Top Management Responsibilities and Job Titles

In the management plan of the business, there are three levels of management, these are the top-level management, mid-level management, and the low-level management.

Each quality management has its own jobs and responsibilities and each level reports to the levels above them. Except for the top-level management because they are on the top of the organization’s hierarchical structure.

The top-level management is on the top and they are the ones who manage the whole organization. The mid-level management reports to the top-level management and they are the one manages the low-level management. The low-level management is the management that works for both top-level management and the mid-level management.

Most Common Jobs in the Management

Here are some of the most common jobs in the management together with their responsibilities.

  • Administrative Services Manager. They are the one who plan and conduct services for the company. They are also the one who will organize a meeting agenda, manage the mail distribution, and keep the office running smoothly. One of the main responsibility is to maintain the facility and manage the needs of the office.
  • Advertising or Marketing Manager. The main responsibility of an advertising or marketing manager is to manage the advertising plan and marketing plan of the company. They conduct campaigns and manage the staff to execute a daily plan.
  • Compensation and Benefits Manager. They are the ones who will manage the compensation and benefits of an employee. They determine how much the employees are paid, how the bonuses and salary increase, and choose the best management plan for the company.
  • IT Manager. The main responsibility of an IT manager is to keep the technology and software’s used by the company working at full capacity. They make sure that there are no failed systems, like an outdated program or overloaded servers.
  • Financial Manager. Financial Manager ensures that the financial statement of the company is in good condition and make sure that the business can cover all expenses.

Top Management Positions

The top-level management composed of high-ranking officials in a business. Below are the positions in the management.

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or President. The CEO or the president is the highest among the position. He or she leads the company and put together resources to support the company plan.
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO). He or she is the one who will make sure that the operation of the company is running smoothly.
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The CFO manages the finances of the company, look for investors, and deal with banks.
  • Vice President of Production. He or she is responsible for the production of the products and/or services.

Key Personnel Positions in a Business

  • Operations manager. He or she is the leader of the operations and take control of the finances of the business.
  • Quality control. He or she makes the quality report to ensure that the quality of the product or service is 100%.
  • Accountant. He or she is responsible for the monthly income of the company.
  • Receptionist. Considered to be the “front-line” of the business. He or she is in charge for the customer service.
  • Supervisor. The second-in-command in the shop and has an overall understanding of all aspect of the business.
  • Marketing manager. Handles all aspects related to promoting and selling the product.

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