7+ Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2020

If there’s one thing that the most successful marketers in the industry have in common, it’s that they have an edge over their competitors. 2020 will be the year marketers go to extreme lengths to elevate their marketing strategies and tactics. That being said, you wouldn’t want to be the last to join in on the bandwagon. From live video broadcasting to refined AI, these are the marketing trends you don’t want to miss.

2020 Marketing Trends to Keep Track of

1. Voice-Optimized Content

Studies show that about 20% of online searches were done through voice search. For one, the thought of being able to command a smart device to do something through the sound of your voice fascinates most individuals. Not only does it allow quick searches, but it can also come in handy when driving. By 2020, the number of voice-optimized searches and content is expected to rise by at least 50%. You may also see marketing checklist examples.

2. Content Marketing

Good content marketing has already been a popular trend for the past years. And in 2020, it has no plans of slowing down.

But instead of developing new marketing strategies, it would be best to improve your existing ones. It has to be relevant to the present times and relatable to your target audience. Among every other trend on this list, content marketing is said to leave the largest commercial impact this year, making it of top priority for marketers. With proper execution, you’re sure to see an increase in customer loyalty and sales. You may also see marketing flowchart examples.

3. Digital Ads

Have you ever noticed how the prevalent use of ads in online videos has slowly increased over the past years? It’s almost as if you can’t watch a 3-minute video without being interrupted by some commercial ad. You may also see restaurant marketing strategy.

The wide use of streaming sites like YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu has marketers scrambling to make the big switch from TV ads to digital media. These usually appear before a clip is played or within the video itself. This is why most applications take advantage of such by offering subscriptions that eliminate ads if avail. This is a clever strategy to entice paying customers. As for the businesses behind these ads, digital ads have a higher chance of being viewed as opposed to TV commercials. You may also see marketing report examples.

4. Micro Influencers

You might have heard of brand ambassadors and social media influencers before. These are the type of people who are paid to promote products and services online through their personal profiles. But these individuals aren’t always Grammy-winning artists and Hollywood A-listers, as anyone who has at least a thousand active followers can already be considered as an online celebrity. Those who fall into this category typically have around 1,000-100,000 followers on their social media accounts, be it through Instagram or YouTube marketing.

It’s a legitimate marketing strategy that’s surprisingly common nowadays. But why?

Brands reach out to micro influencers for a number of reasons. For one, they aren’t actual celebrities with a large fanbase behind them, but they have the ‘it’ factor that makes them worthy of being heard. They can still be considered as average people, except for their ridiculously high ‘influencing’ factor. Brands don’t have to bring out the big bucks for sponsorship deals, nor do they need to go through the hassle of getting in touch with these individuals. Micro influencers have the ability to develop a natural connection with their audience, giving your brand the exposure it needs. You may also see the executive summary of a marketing plan.

5. Live Video Streaming

If you haven’t been using the live video trend to interact with your audience in 2017, then it needs to be something to greatly consider in 2020.

Various social media platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, and Instagram have paved the way for live broadcasting. Instead of posting photos and videos individually, you can now start a live coverage of a sports game, a concert, a product launch or other types of events for your followers to watch. This is great for individuals who would rather watch videos than to read about it from a blog. This gives you the opportunity to interact directly with your audience in real time. You don’t have to worry about losing the video after the live stream, either. Most social networks give you the option to save your content for future use.

6. A Spotlight on Gen Z

For the past years, the focus has always been on the Millennials. It’s almost as if this market is the only one that really matters in the industry. While millennials have made significant contributions to the industry over the last decade or so, it’s important to shift your focus to the younger generations as well. You may also see marketing styles in a doc.

Generation Z, otherwise known as the Post-Millennials or the iGeneration, is composed of individuals who were born in the late 1990s to the mid-2000s. If you do the Math, the oldest people of this generation are slowly approaching their early 20s. The consumption habits in the market will slowly change, where this newer generation will have a higher buying power. Although the Millennials and Generation X should still be a priority this year, the only way for your business to survive the changing times is if it welcomes a fresher market to target. You may also see marketing goals examples.

7. Privacy Protection

Over the years, the number of security breaches in online banking and social profiling has dramatically increased. There have been numerous reports of fraudulent credit cards and emails being hacked by untraceable sources. Even the biggest companies in the world have become a victim of online theft, leaving consumers on high alert coming into the new year. You may also see marketing email examples.

This can be challenging for businesses that conduct transactions online. If a customer doubts your credibility, it would be difficult for you to generate sales. With this in mind, it’s important to design your website or application with information and privacy features that provide reassurance. Apart from securing personal data accordingly, you can design your site with quick loading pages and easy navigation. Including customer reviews and testimonials is also a good way of making yourself appear more believable. You may also see benefits of marketing segmentation.

8. The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

From voice-powered digital assistants like Siri and Alexa to self-driving vehicles of the new century, the rise of artificial intelligence gives us a glimpse of an era of robots taking over the business world. You may also see marketing flyer examples.

While these robots are only able to function with the help of human intelligence, there’s no denying how AI has introduced a wave of ideas for businesses to take advantage of. Various computer programs allow businesses to converse with their customers through automated messaging such as chatbots. This makes it easier for customers to reach out to companies without much effort. You may also see marketing checklist for small business.

By staying up to date with the latest trends in the world of marketing, you can make the necessary changes to your marketing strategies to bring you one step ahead of the competition. With the right marketing plan along with proper execution, the trends listed above are sure to make a major impact on the success of your brand for 2020.

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