Square Mile

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Square Mile

A square mile is a unit of area measurement used primarily in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is defined as the area of a square with each side measuring exactly one mile in length. Therefore, one square mile equals 640 acres or approximately 2.59 square kilometers. This unit is commonly used to measure large land areas such as towns, cities, and large tracts of rural land.

What Is a Square Mile?

A square mile is a traditional unit of area measurement equal to the area of a square where each side is one mile long 

Represented as “sq mi” or “mi²,” it encompasses 640 acres or about 2.59 square kilometers. Square miles are widely used in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom for mapping and land planning, particularly for describing the size of cities, forests, water bodies, and other geographic areas. This unit helps in urban planning, real estate, and geography to evaluate and communicate the scale of larger land areas.

Tools to Measure Square Mile

Tools to Measure Square Mile

Measuring square miles, especially for large areas like city boundaries or land tracts, requires accurate and efficient tools. Here are some tools commonly used for measuring areas in square miles:

  1. GPS Devices: Global Positioning System devices can accurately measure the geographic coordinates of an area’s boundaries and calculate its total area in square miles.
  2. GIS Software (Geographic Information Systems): GIS technology is essential for integrating, storing, analyzing, and managing data associated with geographic locations. It can precisely calculate the area of large regions in square miles.
  3. Aerial and Satellite Imagery: Modern mapping techniques often involve analyzing images from satellites or aerial drones. These images can be used to measure large areas and are particularly useful in remote sensing and environmental monitoring.
  4. Land Surveying Equipment: Traditional land surveying tools, such as theodolites and electronic distance meters (EDMs), are used to measure distances and angles on the ground. These measurements can then be used to calculate the area in square miles.
  5. Laser Scanners: For detailed and precise measurement, laser scanners can capture large amounts of surface data by emitting laser beams and measuring how long it takes for the light to return. This data is then used to create detailed terrain maps that help calculate area.
  6. Measuring Wheels: Also known as surveyor’s wheels, these tools are rolled along the ground to measure distances, which can be crucial for smaller parts of larger areas that need to be calculated in square miles.
  7. Drones Equipped with LiDAR: Drones equipped with Light Detection and Ranging technology can capture detailed topographic data of the earth’s surface. This data can then be processed to calculate the area in square miles.

How do you calculate the Square Mile?

Rectangle or Square:

  • Formula: Area = Length × Width (both in miles)
  • Example: If a rectangular farm is 0.5 miles long and 0.2 miles wide:
  • Area = 0.5 miles × 0.2 miles = 0.1 square miles.


  • Formula: Area = 0.5 × Base × Height (both in miles)
  • Example: For a triangular plot of land with a base of 0.3 miles and a height of 0.4 miles:
  • Area = 0.5 × 0.3 miles × 0.4 miles = 0.06 square miles.


  • Formula: Area = π × Radius² (radius in miles)
  • Example: For a circular park with a radius of 0.1 miles:
  • Area = π × (0.1 miles)² ≈ 0.0314 square miles.

Irregular Shapes:

  • Method: Divide the shape into a combination of simpler shapes (triangles, rectangles), calculate the area for each, and sum them up.
  • Example: An irregular plot can be divided into two triangles and one rectangle. Calculate each area and add them to get the total in square miles.

Using GPS or Mapping Software:

  • Modern GPS devices and mapping software can calculate the area directly in square miles by tracing the perimeter of the area.

