Photography Gift Certificate

Last Updated: May 9, 2024

Photography Gift Certificate

As a business that wants to continue to thrive, you need to come up with ways that will excite and spark your target market’s interest. It has been proven that a gift certificate is an effective marketing tool that can help you increase your customer interaction and even your revenue. A photography business can use a gift certificate as a prepaid card that can be used to purchase the services that the business offers. It has a special code that allows the business to immediately count the transaction as an official purchase. It functions similarly to a gift card or a voucher that a customer can also use to purchase from a business in place of money.

Photography Gift Certificate Templates and Examples

1. Photography Gift Certificate

Photography Gift Certificate1
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Size: 9×4 inches


If a potential client has doubt about having a professional photo taken, giving him or her a redeemable gift certificate will surely entice him/her. A photography gift certificate is a useful tool that you can use to encourage potential clients to avail and try out the services that you have to offer. The certificate should state your offer, i.e. monetary value, discount, etc. along with the name of the recipient and other important details. If you are looking for a template, this template will allow you to provide high-quality images, customize the layouts, and so much more.

2. Baby Photography Gift Certificate

Baby Photography Gift Certificate

As a business specializing in baby or infant photography, you need to have an interesting material that will encourage parents to purchase your services. Using a gift certificate similar to this example will help you spark potential clients’ interest. And since your main subject is babies and infants, the design of your gift certificate should immediately convey that. If you are implementing a flexible or changeable style of determining the monetary value of the card, make sure to provide a space where the amount can be specified.

3. Professional Photography Gift Certificate

Professional Photography Gift Certificate

Let your potential clients know that you are a professional photographer with your gift certificate’s design and layout. Just like in this example, you can see that the professional and official logo of the business is included along with minimal relevant illustrations. You can use this example as a guide when you create a photography certificate for your own photography business.

4. Regular Photo Session Gift Certificate

Regular Photo Session Gift Certificate


Families want to keep memorabilia that they can cherish forever. One of the most common things families collect, preserve, and give down to the next generations are the family pictures. Using a gift certificate to push families to have their photos professionally taken can only work for the advantage of your photography business. Like a gift card, you can design the certificate to have a specific amount that the client can redeem once he or she avails of your services.

5. Professional Photographic Session Gift Certificate

Professional Photographic Session Gift Certificate


Let potential clients know your credibility as a professional photographer with the use of your gift certificate. Although the main focus of the certificate is to provide a business deal or promo that the client can avail and enjoy, you can also include a brief context about you and the business. Furthermore, you should include a short instruction on how the client can use the gift certificate. Use this example as a guide on how you can flawless incorporate both primary details about the business and the gift certificate itself.

6. One-Hour Photo Session Gift Certificate

One-Hour Photo Session Gift Certificate


Since photography is a form of art, the materials you produce and use to market your business should exude creativity; your gift certificate should be creative but functional. As you can see in this example, the details pertaining to the gift certificate has been separated from the details about the business with the use of a simple line. In the same way, it also creates a structure for the layout of the certificate. This example is clear and direct, it immediately provides the details about the one-hour photo session that the certificate offers along with the other inclusions.

7. Photography Session Gift Certificate

Photography Session Gift Certificate


You can never go wrong with a simple layout for any graphics or printed material. And as you can see in this gift certificate example, the layout and design are almost minimal since the aim is to emphasize the details about the gift certificate, specifically the name of the recipient and who purchased it for him or her. This conveys that when the recipient goes for the shoot, it has already been paid for by the buyer.

8. Portrait Photography Gift Certificate

Portrait Photography Gift Certificate


Similar to the previous gift certificate example, this one also has a minimal design with only the bright red borders and business logo as the main design elements. It emphasizes the details of the gift certificate to help ensure that the recipient understands how he or she can redeem or use the certificate. It also provides a brief yet clear description of the service/s that he or she can avail from the business using the certificate.

9. Chic Photography Gift Certificate

Chic Photography Gift Certificate


Although this example has quite an obvious design element, it maintains a simple overall appearance. The example has also used a font that relates to the chic nature of the photography business. From the artistic flower design, the petal single border down to the unique fonts style, this gift certificate surely embodies a chic and classy appearance that will surely be conveyed in the final photo.

10. Simple Photo Session Gift Certificate

Simple Photography Gift Certificate


This gift certificate example is simple and straightforward. It does not use any unnecessary design elements, formats, or layout. It keeps its focus in ensuring the details about the recipient as well the gift certificate is emphasized. In addition, you can also see that the gift certificate is fillable, which means that the buyer has full jurisdiction with how much it is equivalent to. Furthermore, it also ensures that the signature of the authorized personnel can be affixed along with its expiration date to ensure the certificate’s legitimacy.

11. Photo Session Gift Certificate

Photo Session Gift Certificate


Why not go for a classy silhouette for your photo session gift certificate? Like in this example, you can use a single image or color as your background and a simple layout for the field where the details will be provided. Make sure you incorporate your own style since your gift certificate is still a part of your brand identity. In addition, always ensure that essential details about what the gift certificate offers along with basic business information are provided.

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