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You have to admit that no matter how much you know a person from his or her head down to his or her feet, there are still moments when you do not know what to give to him or her as a present during one of his or her special occasions in life. You do not have to worry about your friend or family member feeling unappreciated because you just gave them a gift that makes you look not thoughtful to the eyes of the receivers. You may also like awesome kids thank-you cards.

gift card

In fact, gift cards are one of the best things one could ever receive because it will through gift card that the receiver will be able to personally choose his or her gift. Plus, this also means that you should not anymore worry about giving something that your friend or family member already has. You may also like greeting card designs & examples.

Amazon Gift Card Example

amazon gift card example

Elegant Gift Card Example

elegant gift card example

Editable Gift Card Example

editable gift card example

Understanding Gift Cards

Gift cards, which are also referred to as gift certificates, gift vouchers, and gift tokens, is a form of a prepaid payment or debit card that has been preloaded with a specific amount of money or funds that can be of future use. Gift cards are also usually issued by retailers and/or banks which can be used as an alternative cash when used for buying from the stores or related businesses that issued the gift cards.

Most gift cards both have a minimum, which usually comes from as low as $10, and a maximum. which usually comes at $500, initial loading amount. Gift cards can also be used when paying just a portion of a purchase along with cash or even with debit or credit in order to balance the total purchase amount. While gift cards can be used for the same purposes as credit cards, it does not, fortunately, require a credit check.

These days, gift cards can now be registered online which allows anyone to mitigate the risk of losses as well as to check the remaining balance of what has been left of the preloaded amount. This makes gift cards way safer than cash.

Gift cards can be used in various ways that can be both advantageous to both the users or the customers and to the business owners or retailers. For the users or the customers’ end, gift cards can be used as an alternative to cash when in paying for the entirety of his or her total purchase amount or even just a part of the remaining amount. For the business owners or retailers, gift cards can be used as a part of their promotion strategy that helps in attracting the recipient to return to their store. You might be interested in thank-you card examples.

Elegant Golden Gift Card Example

elegant golden gift card example e1527039612967

Family Gift Card Template Example

family gift card template example

Types of Gift Cards

There are actually two major types of gift cards. Learn more about them:

1. Open Loop Gift Cards.

This major type of gift card is defined as the gift card that can be used by the consumer to make purchases in any store of his or her choice as long as the gift card is acceptable.

Most of the time, open loop gift cards are attached to a major company’s logo like MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. When it comes to fees, open loop gift cards carry fees since these are commonly issued by banks as well as those other processors of credit card transactions. But on the good side of its coverage, open loop gift cards has a wider scope than to that of the close loop gift cards. You may also see meal voucher designs and examples.

2. Close Loop Gift Cards.

This major type of gift card defined as the gift card that can only be used by the consumer in making a purchase only for a limited or just a single company and often has the single company’s logo.

When it comes to fees, unlike the open loop gift cards, close loop gift cards do not require any fee unless it will be stipulated. Additionally, when it comes to the validity of this type of gift card, it usually does not have a stipulated expiration date.

Gift Card Example

gift card example1 e1527039705747

Gift Card Template Example

gift card template example

Gold and Black Gift Card Example

gold and black gift card example e1527039796420

Forms of Gift Cards

Aside from the usual tangible gift cards, there are other forms of gift cards. Learn more about these here:

1. Physical Gift Cards

These are the usual form of gift card that looks like credit and debit cards and can only be redeemed and used the location of the retailer. If you receive this typical gift card, you may be able to use this gift card if you would prefer to shop at the store of the retailer where this gift card can only be used. If you would purchase using physical gift cards, you would usually receive a paper receipt and it will also be indicated that you purchase using a gift card. You may also like gift voucher designs & examples.

2. Electronic Gift Cards or E-gift Cards

Along with the advancements in technology, gift cards have also evolved and adapted. We can now use gift cards in electronic or digital formats that can be easily delivered to you through email. Most of the type, this form of a gift card can only be used when you will be shopping at the retailer’s online store or their website. If you know the person that you are giving the e-gift card to loves online shopping, then giving him or her an e-gift card is just perfect. You may also check out examples of name card design.

3. Mobile Gift Cards

This form of a gift card is a variation of an e-gift card that can be delivered to you through your mobile phones either through SMS or phone applications that users like you can easily use when making a purchase since most of you bring phones every single time. Retailers make use of this form of gift card because it is tied or connected to the phone numbers of their customers plus, mobile gift cards are also way easier to distribute. You might be interested in printable voucher examples.

