New Employee Speech

Last Updated: March 12, 2024

New Employee Speech

We all know how important first impressions are in the corporate world, the academe, and life in general. As if introducing yourself in a one-on-one situation isn’t awkward enough, just imagine how awkward and intimidating it would be to introduce yourself in front of a group of strangers in the professional field! So whether you’re introducing a new employee to the entire workforce or introducing yourself to co-workers, knowing how to write and deliver a new employee speech may help you leave a lasting impact on those around you.

Preparation and Practice

Your first day of work as a new employee should be both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. Introducing yourself to co-workers and socializing with colleagues are all part of the process of fitting in. If you plan to work for a company for a long time, then you must learn how to get along with others in a professional manner. You may also see how to start a speech.

However, composing a new employee or self-introduction speech can be pretty challenging for many individuals. It’s not that we don’t have anything to say about ourselves, but some of us just can’t help that uneasy feeling coming from the pit of our stomach that stops us from saying the right words. This is why it’s always important to practice and prepare your speech before it is delivered.

1. Focus on Yourself

One way to keep your speech simple and brief is by focusing on your own characteristics. Avoid shifting the topic to subjects that your audience may not be interested in. Apart from the basic details about yourself, you may also include personal hobbies, interests, likes, and dislikes, as well as your career goals and personal outlook in life. Concentrate on positive qualities that people will remember you for.

2. Make Notes

If memorization isn’t one of your strengths, then you can always keep a small piece of paper or index card in your pocket. You can have your speech written down, and use the paper for reference whenever needed. Avoid reading the card word-for-word but instead, you can take a few glances every now and then to maintain eye contact with your audience.

3. Be Time-Conscious

A new employee speech is ideally less than a minute short. Fortunately, you don’t have to give listeners a full autobiography of your life. But this would also depend on the delivery of the speech. Keep in mind that talking too slow can get dragging, but talking too fast may cause confusion or misinterpretation as well. It would be best to try timing your speech during practice to determine an appropriate pace. You may also check out presentation speech examples & samples.

How to Make a Self-Introduction Speech at a New Job

introduction speech

To help you compose a good speech, remember the following points:

  1. State your Name. Say it nice and slow. You want to make sure your listeners have heard you clearly so you wouldn’t need to worry about anyone murdering your name. You can state your full name along with your nickname (if you have any) to let people know how you want to be called. You may also see special occasion speech examples & samples.
  2. Mention Your Place in the Company. If you’re going to work alongside other people, then they’d want to know where they can find you in case they need your services. Be sure to include what your job position is and what department you are a part of. You may also like speech examples in doc.
  3. Provide a Brief Background. A new employee speech wouldn’t be complete without adding a few facts about yourself. You can keep this as concise and as to-the-point as possible. It can be about your educational attainment, career achievements, or even past job experiences.
  4. Talk About Your Interests, Passion or Goals. What are your personal goals? What drives you to pursue your dreams? Go beyond what people would normally say in a speech to grab a listener’s attention.
  5. Share Personal Details. To spice up your speech, describe yourself as a person. Talk about your hobbies and pet peeves. Share personal information that you may want others to know about. This will help in keeping listeners engaged with every word that escapes your mouth and let them see you as an actual human being and not just another corporate robot. You may also check out appreciation speech examples & samples.

Examples of a New Employee Speech

To further understand how new employee speeches are constructed, let’s look into the following examples:

Sample #1

Hi everybody!

I’m Masie Wilson, Senior Marketing Executive, from the Big Foot Advertising Center in Missouri. 

It’s great to finally be here. I’ve been dreaming about the opportunity and possibilities of working collectively and directly with each other since I was informed of my relocation and transfer. There’s been hours put in balancing the schedules to make this happen. But with much perseverance and commitment, we made it possible. You may also see leadership speech examples & samples.

Working like this has always been a passion. Even as a kid, I had dreamed of working with a team that is just as enthusiastic as I am, if not more. Years later, I stand before you with the right amount of energy and excitement to conquer every obstacle. You may also like speech examples for students.

I look forward to working alongside each and every one of you. 

Sample #2

Hello everyone.

My name is James Anderson, and I’m a Systems Analyst from the IT Department.

I have worked as a systems analyst for six years now. I started off as a technician, then progressed to my current role as time went by.

When I’m not working, I like to spend time with my wife and son. We do almost everything together. We like to do a lot of fishing and camping during the weekends when we aren’t too busy. My wife isn’t a big fan of the outdoors, but she tags along just for the fun of it. You may also check out how do you write a speech?

It’s good to finally be here and to meet all of you in person. If you have any concerns or wish to have a little chat with me, then you know where I’m at. Don’t hesitate, I’m a friendly guy. I’m looking forward to working with all of you on our upcoming projects. You might be interested in tribute speech examples & samples.

Sample #3

Hi. I’m Jason Dean. I just started here and I’m working for the communications department as the Lead Digital Communications Director. I used to work as a Social Media Analyst for three years in my previous workplace, so taking on a new role felt intimidating at first, but I’m always up for the challenge.

If I don’t have my eyes glued to a computer screen, I usually spend my free time volunteering at the local animal shelter. I aspire to do well in my career to help build a better life for these animals who have been neglected. I may be young, but I know that if you believe in yourself you can accomplish just about anything. You may also see steps in speech composition.

It’s an honor to be granted this opportunity. I’m looking forward to working together.


Speech-giving isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s an essential part of communication that must be delivered during different scenarios. While you may stick to the standard ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’, there’s nothing like making the right impression with a well-crafted new employee speech. With some good wording and practice, you’re sure to leave a positive impact on your new job in no time! You may also see dedication speech examples.

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