How to Do a Time Impact Analysis

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

How to Do a Time Impact Analysis

What Is Time Impact Analysis?

A time impact analysis is a scheduling technique used to determine the possible range of impact from a potential acceleration or delay in a construction process. The time impact analysis is used to promote discussion and have a proper agreement on the claims of the delay.

Commonly, the project plan scheduler is the one who performs the time impact analysis and is used in many construction projects. The time impact analysis includes a method where all activities that indicate delays or change are added or inserted on the updated schedule to show the progress when a delay occurred.

Time Impact Analysis Expectations

The time impact analysis is utilised to determine beforehand the process of the construction and what will be the result of the construction process.

The time impact analysis uses a CPM (Critical Path Method) schedule that is complex and more detailed to present the accurate calculations between a schedule that do not result in any delays and the schedule that includes an activity the represents a possible delay. Furthermore, the time impact analysis is required to calculate the results of the actual project day using the standard method.

The Uses of Time Impact Analysis

The time impact analysis is used in the following situations.

  • When the contractor fails to provide remediation instructions to the construction process and did not able to redeploy his workforce.
  • The time impact analysis is used to measure the delays of events caused by the undergoing construction process.
  • The time impact analysis is also used when the delay is already expected because of internal and or external circumstances.
  • The time impact analysis is utilized to give an actual representation of the delay on a short or simple analysis of construction activities. However, if the delays are expected to be longer, additional methods and tools are provided in connection with the TIA.

The Procedure of Time Impact Analysis

Here are the steps in performing a time impact analysis.

  • The few possible numbers of project delay activities should describe the delay.
  • Select the current updated schedule of the project to impact.
  • Add all the impact activity analysis and make necessary adjustments to the schedule of the project.
  • Perform the calculations of the CPM and take note of the change in the completion date of the project.
  • Determine the extent of project delay.
  • Using the original and updated schedule of the project activities, find out the actual dates of the delay.

Time Impact Analysis Checklist

Use this checklist when performing a time impact analysis.

  • Study and understand the extent of which the change is directed or evaluate and analyze the range of the expected delay.
  • Review all documents, the directions of the field, contracts or agreements, construction drawings, terms, and requirements that could affect the expected delay.
  • Determine and define the condition that is encountered before the performing the time impact analysis.
  • Identify all related constructions that could be affected by the expected delay.
  • After performing the time impact analysis example , determine the starting and ending dates, duration, and the finishing date for all affected activities.

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