Square Foot

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Square Foot

A square foot is a unit of area measurement used primarily in the United States and the United Kingdom. It represents the area of a square with each side measuring exactly one foot in length. Therefore, one square foot equals 144 square inches or about 0.092903 square meters. This unit is commonly used in real estate, architecture, and interior design to measure the size of rooms, buildings, and land.

What Is a Square Foot?

A square foot is a unit of area measurement predominantly used in the United States and the UK, equal to the area of a square where each side is one foot long

This measures 12 inches on each side, totaling 144 square inches. It is widely used for calculating the size of rooms, homes, and other real estate elements, helping to assess the space available for furnishing, occupancy, or planning purposes.

Tools to Measure Square Foot

Tools to Measure Square Foot

Measuring square footage is essential in fields like real estate, construction, and interior design. Here are some common tools used to measure square feet:

  1. Ultrasonic Distance Measurer: This tool emits ultrasonic waves to measure the distance between walls or boundaries. It calculates the area based on these measurements and can display the result in square feet.
  2. CAD Software: For more complex layouts, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software can be used to create precise floor plans. Once the dimensions are input, the software calculates the total square footage automatically.
  3. Architect’s Scale: This specialized ruler is used by architects and builders to convert dimensions into actual building measurements on scaled drawings, helping to calculate square footage from plans.
  4. Spreadsheet Software: Using formulas in spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, you can input measurements and calculate square footage for various shapes and configurations.
  5. 3D Room Scanning Apps: New technologies in smartphones allow for 3D scanning of spaces, which can then be used to calculate the square footage accurately by mapping out dimensions in a virtual environment.
  6. Rotating Laser Levels: For very precise indoor measurements, rotating laser levels project a beam around the room, which can be used along with a tape measure to accurately calculate square footage.
  7. Grid Method: For irregularly shaped areas, using a grid method where the area is divided into known shapes (like squares and rectangles) can help estimate the total square footage by adding up the area of each shape.

How do you calculate the Square Foot?

Calculating the area in square feet involves understanding the dimensions of the space in question and applying basic geometry. Here’s how you can calculate the square foot for some common shapes:

Rectangle or Square:

  • Formula: Area = Length × Width
  • Example: If a room is 10 feet long and 12 feet wide:
  • Area = 10 ft × 12 ft = 120 square feet.


  • Formula: Area = 0.5 × Base × Height
  • Example: For a triangular space with a base of 8 feet and a height of 6 feet:
  • Area = 0.5 × 8 ft × 6 ft = 24 square feet.


  • Formula: Area = π × Radius² (π approximated as 3.14159)
  • Example: For a circular garden with a radius of 3 feet:
  • Area = π × (3 ft)² ≈ 28.27 square feet.

Converting Square Foot to Other Units of Measurement of Length

Square Foot Measurements

Here’s a table showing the conversion of square feet to other common units of area:

Area UnitConversion from Square Feet (sq ft)
Square Meters1 sq ft = 0.092903 sq m
Square Centimeters1 sq ft = 929.03 sq cm
Square Millimeters1 sq ft = 92,903 sq mm
Square Kilometers1 sq ft = 0.000000092903 sq km
Square Inches1 sq ft = 144 sq in
Square Yards1 sq ft = 0.111111 sq yd
Acres1 sq ft = 0.000022957 acres
Hectares1 sq ft = 0.0000092903 hectares

Understanding how to convert square feet to other units of area is essential for various applications in construction, real estate, and interior design. Here’s a straightforward guide to converting square feet to and from other common units of area:

Square Feet to Square Meters

1 square foot = 0.092903 square meters
  • Multiply the square foot value by 0.092903 to convert to square meters.
  • Example: 300 square feet is 300 x 0.092903 = 27.8709 square meters.

Square Meters to Square Feet

1 square meter = 10.7639 square feet
  • Multiply the square meter value by 10.7639 to convert to square feet.
  • Example: 50 square meters is 50 x 10.7639 = 538.195 square feet.

Square Feet to Square Inches

1 square foot = 144 square inches
  • Multiply the square foot value by 144 to convert to square inches.
  • Example: 10 square feet is 10 x 144 = 1440 square inches.

Square Inches to Square Feet

1 square inch = 0.00694444 square feet
  • Multiply the square inch value by 0.00694444 to convert to square feet.
  • Example: 1000 square inches is 1000 x 0.00694444 = 6.94444 square feet.

Square Feet to Square Yards

1 square foot = 0.111111 square yards
  • Multiply the square foot value by 0.111111 to convert to square yards.
  • Example: 900 square feet is 900 x 0.111111 = 100 square yards.

Square Yards to Square Feet

1 square yard = 9 square feet
  • Multiply the square yard value by 9 to convert to square feet.
  • Example: 30 square yards is 30 x 9 = 270 square feet.

Uses of Square Foot

Uses of Square Foot
  1. Real Estate: Square footage is a crucial measure in real estate to determine the size of properties like homes, offices, and other buildings. It affects property valuation, pricing, and comparisons.
  2. Interior Design: In interior design, square footage helps in planning space usage, arranging furniture, and ensuring that room layouts are proportional and functional.
  3. Construction: Contractors and builders use square feet to calculate the amount of materials needed for projects, such as flooring, tiles, or paint, and to estimate the overall cost.
  4. Landscaping: For landscaping projects, square footage is used to plan garden layouts, determine sod needs, or calculate the coverage for landscaping materials like mulch or gravel.
  5. Home Renovations: When renovating, understanding the square footage of rooms helps homeowners and professionals plan modifications and additions effectively.


What is 12×12 feet in square feet?

When calculating the area of a space that measures 12 feet by 12 feet, you multiply the length by the width. Therefore, 12 x 12 feet equals 144 square feet.

How many feet is 1 sq. ft?

One square foot (sq. ft.) measures the area of a square with each side being one foot long. Therefore, it is not measured in feet but represents a unit of area.

Is a square foot 10×10?

No, a square foot is not 10×10 feet. A square foot measures an area of one foot by one foot, totaling one square foot. A 10×10 foot area equals 100 square feet.

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