Is 0 a Prime Number or Composite Number

Last Updated: May 7, 2024

Is 0 a Prime Number or Composite Number

Is 0 a Prime Number?

No: 0 is a Prime Number

Why No: 0 is not a prime number because it does not meet the prime criteria of having exactly two distinct positive divisors: 1 and itself. Use this Prime number Checker to check for any number.

Is 0 a Composite Number?

Yes: 0 is a Composite Number.

Why Yes: 0 is not a composite number because composite numbers are greater than 1 and have more than two distinct positive divisors. 0 does not fit this definition as it has an infinite number of divisors and is not greater than 1.

Problem Statements

Property Answer
Is 0 a prime number? No
Is 0 a composite number? No
Is 0 a perfect square? Yes (0 = 0^2)
Factors of 0 All integers except 0 are factors of 0
Multiples of 0 0
Cube Root of 0 0
Square of 0 0
Square Root of 0 0
Is 0 a Perfect Cube? Yes (0 = 0^3)
Is 0 an Irrational number No
Is 0 a Rational number Yes
Is 0 a Real number Yes
Is 0 an Integer Yes
Is 0 a Natural number No
Is 0 a Whole number Yes
Is 0 an Even or odd number Even
Is 0 an Ordinal number No
Is 0 a Complex number Yes (as all real numbers are complex)

What are the factors of 0?

The factors of 0 include all integers except 0 itself, because any number multiplied by 0 is 0. 0 is unique in that it is neither prime nor composite.

What Kind of Number is 0?

0 is a special number in mathematics due to its unique properties:

  • It is neither a prime nor a composite number.
  • It is an even number.
  • It is not a natural number but is considered a whole number and an integer.
  • 0 is a rational number, a real number, and also a complex number.
  • It is unique as the only integer that is not positive or negative, making it a neutral number in terms of sign.

0’s unique status in number theory differentiates it significantly from other numbers, making it a fundamental element in mathematical concepts and operations.

Nearest Prime Number of 0

The nearest prime number to 0 is 2, which is the smallest and first prime number.

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