Engineering Consulting Business Plan

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Engineering Consulting Business Plan

There is a business outside in which one does not do the actual work. Instead he just give some consultation. The job is simply called consultation. And there are many kinds of consultation out there. Thesis consultation. Music consultation. Marriage consultation. Party consultation. And there is an engineering consultation.You may also financial consulting business plan examples

Before going deeper into the world of consultation, let us dissect first the words engineering and consultation.

Engineering Consultancy Example

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What is engineering

In its broadest sense is the study of industries and its applications. It utilizes mathematics, technology, science and other mathematical solutions to construction works. Engineering is like writing music but in a concrete means and approach instead of an abstract approach.You may also see business plan.

What is consultation

Consultation on the other hand is the discussion of one particular case by someone to another who is expert in the field. For example. if one wants to seek advice from someone about spiritual problem. You know where you go to, a priest. Or if you are writing a thesis, and you want some advice, then you go to someone who is and expert of the field. Or if you want to know anything about health matters, you go to a doctor in general medicine. But that is basically what consultation is about.You may also see importance of business plans.

What an Engineering Consultant Does

So an engineering consultant’s job is to provide consultation to the general public. Informing them of the best possible action to be done in a construction work such as designing and erecting a building.You may also see business plan guidelines examples.

Engineer vs  Architect

If you are new to the word of engineering, you may be confused if there is any difference between the two. From the looks of it, they seem to do just one thing. Construct building. But looking closely, the two jobs have really different roles in the making of a construction work. You may also like business operational plan examples.

Architect focuses on the design of the construction. An architect is responsible for how a building, bridge, any edifice or architectural structure, should look like.

The engineer on the other hand focuses on the mathematical, that is the technical and structural side of the construction.You may also see social media marketing plan

Both the architect and engineer can make up a good team in realizing a germ of design, the plan in the blue print.

Can engineers do what architects can do, and can architects do what engineers can do? Technically, they can. Legally, they can’t. But there are many cases where a engineers are also architects, and there are also architects who happen to be engineers, too.You may also check out hotel business plan examples.

Does one require one another?

Generally, the standard and professional way of constructing a building requires to have both an engineer and an architect. That is the standard and the legal way of doing it. But there are many cases in which buildings, especially small houses, are constructed by just one part, either by the engineer only, without an architect. Or by an architect without an engineer. This do not happen though in big constructions such as the one found in the city.You might be interested in market analysis business plan examples.

Blue Print

The blue print is where the engineer, architect put into writing in graphical design their ideas that they base in realizing the construction. It is like a business plan in the world of marketing, but in the form of a drawing, a design, a sketch, made of lines and numbers.You may also like business plan outline with examples.

Kinds of Engineer

Originally, there were only four categories in the engineering industry.

  • Mechanical, it the branch of engineering that deals with the design, construction, and use of machines
  • Chemical, is the branch of engineering that deals with the design and operation of industrial chemical plants
  • Civil,  is the branch of engineering that looks for ways on how people can live a convenient life or to make our living condition less difficult to live.You may also check out implementation plan examples.
  • Electrical, is the branch of engineering that deals with electricity and its technologies.

Now, engineering has increased to at least six.

  • Management, this is the kind of engineering that combines the general kinds of engineering (technical and structural) with business.You may also like company plan examples.
  • Geotechnical, is the branch of engineering that focuses on the rock formation, the roads, soil, pathways, highways, and the likes.

But wait, the number of engineering categories has increased in numbers recently, and there can be around, at least, 40 of them now, (and counting.) But there may not be a need for us to mention all of them. But you have the basic idea of what engineering is in general.You may also check out advertising plan examples.

Consulting Engineer Example

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Steps to Becoming an Engineering Consultant

1. Earn a Degree in Engineering

Obviously, you need to have a degree to become an engineer. It is like the idea of selling, before you can sell something, you need to have something to sell. And before you can be a consultant, you need to know about the things your client expected from you. And you can only do that if you study engineering. Of course, you can be a consultant in engineering without a degree, but that will not sound legal.You may also see importance of business plans.

2. Gain Work Experience and Training

At the start of your career, you need to have experiences. Engineering theories are necessary, but so do with experience. You can be a consultant even without much background of experience. But you may loose in the competition. But like getting a degree, it takes patience and time to gain experience. Consider it as an investment. You can start by working for someone, either as full time engineer, or may just an assistant.You may also see business plan guidelines examples.

3. Become a Licensed Professional Engineer

Getting a degree is great. Kudos to you. But getting a license is another thing. And getting one is not that difficult if you are not that lazy in terms of studying. The fact that you are able to finish the degree, which means you have gone through plenty of study, it means that you can pass the board exam easily.