Converting Square Mile to Other Units of Measurement of Length

Square Mile Measurements

Here’s a table showing the conversion of square miles to other common units of area:

Area UnitConversion from Square Miles (sq mi)
Square Kilometers1 sq mi = 2.58999 sq km
Square Meters1 sq mi = 2,589,988.11 sq m
Square Centimeters1 sq mi = 25,899,881,100 sq cm
Square Millimeters1 sq mi = 2,589,988,110,000 sq mm
Acres1 sq mi = 640 acres
Square Yards1 sq mi = 3,097,600 sq yd
Square Feet1 sq mi = 27,878,400 sq ft
Square Inches1 sq mi = 4,014,489,600 sq in
Hectares1 sq mi = 258.999 hectares

Understanding how to convert square miles to other units of area is crucial for various planning and management tasks in fields like real estate, urban planning, and environmental studies. Here’s a straightforward guide to converting square miles to and from other common units of area:

Square Miles to Square Kilometers:

1 square mile = 2.58999 square kilometers
  • Multiply the square mile value by 2.58999 to convert to square kilometers.
  • Example: 3 square miles is 3 x 2.58999 = 7.77 square kilometers.

Square Kilometers to Square Miles:

1 square kilometer = 0.386102 square miles
  • Multiply the square kilometer value by 0.386102 to convert to square miles.
  • Example: 5 square kilometers is 5 x 0.386102 = 1.93051 square miles.

Square Miles to Acres:

1 square mile = 640 acres
  • Multiply the square mile value by 640 to convert to acres.
  • Example: 2 square miles is 2 x 640 = 1,280 acres.

Acres to Square Miles:

1 acre = 0.0015625 square miles
  • Multiply the acre value by 0.0015625 to convert to square miles.
  • Example: 800 acres is 800 x 0.0015625 = 1.25 square miles.

Square Miles to Square Yards:

1 square mile = 3,097,600 square yards
  • Multiply the square mile value by 3,097,600 to convert to square yards.
  • Example: 4 square miles is 4 x 3,097,600 = 12,390,400 square yards.

Square Yards to Square Miles:

1 square yard = 0.000000322830 square miles
  • Multiply the square yard value by 0.000000322830 to convert to square miles.
  • Example: 10,000,000 square yards is 10,000,000 x 0.000000322830 = 3.2283 square miles.

Square Miles to Square Feet:

1 square mile = 27,878,400 square feet
  • Multiply the square mile value by 27,878,400 to convert to square feet.
  • Example: 2 square miles is 2 x 27,878,400 = 55,756,800 square feet.

Square Feet to Square Miles:

1 square foot = 0.000000035870 square miles
  • Multiply the square foot value by 0.000000035870 to convert to square miles.
  • Example: 50,000,000 square feet is 50,000,000 x 0.000000035870 = 1.7935 square miles.

Uses of Square Mile

Uses of Square Mile
  1. Land Measurement: Square miles are extensively used for measuring large tracts of land, especially in agriculture, forestry, and real estate development. This unit helps in planning land use, managing resources, and setting property boundaries.
  2. Urban Planning: Urban planners use square miles to calculate the size of cities and towns, helping them design urban layouts, manage population density, and plan public services like transportation and utilities.
  3. Mapping: Cartographers and geographers use square miles in mapping to represent the scale of geographical features such as lakes, forests, and regions on maps. This helps in giving a clear and standardized measure of large areas.
  4. Environmental Studies: Environmental scientists measure regions affected by phenomena like deforestation, urban sprawl, and natural disasters in square miles. This helps in assessing impact, planning conservation efforts, and reporting environmental changes.
  5. Statistical Analysis: Demographers and statisticians use square miles to analyze population density, resource distribution, and socio-economic data. It helps in understanding the distribution and impact of various factors over a defined large area..
  6. Historical Studies: Historians and archaeologists might use square miles to estimate the size of historical settlements or empires, providing insights into the scale of ancient urban areas and their management.


What is exactly 1 mile long?

One mile is exactly 1,609.34 meters or about 5,280 feet. It’s a standard length used often in the U.S. for measuring distance in fields such as transportation and athletics.

How far is 5 square miles?

“5 square miles” is a measurement of area, not distance. It indicates the size of a region, which could theoretically be a square with each side measuring about 2.236 miles.

What is the length and width of a square mile?

A square mile is a square where each side measures exactly one mile in length. Therefore, both the length and the width of a square mile are one mile each.

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