Obituary Flyer

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Obituary Flyer

Is an obituary a death notice? Literally, an obituary notifies people regarding the death of someone. However, it differs from a notice in a way that it offers short biological information of the deceased, and unlike notices which are typically written by the surviving family, obituaries are usually written by the editor or reporters of the newspaper. However, this does not necessarily mean the family members cannot submit a request to have an obituary written for their loved one. In fact, you can design an obituary flyer and submit it for screening (make sure to know their obituary policies) so it would be posted in traditional newspapers or in their digital copies.

For some quality and presentable designs, you may refer to the next section which provides obituary flyer templates and examples that you can personally use.

Obituary Flyer Examples and Templates

1. Funeral Obituary Flyer

Funeral Obituary Flyer
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Even if you are not a professional designer or graphic artist, you can still create an equally awesome obituary flyer design with the use of this professionally crafted funeral flyer. This is very convenient for the users since it can easily be downloaded in just a few clicks and can be opened using various file formats, namely MS Word and Photoshop. It can also be easily edited, and you can customize it to fit your preferences. You can replace the texts and graphics, and you can incorporate the photo of the departed loved one.

2. Artist Obituary Flyer

Artist Obituary Flyer


The obituaries published in the newspaper usually include those celebrities and famous people, such as influencers and artists. Artists may include singers, songwriters, graphic artists, and even traditional artists. In this example, it features the obituary of an artist as well as the details of the funeral arrangements. A photo of the deceased is posted on the right side with his name and year of birth and death on the left. The information regarding the funeral program is carefully arranged at the bottom of the page, including important dates such as the date of the wake, interment, and thanksgiving.

3. Basic Obituary Flyer


When significant persons will pass away, surely, his or her obituary will be posted not just in newspapers but also in other publications and websites, just like this example of obituary flyer. It provides details of the deceased, such as the complete name; date of birth and death; date, time, and venue of the rosary, mass, and burial; and a notice regarding the venue of the lunch after the burial.

4. Celebrity Obituary Flyer


The death of a celebrity is something that must be posted in various media including the social media and the newspaper, the two being the top providers of information regarding the happenings on the society. Apart from death and funeral notices, obituary flyers must also be circulated in order to provide people not just the information regarding the death and funeral of the deceased but also his or her basic information, similar to the example presented above. It also states the surviving relatives of the departed one, such as his wife, children, and grandchildren.

5. Classic Obituary Flyer


This flyer contains designs that are typically used in obituaries and death notices, such as doves and clouds partly covering the glistening sun. The photo of the deceased is displayed at the name with its name above, which is printed in cursive font. Brief details of the funeral program are presented below the photo, which include the date, time, and place of the funeral service and the officiating pastor or priest.

6. Classy Obituary Flyer


What makes this obituary stand out is that it is designed with a few colors, gold, black, and white, making it appear elegant and sophisticated. The gold and white text becomes a distinguishing feature because it is complemented with a black background. The photo of the deceased is carefully positioned on the left side of the paper, and a balancing gold border wraps up the whole flyer for a classy finish. Just like most of the obituary flyers, it contains the schedule of burial service, funeral rites, thanksgiving service, and any other information of the burial and funeral program.

7. Elegant Obituary Flyer


With blue and pink gradient as its background, this elegant obituary flyer provides the name of the deceased; the date of death; date, time, and place of the funeral service; and the place of the interment. Notice that the information of the publisher—the name, company logo, location, and contact details—is placed at the bottom-left corner of the page. The name is immediately noticeable as it is rendered in large fonts and in color that is different from the colors of the rest of the text. The information regarding the funeral service is highlighted with a differently colored background.

8. Football Player Obituary Flyer


Intricate background designs and borders in different shades and hues of blue are embedded in this obituary flyer example. The name of the deceased in serif font is placed at the center and placed immediately at its bottom is his nickname. The names of the surviving family members, his children, son-in-law, and sister-in-law, are placed at the bottom of the page. Other basic information is also presented such as the details of the funeral program.

9. Simple Obituary Flyer


This is an example of a simple obituary flyer where the designs are very minimalist but still create an impact on the viewers. Only the very basic and key elements are included, such as the name of the deceased, date of birth, date of death, and a photo of the deceased. The simple elements are complemented with a basic gray background, achieving a simple yet professional design.

10. Singer Obituary Flyer


Just as stated above, when artists, influences, and other famous and important people die, their obituaries are typically posted in the newspaper and other media. In this example, presented is an obituary flyer of a legendary gospel singer and minister. The service details are also stated—date and time of the service live streaming, officiating pastor, and contact details. The gold accents and background make the flyer striking and noticeable.

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