4. Start Your Own Consulting Firm

If you already have those three, you are an engineer, you have some experience, and you are now have a license, your next step is to have your own independent corporation. It does not have to be that big. A small office will do. Advertising matters. But that is another discussion. You may also check out implementation plan examples.

5. Get a Master’s Degree or Ph.D.

Great, you have those first four steps. You have your own firm now, but need to shine, you need to be on top of the competition. And the way to do that is to get an MA or a PhD. It would also be great if the members of your team have a certificate. That way, you are yourself convinced that you have a good, strong team. You might be interested in annual plan examples.

Advantages of Hiring an Engineering Consultant

There is a an advantage when hiring a professional. One is you can trace his background.

1. Consultant fees.

Expensive. Yes it is expensive. Hiring an expert can be expensive. But, you can be assured that what you pay will return to you. The cost that you have spent will become an investment in the long run. Why, because you are getting a quality service, quality product, expert level skills. And the output of what you get will last longer than if you just do it the cheap method. You may also see coffee catering business plan

2. A fresh outside perspective.

With an engineering consultant, you are assured that the services you get are the latest ones. And you have a perspective other than your own. That can be a great advantage.

3. Experience and intelligent advice.

Bear in mind, that you are hiring a professional, licensed engineer. You can be assured that the output of his works is exceptional, professional.You may also like quality plan examples.

4. Specialized skill.

If you have particular concepts in mind that you want to realize, you have the choice to get someone with a specialized skill. If you do the construction planning yourself, chances are it may not be the best available there is. Remember, there are many kinds of engineering. You just need to know what specific service you are looking for, because there can be a specific engineer for that particular service. You might be interested in daily plan examples.

5. Ready made business plan.

If you hire an engineering consultant, you do not have to think of anything  else. He will do the planning for you.

Disadvantages of Not Hiring a Consultant

The problem with not hiring a professional consultant is quality.  You can compromise with anything else, but not with quality. Engineering is about construction. And construction is about buildings. And buildings is about people staying in a place. The compromise is safety. And safety is the one thing that an engineer prioritizes over anything else. If the one constructing the building does not have that vision, and if that is not his priority, then that is just a waste of money. If you hire a professional engineer, you spend so much money, but it will return in the long run because the quality of the building will last longer. You may also see consulting business plan.

Engineering Consulting Example

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Business Plan

Proposal as the Stepping Stone in a Business Plan

A proposal is necessary before making a business plan. As an engineer, you can deal with your clients without making some proposals. But it is not all the case wherein clients come to you. There will be times where in you will have to be aggressive in purporting your engineering business firm to prospective clients.


A portfolio in engineering means the projects that the engineer or the business firm has made. If you have a portfolio, it would not be difficult to make a business plan because the portfolio will the the thing, the portfolio will explain the kind of engineering services you are offering. You may also see strategic plan examples.


Marketing may not be your domain as a mainstream engineer, unless you are in a management engineering. But if you want to increase in you business as engineer, you need to know a bit about marketing.

1. Connection. Connection is a key element in marketing. If you are not connected to people, you will never grow in your business. You may also see free business plans.

2. Flyer. One way to connect with the audience is by giving them flyers or brochures. It is just a little thing, but it means something.

3.Advertisement. One way to advertise your engineering business firm, is through TV, radio, and the Internet.

The business of engineering consultation is a good business, if you can establish a good relationship with the audience.You may also see event project plans.

Consulting Engineering Firm Example

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So what is a good engineering business plan?

1. Strategy and Vision

A good engineering business plan must include a vision. A vision that supports and realizes the goals and intention of the clients. And to realize this vision, it has to have some strategies.

2. Standardization

To meet standards, it must follow correct procedures in every transaction. These are the standards as required by the different government agencies that monitors culture, security, health.

3. Timeframe

Timeframe is observed so that deadlines are met, but without compromising quality of work.

4. Quality

Quality is achieved not just by the use of materials but also the kind of people that are part of the team. If your materials are good, but you do not have an excellent team, then the quality of materials will just be wasted in the output.You may also like business operational plan examples.

5. Teamwork

But an excellent team is nothing if the members have no cooperation. Teamwork is about one member knowing what he is supposed to do without the need to be in conflict with the rest of the team.

6. Customer Interaction

But no matter how you have a good and quality team if you have no interaction, or if you have no connection with the audience, prospective customers, clients, then no business will happen.You may also see annual plan examples.

Engineering business or business in engineering is about building relationships. And building relationship is made easier if understood in the mechanics of engineering. It is reaching out to the audience, and making sure they will stay. It is about doing quality projects for the clients, and being consistent, and even going beyond quality.You might be interested in market analysis business plan examples.

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