Short Eulogy Examples

People come and go. Our time here on Earth is merely borrowed from a being that’s greater than all of us. We don’t have a say on when we go, how we go or why, because everything happens when we least expect them to. So when our time is finally up, we’re bound to leave a mark in another person’s life one way or another. But despite the little time spent together, what matters most is how you made all those years, months, and days count. When we lose someone, remembering them for who they were becomes a priority. Although writing a eulogy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it’s still something that’s worth trying.

Examples of a Short Eulogy

We all know that people are temporary. They come to our lives with a purpose, whether it’s for the better or for the worst. So when their time with us finally comes to a close, coping with a significant loss isn’t the easiest thing to go through. This is why it’s important to express our thoughts and emotions openly for everyone to hear. By doing so, we remember why goodbyes stay bittersweet. This is our chance to commemorate the deceased in a way that replaces the feeling of sorrow with nothing but love and gratitude.


To give you an idea on how funeral speeches are made, here are some short eulogy examples delivered during specific circumstances:

1. For a Friend

“I’m standing here before you today with the heaviest heart. Every tear that escapes these baby blues represent every wonderful year spent with our beloved sister, daughter, and friend, Lily. She was my college roommate, and believe me when I say that I always felt intimidated by her, but in a good way. She was strong, independent, and self-driven. She experienced so much disappointment and heartbreak in her short time with us, yet still had the biggest smile on her face and the greatest spirit to greet you. She was always there for everyone, so to lose her this way can be difficult to accept. But Lily, wherever you are, thank you for being the brightest light during our darkest days. We love you, forever and always.” 

2. For a Sibling

To a sister:

“I am glad to see so many familiar faces here today. I know that many of you traveled a long way just to be here and honor such a wonderful woman I’m proud to call my sister. Jennifer was only 28 years old when she left us five days ago. She had so much life to live, but I guess God had other plans for her. Although this is a tragic event that’s extremely hard for us to grasp, Jennie would’ve wanted us to keep our spirits high, because that’s who she was. She was everything you ever wished for in a sister, and I’m forever blessed to have spent the past 18 years of my life with her by my side. Rest in peace, sis. You’ll always be in my heart.”  

To a brother: 

“It is with great sadness that I stand in front of you today to remember the life of my younger brother Jeremy. Losing someone is never easy, but no one ever told me how difficult it would be to lose them at such a young age. However, don’t let these words bring you grief. Let us use this opportunity to celebrate his life instead. Like any other sibling relationship, we had our arguments that lead to a few fist fights and black eyes. But after a few hours of cooling down, we’d always end up playing a game of catch outside. As I grew older, I realized that my baby brother was growing up too. While I still wish he would’ve had more time to experience life the way I did, I know he’ll always be close by to watch me live mine. He was a loving son, brother, and friend. And Jeremy, I know you’re listening right now, so I want you to know that I’ll always love you no matter what. Rest well, lil bro.” 

3. For a Parent

To a father: 

“It’s difficult to imagine him not being around anymore. Watching the NBA Playoffs on TV will never be the same again without his snarky comments to bug you out. Dad lived a long, fruitful life that succumbed to a courageous battle with cancer right at the very end. I’ll miss him dearly, but I know this is how life goes. So as we gather here today to remember and celebrate his life, let us bid him farewell as we mourn the loss of a lively, dignified soul. A soul that brought laughter and fulfillment to many, and whose legacy will live on forever.”


To a mother:

“I never thought this day would come but it has, and I’m not sure how I’ll be able to cope. My mother was and always will be the most beautiful woman I know. She had a tough upbringing — growing up in a abusive household and all. But despite all this, she always made sure that me and my sister Jamie lived comfortably. When my dad passed away ten years ago, I saw a huge part of her break into a million pieces. But my mom, being the strong woman that she is, assured everyone that she would be okay. And standing in front of you here today, I can tell you that losing someone you love so much is never easy. But my mom wouldn’t want us to stand here and cry, she would’ve wanted us to celebrate the life that has been lived to the fullest. So momma, don’t worry about us. We’ll be okay, because your love will continue to grow among us.”

4. For a Lover

“Lucy was a remarkable woman. She always held her chin up high, turning heads wherever she went. We met in college, back when I sported a hideous haircut and had the worst taste in clothes. I’ll never understand what she saw in a nerdy guy like me or how I was lucky enough to have a beautiful girl like her fall in love me. From the moment I set eyes on her, I knew she was the one I wanted to spend my whole life with. We always talked about having a huge family and raising our children in the outskirts of town. But things don’t always go as planned, we don’t always get the story book endings we’ve read about when we were younger. But if there’s one thing for sure, I know I already got my happily ever after with her. So to my dear Lucy, thank you for teaching me how love should be. I know you are in good hands now, and I know you’ll be watching over me in everything I do. I love you, my dear Lucy.” 

5. For a Child

“No one knows the pain of burying your own child until it happens to them. It’s not easy; I don’t think it ever will be. But it’s as if the universe knows everything before it actually happens. When my son left for school that morning, he left me a note saying ‘I love you’ in the cutest handwriting. As a teenager, he was never really expressive with his emotions. But that morning, he was different. It was as if he knew that his time with us was coming to an end. Jason may seem like your typical 16-year old boy, but to me, he was so much more. It hurts to see your child go before you do, but I’ll always be grateful for being blessed with such a wonderful gift. So Jason, thank you, your memory will live in my heart forever.”  

How to Write the Perfect Eulogy

Writing a good eulogy can be difficult, especially when it’s the last thing you ever thought you’d have to prepare for someone you care for so dearly. But death is inevitable, so writing a eulogy is something you need to accept from the very beginning. They can be written in different ways and in your own unique words. You don’t have to do it alone, as you could always ask for guidance from family and friends of the deceased. But if you’re feeling a bit stuck with your funeral eulogy, here are some tips that can help you with the writing process:

  • Make a list of the things you want to say. Write down some special memories you want to share. Maybe you even have feelings that you need to let out. A eulogy doesn’t always need to center on the life story of the deceased, as there’s nothing more meaningful than expressing what someone means to you through words. It could be about all the embarrassing memories together, the inside jokes and weird quirks, along with the lovely moments you’ll never forget.
  • Pick out the most meaningful items. We always have so much to say, but sometimes we aren’t granted enough time to say everything all at once. It’s important to keep your eulogy as brief as possible to make sure your listeners stay engrossed with every word. If you think something from your original list is worth sharing, then add it to your eulogy. You can even add in a few jokes to ease up the tension in the room and make things more personal. However, make sure you’re being sensitive with your humor, as you don’t want to end up upsetting anyone from the audience.
  • Create a rough draft. Now that you have put together a list of items to include in your tribute speech, you can now begin composing a quick draft of your piece. Don’t worry about any spelling or grammar errors, or you may just feel a bit too uptight and conscious with your words.
  • Organize each part accordingly. Like any other short speech, your eulogy must have an introduction, a middle, and an end. This will help you carry out your message accordingly to ensure clear communication.
  • Review and polish your eulogy. Once you have completed the previous steps presented on this list, you can then make the necessary adjustments and corrections. Identify any parts that may sound awkward or inappropriate when read out loud. It’s also necessary to practice your speech before the big day to assure a smooth delivery.


The most important thing to remember when preparing a eulogy is to write from the heart. A eulogy is meant to be felt wholeheartedly by both the speaker and the audience. So take the time to ponder on life and death, gather necessary details, and cover every significant point to create the most touching eulogy there is.

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