own font type, but just make sure the text is still readable. For formal and professional text styles, you can use sans or serif fonts.

10. Mother’s Day Pop-Up Card

mothers day pop up card


Another exciting card that you can make for your mother is a pop-up card, that is, the design will spring up when opened and neatly hide when the card is closed. As an example, you can refer to the one presented above. You get to choose what designs you would want to incorporate inside the card as well as the text or the message for your mom. You may also incorporate other design elements such as paper flowers, ribbons, buttons, sequins, and many others for an additional aesthetic touch.

11. Simple Mother’s Day Card

simple mothers day card


Although your card is just simple, just like the example above, your mother can still appreciate your effort and heart in making the card. Just do not forget to write all the things that you want to be grateful for to your mother as well as messages or notes on how you honor, appreciate, and love her as your mother.

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