Food Blogging

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Food Blogging

One of the famous blogging niches is food and food recipes. We all know that everybody loves eating, right? If you are interested in food blogging and don’t know where to start, you have come to the right place. You may also see task checklists.

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Focus on the Way You Take Photos

The photos that you take could make or break your food blog. In fact, photography makes a food blog. It’s not really the recipe or the blogger that draws attention from the readers but it is the way you take photos of food that will entice them. You may also see maintenance checklists.

If you are still in the process of starting and still can’t afford pricey equipment, taking photos from your smartphone will do. There are so many ways you can make a professional food photo even without the use of pricey equipment such as lighting tools and a fancy DSLR. For the lights, you can make use of natural lighting and if you take photos during night time, make sure you situate yourself directly from the artificial light. Do not be afraid to play with angles because sometimes, it is in playing around that you can get an amazing shot. You may also see quality checklists.

Never underestimate the power of lighting; it is very important when taking beautiful photos. Make sure the food is staged and styled well that the viewer can really see what the food is made of. Most food photos use the dish as the main subject while the background is being blurred out. You may also see hr checklists.

If you still have a difficulty in finding your own food photography style, you can look up food bloggers on Instagram and Pinterest to gain inspiration.

Get Acquainted with the Blogging Platforms

When we say platform, we are referring to the tool that you will be using to post your recipes and food finds/tips online.

You could be using WordPress, Blogger, or even Instagram where you would post your recipes or food finds. Make sure that in choosing your food blogging platform, you can easily maneuver through the various interfaces and buttons. Make sure that your chosen platform effectively presents the food photos in a way that it gives justice to the dish as well as the photo. You may also see to do checklists.

Make “Food Blogger” Friends

One of the best ways to improve your skills is to have “blogger friends” as they  can help you improve your craft. Sure, they can be your competitors but who says one can’t be friends with their competitors? Being friends with them is the best way that you can grow as a blogger and eventually become the best in your field.

When you are a blogger, as much as possible, do not waste your time doing things that would not be of help to you or would just waste your precious time. Cultivating relationships with food bloggers will enable you to build networks and connections that will also be helpful to you in the course of your food blogging journey. You may also see student checklists.

To find food blogger friends, you do not have to meet them personally. Just a simple act of commenting on their posts and following their blogs will already go a long way. Make sure though that you are genuine though and not make friends just to leech off of them. Soon enough, they will start noticing your personal interests and leave you in the dust. You may also see wedding checklists.

It feels great to have someone relate to your current situation. When you have food blogger friends, you can share your joys as well as struggles on being a food blogger. You could also have someone who will give constructive criticisms if ever you post sub-par blog posts and photos.

Attend Food Blog Conferences

Attending food blog conferences is helpful to both novice and pro food bloggers. It is helpful for the new ones because this will guide them in starting their food blogging journey, this is where they will meet fellow food bloggers that will help them with their blog. For food bloggers who have been blogging for a very long time already, food blog conferences will give them new concepts about food blogging and this is also a venue for them to share the knowledge as well as experiences to the novice food bloggers. You may also see workout checklists.

Food blog conferences would often discuss topics such as food photography and photo editing workshops, technical classes such as SEO, discussions with pro bloggers and workshops on how to make use of social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube in marketing your blog, and as well as an opportunity to meet and even plan collaborations with fellow food bloggers. You can also meet possible food sponsors during food blog conferences, so make sure you do not miss one conference out! You may also see audit checklists.

Be Active on Social Media

Believe in the power of social media because it will help you connect with your audience more. Have you noticed that a lot of blogs are connected to three or more social media platforms? It is because it easily increases your visibility to the market as well your potential clients. If you cannot afford to pay for advertising, you can make use of social media as they are free (and forever will be free). You may also see new apartment checklists.

Aside from adding a comment box section under your blog post, linking your posts to your social media handles will encourage more engagement and interaction with your audience. Three of the biggest social media platforms that most food bloggers would connect their blogs to are: Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. You may also see induction checklists.

Examples of Food Blogs

Here are some examples of famous blogs:

Our Food Stories

Our Food Stories is owned by food bloggers, Nora Eisermann and Laura Muthesius. They created the blog due to Muthesius having food allergies. All of their recipes are gluten-free, sugar-free, and focus more on a vegetarian diet. You may also see marketing checklists.

Gluten-free Poppy Seed Cake and beautiful afternoon light in our studio

Food on Fork

Food on Fork, a blog that started out on Instagram, is a dining and lifestyle blog that has a unique way of presenting their food, specifically assembling different components of a dish onto a single fork. Here are some of their photos which can be pierced with a fork, literally. You may also see safety checklists.

The Woks of Life

This witty blog called “The Woks of Life” sounds like “the walks of life”, and is home to authentic and sumptuous Asian cuisine and recipes. As mentioned in their website, their arms are wide open to teaching novices how to cook; from boiling eggs, to pan-frying vegetables, and to even making hand-made noodles. There is a tutorial for every Asian dish, so check them out. You may also see team meeting checklists.

We hope this article has inspired you to keep on food blogging. You may also see cleaning checklists.

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