What Is a Tenant Quit Notice ?


What Is a Notice to Quit?

A notice to quit is a legal form of notice given by a landlord to his tenants to inform them that they have only a number of days (usually 30 days) to vacate the property. The notice to quit must abide by the law of the state in which the premises is located.

The notice to quit is often referred to as “eviction” because if the tenant fails to leave the premises within the said number of days, fails to pay the overdue account or correct some other default, you will have to file an eviction notice against them or you will begin eviction proceedings against them.

Why Should You Give a Tenant a Notice to Quit?

As a landlord, it is very appropriate to give your tenant notice to quit if you found reasons to serve them with the said notice.

Reasons such as:

How Do You Serve a Notice to Quit?

The laws in serving a notice to quit to a tenant are different in every state. Before you could file a notice to quit to your tenant, it is important that you have to check first the law in your state when it comes to eviction.

Some states required the notice to quit to be served personally by the landlord or the representative of the landlord along with the notice to vacate. In other states, it is acceptable that you will serve the notice to quit by first-class certified mail rather than giving it personally.

When Must You Serve a Notice to Quit?

The serving of a free notice to quit is determined on how far in advance of filing for an eviction. In some instances, the notice to quit is served for a minimum of three days before the landlord able to file for an eviction. Some takes more than three days.

There are often landlords who will give a 30-Day Notice to their tenants before they can file a notice to quit. A 30-Day Notice state that the tenant only has 30 days to correct some of their default or pay their overdue rent.

What Should Be Included in a Notice to Quit?

The notice to quit is a formal notice document, so it should have all the information needed to suffice the notice.

The notice to quit must have all of this information:

The notice to quit must be signed by either the landlord or the representative of the landlord.

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