Newborn Photographer Gift Card Example

newborn photographer gift card example

Layered Vector Gift Card Example

layered vector gift card example

Minimal Gift Card Template Example

minimal gift card template example

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Gift Cards

Let us discuss the pros and cons of using gift cards:

1. Advantages of Gift Cards

  • Even if giving out gift cards as presents are deemed as unthoughtful, you cannot deny the fact that gift cards are just perfect for those who have a hard time in deciding what present to give to someone. You may also see fall greeting card designs & examples.
  • Since there are receivers who can be choosy, gift cards enable him or her to decide how and where he or she will spend the gift card on. This gets rid of the possibility of giving gifts that will go unused and unwanted.
  • If you know what the receiver actually wants for a present but the shopping costs are way too expensive, you can opt for gift cards which can be easily shipped out plus you even have the option to just email the gift card since there are also e-gift cards as your option. You may also like birthday card designs & examples.
  • Are you on a tight budget but you would still like to give a gift to your loved ones? Gift cards are the answer, plus, you can save a lot of money on gift cards especially if you have the idea where you can order these. There are some gift card sellers who would offer discounts on some of their chains. You may also check out examples of musical greeting card designs.

2. Disadvantages of Gift Cards

  • Unfortunately, most people think that giving out gift cards can be too impersonal and it is given without much thought. Like it is a present you choose when you don’t want to exert effort in looking and buying for a gift.
  • Gift cards are also often considered as a so-called “unsecured loan” to the company who sells the gift cards. This means that by the time the company files for bankruptcy, those unused gift cards can no longer get a reimbursement for the equivalent monetary value of the unused gift cards. In short, when you lose your gift card, you also lose money. You might be interested in examples of business card design.
  • There are some gift cards that will charge you fees when these are not used within the set time period and worse, there is also some business who would charge even when the gift card is being utilized.
  • The known disadvantage of gift cards is that it will expire. So even if you still do not have any idea what to purchase with your gift card but the expiration date is already coming to a close, you should spend it no matter what or it’s money wasted, or just give it to someone who can needs it more than you and can make use of it before the expiration date. You may also see examples of animated greeting cards.

Percent Off Gift Card Example

percent off gift card example1

Photographer Gift Card Template Example

photographer gift card template example

Photography Gift Card Template Example

photography gift card template example

Gift Card Functions and Key Features

Aside from the fact that gift cards are one of the best things you can give as a gift to your loved ones, it does not provide you any hassle when you will use your gift cards for your personal transactions.

Get to know your gift cards more with the help of this information regarding some of the common features of a gift card:

1. You can use gift card like that of a credit or debit card. Apart from the fact that they have a similar look ad size, gift cards are also identified by a specific code or number. But unlike debit and credit cards, it does not bear the individual name of the owner which means that it can be used by anybody. Similar to that of the debit card, your gift card will only have a value once you will reload it so you will be able to use it for multiple times.

2. Most gift cards have a bar code or a magnetic strip that is used by card reading machines that enables a gift card to be detectable.

3. It is possible for gift cards to be counterfeited but in order to prevent this, most of the gift card data are being protected by their own security system that the gift card manufacturer or seller can only control. You may also see holiday card designs & examples.

4. Debit and credit card also have magnetic strips like the gift cards but unlike these, gift cards have a different kind of magnetic strip.

5. While there are some gift cards that can be reloadable, there are also some gift cards that do not have such feature. There are also some gift cards that has a fixed value which means it cannot anymore be reloaded and can only be activated once. You may also like handmade card designs and examples.

6. You can see gift cards that are readily available beside the cashier; however, most of these don’t have any value unless someone buys it only then will the store activate it.

7. There are some gift cards that includes a blank space where you can write and add your custom or personalized message dedicated to the person who will be receiving the gift card. You may also check out examples of blank greeting cards.

Photo Studio Gift Card Template Example

photo studio gift card template example

Wedding Shower Gift Card Example

wedding shower gift card example

Polka Dot Gift Card Template Example

polka dot gift card template example

Reasons Why Gift Cards Are the Best Presents

In this generation, particularly the younger ones, the  gift of experience and opportunities has greater value compared to new stuff. This is why they would prefer experience over a new gadget or clothes.

With gift cards, you can give someone the gift of experience as there are some gift cards that are not equivalent not only to an item in a regular store, but it can also be used to “avail” experiences. And by “availing” experiences it means that there are some gift cards that offer other than tangible things such as travel adventures. You may also see vintage gift card designs and examples.

Rather than spending too much time and effort looking for a perfect gift that can also be expensive, it is way much better to give a gift card that offers experience to the receiver. There will also be a greater chance that the receiver will truly appreciate what you have just sent him or her because it gives him or her the chance to enjoy an entirely new experience. You may also see wedding thank-you cards.

