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Holding an event would mean that you’re going to require guests, and that would mean you’ll need to create the invitations. While there are many different Examples of Invitation Designs that you can use to help you create your event invitations, you have to think which of them is the right one for whatever event you’re holding.

So let’s say that you’ve recently lost a loved one and you’re sending out invitations to invite people to that person’s funeral. This would mean that you’re going to have to make your own Unique Invitations for the funeral and this article will teach you everything that you need to know to make one.

Funeral Invitation Template

Watercolor Rose Funeral Invitation

Funeral Invitation Announcement Card

How To Make Your Funeral Invitations

If you’re holding a funeral for someone close to you that has just recently departed and you wish to tell others that the deceased is close to about the passing, then you’ll need to create the invitaitons.

So here are the basic components of a funeral invitation your invitations will need to have:

1. Design

Since this invitation is for announcing the depart of a loved one from the world of the living, you shouldn’t have a design where everything feels vibrant and happy. It’s best that you go with a design which showcases the love you’ve had for the person that has passed. So it would be a good idea to have a couple of images of the person that has already passed on and place it at the right positions within the invitation. As for the background, go for one with a somber tone or one that will help uplift the spirits of those reading the invitaition. You may also see baby shower invitations.

If you aren’t entirely sure on how to do this, then you can always look up the different Invitation Cards Design for funerals online or you can check out our site as we may have what you need.

2. Details About the Deceased

Obviously, the people that you’ve sent the invites to would want to know the name of the person who has just passed. They wouldn’t want to go to a funeral if they don’t even know who the funeral is for.

So what you’re going to have to do is to write down the complete name of the person who has just died; that would mean everything from the persons’ last name, first name, and middle initial. Once you’ve put that on the invitation, the next thing that you’ll need to write is the year in which that person was born and the year in which he/she has passed. If you want, you can also add in the month and day in which that person was born and when that person has moved on to the next world. You may also see event invitations.

There may be other details that you’d like to add within the invitation, so you can check out Free Invitation Examples that are available online or here on our site.

Funeral Announcement Invitation

Funeral Invitation Card

Celebration of Life Funeral Invitation

Floral Funeral Invitation Card

Editable Funeral Invitation 

Elegant Funeral Invitation

Blue Beach Funeral Invitation


If you’re going to hold an event, then you would want the people you’ve invited to know where you plan on holding it. You should always remember that your invitees should be given all of the details they need to tell them where they need to go and possibly how they can get there.

So when you’re writing down the address of the funeral’s venue, you should place in specific details such as the name of the location, street address, the block number, etc. This way, you can make sure that the people have a clear idea as to where it is and you won’t have to deal with problems such as your invitees not knowing where to go or possibly even getting lost because the details of the address were a bit too vague.You may also see party invitations.

If you want to learn how to properly place the address within the invitation or whatever details you can provide, then you may take a gander at all the Printable Invitation Examples for funerals online or right here on our very own site.

Time and Date

When it comes to funerals, there’s always going to be a mass to celebrate the departure of the person that has passed. This would mean you’re going to have to set the time and date in which the people should attend to ensure that everyone you want to have over will actually be there. You may also see business invitations.

Unlike other invitations, you don’t have to worry about setting the time that caters to their schedule. The only thing that you need to do on your end is to make sure that you’re able to write the exact date along with the exact time in which these people should be in the location of the funeral to ensure that they are able to attend the mass and possibly the burial.You may also see graduation invitations.

Although funerals are always a tough thing, you’ll need to invite the people that were close to the deceased so that they can say their goodbyes. So be sure that you include all of the information above into the funeral invitation that you’re going to create and send.

If you would like to learn how to create other different types of Personalized Invitations for whatever event you’re planning to throw, then all you need to do is go through our site, find the articles that can give you what you need and make use of all the information that you’ve been able to gather to help you out.

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