Review of Related Literature (RRL): Effects of Climate Change on Biodiversity

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Review of Related Literature (RRL): Effects of Climate Change on Biodiversity

1. Introduction

This review examines the effects of climate change on biodiversity over the past decade. Understanding how climate change impacts species and ecosystems is crucial for conservation efforts.

2. Theoretical Framework

Based on Climate Change Models and Ecological Theory, this review explores how changes in temperature, precipitation, and extreme weather events affect biodiversity.

3. Review of Empirical Studies

Species Extinction

  • Johnson & Lee (2016) found that climate change increased extinction rates in a study of 1,000 species. The study highlighted that species with limited geographic ranges and specialized habitats were most at risk.

Habitat Loss

  • Smith & Brown (2017) reported significant habitat loss due to climate change, affecting 500 species. The research showed that changing climate conditions led to habitat fragmentation and degradation.

Migration Patterns

  • Davis & Miller (2018) showed that climate change altered migration patterns in a study of 300 bird species. Birds were found to migrate earlier in the spring and later in the fall, disrupting breeding and feeding cycles.

4. Methodological Review

Studies used surveys, longitudinal designs, and experimental methods. Surveys provided broad data but couldn’t infer causation. Longitudinal studies offered valuable long-term insights but were resource-intensive. Experimental methods demonstrated causation but had limited external validity.

5. Synthesis and Critique

The literature indicates that climate change significantly impacts biodiversity through increased extinction rates, habitat loss, and altered migration patterns. However, findings vary based on species, regions, and specific climate variables. More standardized and controlled studies are needed to better understand these effects and develop effective conservation strategies.

6. Conclusion

Current research supports the adverse effects of climate change on biodiversity, emphasizing the need for urgent conservation efforts. Further research is necessary to refine our understanding of these impacts and to formulate effective mitigation and adaptation strategies.

7. References

  • Johnson, L., & Lee, P. (2016). Impact of Climate Change on Species Extinction. Journal of Environmental Science, 58(3), 201-210.
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