Gift cards are also a mix thoughtfulness, convenience, and immediacy which makes it just the perfect for gift that everyone can give and receive during special occasions such as the holidays, birthdays, and graduation.

Reasons Why Gift Cards Are Advantageous for Your Business

Most retailers would overlook the importance of gift cards and would even think that giving out gift cards are simply not just for their business.

However they are making a big mistake because of the fact that no matter what industry you are currently affiliated in, gift cards are one of the most best-selling gift that people buy and receive every year. A lot of people will be seeking out for gift cards especially during the holiday season and this means more profit for your business. You may also check out memorial thank you cards.

Gift cards also help you in creating new customers and the current customers you have will also help you in spreading the word about your business and of the gift cards that you offer. Even though advertising is getting easier and easier these days thanks to the Internet, nothing can beat the power of spreading the word through word of mouth. You might be interested in bridal shower thank-you cards.

If you own a business and you believe that it is already too late for your store to start creating and selling gift cards. Your business will definitely earn a lot if you would start making gift cards available during the holiday seasons and the wedding seasons when a lot of people will be on the lookout for the best gifts to giving during these special event and/or occasion. You may also see business thank-you cards.

There are also chances where your store or business can get a what we call as a “free money” because there are some cases wherein a person who is given a gift card as a gift has no idea on how to spend the gift card or simply does not have any plans to make use of the gift card he or she has received.

To understand this simply, it means that you have earned an income from the purchase of a gift card but the person who received the gift card did not make use of the opportunity. Even if you cannot spend money on any resources, you were still able to boost the revenues of your store or your business. You may also like baptism thank-you cards.

Rose Gold Gift Card Example

rose gold gift card example

Salon Gift Card Example

salon gift card example

Vector Gift Card Example

vector gift card example 1024x614

Do’s and Don’ts When Handling Gift Cards

Have a lot of on-gift cards that you have no idea how to make use of it or that you are already about to use it, here are some do’s and don’ts when handling those gift cards.

1. Do’s

Extend the worth or value of your gift cards by making use of coupons, online coupons, promotional codes, and other discount gimmicks so that you will avoid putting your gift card credits to waste. You may also check out food voucher examples.

If you are not yet planning to use your gift card, secure and safeguard it from getting by registering your gift card online. Plus, you will be able to check the remaining or the current balance of your gift card especially if it is a gift card that can be re-loadable. You might be interested in cash voucher designs and examples.

Want to snag deals without spending a lot of cash? Make sure that as much as possible, you would only use your gift cards when there are sales and promotional discounts of the store where you can redeem your gift card. It is common for retailers to offer special prices and new products in order to encourage and entice gift card holders to use their gift cards early and early than the expiration date. You may also like shopping voucher designs & examples.

2. Don’ts

Do not wait for the expiration date of the gift card to come closer before you could even get the chance to use it. As soon as you receive a gift card, always make it a point that you would check the expiration date of the gift card as well as the terms and conditions written on it so that you will be able to determine when you should be already spending your gift card. You may also see business voucher examples.

Do not keep a gift card for a store that does not sell anything you would like. You can just give the gift card to someone or buy something from the store that you can give as a gift to someone. Or you can just sell the gift card– it’s your choice. Just make sure that you do not put the gift card to waste. You may also see receipt voucher examples & samples.

Do not be a victim of a fraud that involves gift cards. However, if this does happen to you, you have to inform the retailer immediately so they will be aware of the fraud that involves their business.

Tips in Making and Designing Gift Cards

If you own a business and would like to try making use of gift cards, you can make use of these tips in making and designing gift cards that can help you with this endeavor:

1. Keep in mind that the background image or color, as well as the color scheme used on a gift card, play a factor to the main concept behind it. This only means that it matters so you should make sure that both the background image and the color scheme complement each other and that it does not overshadow one another. You may also see star wars greeting card examples.

Instead of overshadowing each other, make both design elements help each other by making one element help in making the other stand out such as the color scheme helps the background image or even the logo used to stand out.

2. Before even designing and printing your gift cards, make sure that you have finalized its value. You should also determine whether you will produce a gift card that has a fixed price or a gift card that has a loadable value. A lot of businesses are using loadable gift cards because this does not limit their customers. You may also check out travel voucher examples.

3. Make sure you label your gift cards clearly that its terms and conditions can be easily understood by many people. Make sure that you position them in a way that it can be easily readable.

4.Place your printed gift cards on a conspicuous place of your store such as the counter or the cashier so that your customers would not have a hard time finding the gift cards and it would also entice more customers to avail of your gift cards. You may also like anime greeting card designs & examples.

So why opt for buying a certain gift that would possibly go unwanted or unused? Send gift cards as a present to your friends and family for the special occasions in their lives and they will surely be grateful for it.

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