Acknowledgement of Resignation Letter

No matter how hard it is to fathom, your most valuable employee will eventually leave your company. It will be hard for you to accept that he/she will be resigning and sometimes it might make you think what did you or the company do wrong? However, you must accept and pull yourself together because what you say in response to their resignation is very important. You may also see resignation email.

From hiring to firing, you must always observe proper etiquette in managing your employees. Accepting and acknowledging a resignation letter may not be easy, however, it is the decent and proper thing to do.

What is an Acknowledgement of Resignation Letter?

This letter serves as your formal confirmation of the terms of employment’s termination. This will also be your confirmation of his/her final date of employment. Considering that the employee has sent in his two weeks of notice prior to his final resignation letter, it is your responsibility to facilitate his smooth exit from your company.

This letter is a necessary document to complete the procedure of his/her resignation. Aside from aiding your emotional turmoil or simply just following work protocol, it is also mandated under the Fair Work Act that a record of acknowledging an employee’s resignation letter is important. Keeping such accurate and comprehensive record may come in handy when an employee no longer with the company seeks any legal claims. You may also see official resignation letters.

Elements in an Acknowledgement of Resignation Letter

There can be many ways to write an acceptance letter for an employee’s resignation but the elements listed below are the most important:

1. Acknowledgment of their Looming Departure

Recognize the fact that your employee has indeed decided that he no longer wants to work for the company. Formally acknowledge that he has made a formal announcement that he does not intend to renew his contract with the company. You may also see two weeks notice letter.

2. Acceptance of their Filing for Resignation

State that you have formally accepted his/her intention to resign from the company. In a formal but not distant-feeling, mention that you are agreeing to his desire to resign. You may also see reference letters.

3. Words of Praise or Value

Recognize the efforts and value he has contributed to the company. Give him words of appreciation for his time, effort and expertise that he has demonstrated during his stay with the organization.

4. Well Wishes for the Future

Even though he will no longer be an asset to the company and may transfer to a competitor firm, never forget to wish him well in his future endeavors. There is definitely no need for bad blood and give him words of encouragement. You may also see leaving notices.

Resignation Acknowledgement Letter Example

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What Should be Included in an Acknowledgement of Resignation Letter

These following details are included in a basic acknowledgment of a resignation letter:

  1. Name of the resigning employee.
  2. His/her job position in the company.
  3. The department or team where the employee is a member of.
  4. The exact date when the management received the resignation letter.
  5. The date when the resignation acknowledgment letter has been given.
  6. An acknowledgment of the resignation letter from the employee.
  7. A brief explanation of the proper actions between the employer and employee necessary for the resignation.
  8. Depending on his/her contract with the company, a brief explanation of the benefit and pay that the employee is to receive upon his/her exit. You may also see resignation notices.
  9. An explanation about the discontinuation of benefits given and provided especially those under the company’s account and business name.
  10. Other details that the employee needs to be aware of regarding the resignation processes.

Tips for Writing Acknowledgement of Resignation Letter

  • Mention the acceptance of resignation in the first stanza itself.
  • The date the letter was received and the proposed final working day for the employee must be clearly mentioned. You may also see retirement resignation letters.
  • Keep the letter brief and very clear, and mention acceptance of terms of resignation.
  • Provide concise feedback to the employee and highlight achievements if any.
  • If willing, mention the provision of reference.

Tips to End an Employee Relationship Well

1. Consider what’s needed from your end

Once your employee sends in his/her resignation letter, you have to figure out the things you have to sort out on your end. Review contracts and policies that you might need to address, and take into account your employee’s final salary and discuss any unsettled agreements. You may also see formal letters.

2. Agree on their last working date

Considering that your employee was able to notify you of his/her resignation prior to the submission of the resignation letter, discuss the finalization of the agreed date he/she would leave the company. If he is involved in an ongoing project, decide whether when his involvement should end. It has also become a common practice that resigning employees are thrown a farewell party before or on their official last day on the job. You may also see complaint letters.

3. Conduct an exit interview

It is only proper to talk to your employee before he/she leaves. This will also serve as your avenue to discuss his/her experiences in the company and it is also a good exercise to ask what he thinks what improvements should the company implement. However, it is important that you explain how important it is for you to have this interview. You may also see business reference letters.

4. Settle all deliverables

Prepare all the paperwork and certificates you should give to your employee on his/her last day. Tie up all the loose ends before his last day, settle his paycheck and what you owe for annual leaves. It is not advisable to let the resigning employee come back for a follow-up in any deliverable. You have to prepare these in advance given that he has already given his advance notice. This is to make sure that your employee has a smooth exit from your company. You may also see short notices.

5. Wish them well with sincerity and grace

As he/she have given valuable service to your company, it is only right to sincerely wish them well in their new ventures. Keep the positive relationship you have nurtured while he was still part of the company and make him feel that you don’t have any bad blood with him after resigning. You may also see email cover letters.


An acknowledgment in response to an employee’s resignation letter is only right and proper. It is an often neglected part of employee management but should be given much importance. It is only normal to express how remorseful you feel that he/she has decided to leave the company, however, you must still keep it professional. You may also see appointment letters.

You also need this letter in your records not only for reference but also as the basis of his termination whenever he might ask for legal claims after his employment. In this letter, send him sincere good wishes on his way into a new endeavor even if it’s no longer with your company. Lastly, an acknowledgment of his resignation letter is your chance to establish and reaffirm the positive relationship with your employee, make it count. You may also see termination letters.

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