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According to Kevin Sampson on Bleacher Report, boxing remains the most popular combat sport in the world despite MMA’s rise. Other combat sports lag far behind in terms of popularity. That shows how much people love boxing. It seems like a religion than just a sport for entertainment. Whenever matches as big as the Mayweather V.S. Pacquiao fight come, it feels like a large part of the world is at a halt just to see them. That’s how devoted boxing fans are. So if you’re a boxing promoter and have an upcoming match, local fans will surely buy into it. You can start the match’s promotional campaign by creating flyers featuring it. For that, the best material you can use is our Boxing Flyer Examples! They’re yours for the taking. Check them out below!

10+ Boxing Flyer Examples

1. Boxing Gym Flyer Template

boxing gym flyer template
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2. Free Boxing Night Flyer Template

free boxing night flyer template
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3. MMA Boxing Flyer

mma boxing flyer

4. Sample Boxing Flyer

sample boxing flyer

5. Boxing Flyer Example

boxing flyer example

6. Creative Boxing Flyer

creative boxing flyer

7. Vintage Boxing Flyer Template

vintage boxing flyer template

8. Boxing Gym Flyer Example

boxing gym flyer example

9. Printable Boxing Flyer

printable boxing flyer

10. Boxing Night Flyer

boxing night flyer

11. Boxing Match Flyer

boxing match flyer

What Is a Boxing Flyer?

A boxing flyer is a print marketing material that aims to promote an upcoming boxing match along with its undercard matches. Primarily, it shows who will fight, when the match will happen, and where the match will take place.

Boxing promoters use boxing flyers for marketing the matches they’re organizing. Back in the days of the great Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, boxing promoters were reliant on print media to intensify the hype of their matches, which includes flyers. However, despite the rise of digital marketing today, print flyers remain to be effective promotional materials.  They can still help boxing promoters skyrocket the public’s interest in their matches.

The Top Boxing Promotions Companies

Many boxing promotions companies brought us classic fights that we’ll remember for generations. There are too many of them to mention, but these three are the best:

  • Top Rank, Inc.

Top Rank, Inc. is one of the most recognizable promotions company not just in boxing but in the sports industry. It originated in Las Vegas, founded by Bob Arum and Jabir Herbert Muhammad. Top Rank, Inc. is the company that brought us several classic Manny Pacquiao fights in the 2000s.

  • Golden Boy Promotions

Golden Boy Promotions is a promotions company that focuses on boxing and MMA. It’s based in Los Angeles, California, founded by boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya in 2002. He named his promotions company after his nickname during his fighting days, The Golden Boy.

  • Mayweather Promotions, LLC

Mayweather Promotions, LLC is a company founded by none other than Floyd Mayweather, Jr. He was able to establish his company once he became a free agent from Top Rank and Bob Arum. Mayweather Promotions, LLC has been operating for 13 years, with Leonard Ellerbe as its current CEO.

You can analyze how these three companies operate and handle their fighters. That should give you some ideas on how to promote your boxing matches.

How to Create a Boxing Flyer

Even though you aren’t a print media artist or designer, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a boxing flyer. These basic steps below can help you craft a flyer that can get boxing fans pumped.

Step 1: Place a Photo of the Main Event’s Fighters

People would want to know the fighters’ faces. In that case, you should place a photo of them on the flyer, wearing their boxing gloves and shorts. This makes the flyer more compelling, especially if the fighters are already famous. You can use a boxing face-off poster of the fighters—a photo of which they appear to be prepared to throw punches right here right now.

Step 2: Make the Event’s Official Name Front and Center

Of course, the official name should be front and center. It should be the most recognizable element in the flyer other than the fighters’ photos. The official name’s texts should sport an artistic font style and large font size. In this way, the fans can remember it and then spread it through word of mouth, making the upcoming match popular. Moreover, the match’s official name should consist of the names of both fighters. For example, “Rodman V.S. Sostre” or “Leckie V.S. Sledge.”

Step 3: Emphasize the Match’s Date, Time, Venue, and Ticket Prices

You can’t promote an event effectively without stating when and where it’ll happen. So make sure to emphasize the date, time, and venue of your boxing match. You can place them below the official name. And also, don’t forget to include the ticket prices. Fans would certainly want to know the price of admission to witness the fight live.

Step 4: Set an Eye-Catching Design

For the flyer to grab the attention of the public, you should set a design for it. You can opt for old school retro design schemes or modern ones. It’s up to you. Plus, this step wouldn’t be a hassle with the help of our boxing flyer template.

You can also apply these steps in making your boxing match poster.


Boxing promotion—what is it?

Boxing promotion is a process that begins in finding talented fighters and getting them to sign to face each other in the ring. After that, preparations for the match’s logistics and promotional events commence. That’s the dynamic responsibility of boxing promoters. They both arrange and promote boxing matches.

Who is the world’s best boxing promoter?

The best boxing promoter is Don King. He promoted legends such as Larry Holmes, Mike Tyson, Julio Cesar Chavez, Roberto Duran, and Muhammad Ali. He also co-promoted classic boxing events such as Thrilla in Manila in 1975.

How much do boxing promoters earn?

Boxing promoters typically earn 20% to 25% of the boxer’s take-home purse. That said, there’s no exact amount of how much money they make generally. To earn the biggest possible amount, they have to pursue a profitable deal for their boxers.

It’s probably safe to say that boxing is a combat sport that’ll never die down. Even if MMA—or the UFC in particular—will become number one, boxing will always stick around as a beloved sport. And the people’s love of boxing will be a key factor in making your upcoming boxing event successful. So, begin creating your boxing flyer using our templates now! You may also check out our Event Flyer Examples.

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