5+ Nonprofit Receipt Examples & Templates [Download Now]

Running a Nonprofit involves accepting donations from the general public and private/government Institutions. For different types of donations, there can be different types of receipts issued which reflect well on the organisation. Issuing of a receipt gives an impression to the donor that it is officially being acknowledged and also creates an accountability on part of the Nonprofit people to show the utilisation of the donation in some good use.

Below are the examples for the different types of receipts for you to choose from. These will make your work easy and will also create a good impression.

5+ Nonprofit Receipt Examples & Templates

1. Donor Receipt for Nonprofit Template

This particular template for a Nonprofit Donation Receipt is well organised and has complete details about all the aspects related to the donation. Issuing this receipt will create a bond between the donor and the receiver that needs to be honoured by the receiver. It has a very simple format and the template is downloadable and free. You can certainly make use of this template for your Nonprofit in a very effective way.

2. Cash Donation Receipt Example

This template is specifically for someone receiving a cash donation. You can issue this cash receipt with all necessary particulars. It is also free and easily downloadable. It is customisable as well. You can make any changes that you need for your Nonprofit to suit yourself. This will make your work easier and will also ensure effective record-keeping. Its simple format leaves nothing to be desired and is also a very effective tool for ensuring proper maintenance of records. As the main source of sustenance of a Nonprofit is cash donations, issuing such receipts is very important for accountability on the part of the Nonprofit.

3. Nonprofit Receipt of Tax Deductible Donation

Certain Nonprofits get special status with government support. Donations made to them get tax exemptions. So when such Nonprofits receive any donations, they can issue receipts that mention the tax benefits that the donor is entitled against the donation. Such non-profits stand a better chance of getting donations frequently as their receipts also carry lot of respect in legal and government circles. This template is a sample of that and is very comprehensive and detailed. You can certainly make good use of it. It is also very simple to follow and understand and is free to download and print.

4. Nonprofit Receipt for Non-Cash Donation

In case your Nonprofit Organisation has received a non-cash donation, then an appropriate receipt should be issued. That receipt is different from a cash receipt. Some extra details are required to be mentioned like as in the sample, listed above. All important information regarding the non-cash item being received should preferably be mentioned in the receipt to ensure easy tracking for Nonprofit employees and, if possible, the received item should be tagged with the unique id of the receipt being issued. This will ensure the double checking and cross accountability later. This sample has the double benefit of being usable as a cash receipt as well.  It is very simple and does not have any complicated wordings and will be very easy to account for. You can make use of this template and avoid hassles. It is available for free download and is printable as well.

5. Vehicle Donation Receipt for Nonprofits

In case your Nonprofit has received a vehicle as a donation, then you have to essentially mention all the legal information related to such donation. It is a legal requirement and must be followed for compliance. It has a lot of details mentioned which are essential for record-keeping. Also, all documents related to the vehicle must be received from the donor and it has to be mentioned on the receipt. This will absolve the donor from any further responsibility and will ensure that the documents are handed over properly by the Nonprofit employees, since an official receipt for the same has been issued. It is always better to be up to date. The sample given above will help you with that. It is very comprehensive, simple, downloadable, printable and easy to use and understand.

6. Church Nonprofit Donation Receipt

For a Nonprofit which is working for a Church in spreading the message of love, it is good to issue receipts very frequently. It is important to honour their sentiments by issuing a proper receipt. The above sample template is an example of such receipt and will be very helpful for you. It has all the details, which need to be a part of the process and will make life very easy for the user. It is always a good practice to maintain documented records of things that are sensitive and deal with people’s emotions. This template is very easy to understand, is free to download and is printable as well.

7. Simple Receipt of Nonprofit Donation

This sample receipt is an all-purpose (except vehicle) receipt that any Nonprofit can use for different types of donations. The receipt in case of a vehicle donation has a set format which has been listed in the fifth example above of the page. The sample format listed in this example is for every other type of donation and would work fine.

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