13+ Summer Party Ticket Designs & Examples – PSD, AI

Summer is the best time for anything. (Except for skiing and other winter-centered sports, of course.) Which is why it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that many parties, activities, and very enthusiastic participants, usually donning bathing suits, come out of their thick winter coats and snow boots to enjoy the heat. You may also see event ticket examples.

Summer BBQ Party Ticket Template Example

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Pool Party Ticket Template Example

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There is no better venue for a party than under the shining azure sky, with the glorious sun smiling down at everyone. Okay, that was a little corny, but you get the point. Don’t waste these three beautiful months curled up inside your house. (Seriously, your couch is already complaining.) Do something that actually involves the outdoors, and that actually requires real, physical human contact. You may also like concert ticket examples.

Summer Party Ticket Template

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Your Ticket to Summer Fun Party Invitation Design Example

Summer Beach Party Ticket Design Example

To give you some great ideas on what to do on summer, here are several fun summer party ideas you can plan with friends and family.

1. Yard Games

You don’t even have to do much planning for this one. Just take a big blanket, lay it down in your backyard or maybe even in the park, and start playing some classic outside games. You can even bring your beloved Twister out.

2. BBQ

Since you just can’t have a proper barbecue with friends and family out on a cold winter day, why not do it on a summer? You can all eat outdoors, and enjoy the great weather while enjoying good company. Doesn’t that just sound so appetizing already? You may also see invitation ticket examples.

3. Water Games

Although summer is generally a pretty great season, sometimes, it can get too hot. But use this to your advantage! Instead of destroying Earth by using too much air conditioner to cool off, why not take out those water guns and make a day out of it? You may also like voucher designs and examples.

4. Have an Ice Cream Party

Summer and ice cream are basically synonymous. (Please, make a more perfect duo.) So it’s not very surprising that this one is on the list.

You can buy, even make, different flavored ice creams to serve to your guests. You can even have ice cream bars where your guests can create their own ice cream concoctions. Of course, all this should be done in the great outdoors. The refreshing coolness of the ice cream and the warm heat of the sun are such an exciting paradox. You may also check out summer voucher examples.

5. An Outdoor Movie Night

Another great thing about summer is its night sky. Nothing is clearer than that dark sky on a fine summer night. Don’t let that be wasted.

Imagine enjoying a good horror movie with good friends and family, eating homemade popcorn on a blanket on the grass, with giant pillows to really get comfortable. Who needs to spend money on movie tickets when you can just do it right there on your backyard? You might be interested in free voucher designs and examples.

6. Stargazing

Although it doesn’t sound like much of a party, stargazing with friends in the middle of nowhere is actually one of the best things a person can experience.

7. Hot Dog Bar

Actually, this is not a very summer-centered activity. You can eat hot dog during whatever season. However, eating it outdoors, picnic style? Even better! You can make a hot dog bar (similar to that ice cream bar idea) where your guests can make their own hot dog recipes. You can even add games once everyone has eaten their fill to really make the most out of that summer heat! You may also see prize voucher designs and examples.

8. Pool Party

This list cannot possibly end without this one. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool (or you know someone who does), why should we let it sit there all summer?

9. Have a Bonfire on the Beach

After all, there’s no law about open fires on summer. Gather all of your friends and families around a bonfire. Enjoy the waves, the salty ocean water, and the clear summer sky. You can even invite marshmallows and s’mores to the party! You may also like shopping voucher designs & examples.

Retro-Themed Summer Party Ticket

Splish Splash Summer Pool Party Ticket Design

Fun Games to Do During Your Summer Party!

Regardless of which of the activities listed above you’ve chosen as the central theme for your summer party, there are fun games you can organize for your guests to play. After all, a summer isn’t complete without two things: food and perspiration. Let those limbs loose with these summer party games.

1. Lawn Twister

This is your classic indoor game with a twist. (Get it? Twist?) Who said you can only play Twister inside the house? Go look for a nice, freshly mowed grass, paint tiny circles with the corresponding colors found on your indoor Twister, and let the games begin. Advantage? The grass is much softer than your floor, in case you lose your balance, you know. You may also see food voucher examples.

2. Giant Beer Pong

Oh, man! Beer pongs are great already. But, instead of using red cups, imagine playing with big buckets or drums, and instead of ping pong balls, you can spice up the game by using cheap volleyballs. This is a great outdoor activity. And if you want kids to play along, you can simply skip out the alcohol. You may also like birthday voucher designs and examples.

3. Frozen T-Shirt Race

This one will take an overnight effort to prepare. Literally. Grab a bunch of T-shirts, soak them in water, place them in plastic bags, and then stick them in the frozen overnight. The next day, the race will be on who can defrost, and pull the frozen shirt on the quickest. On a warm, summer day, this is a great game choice since who wouldn’t want to be refreshed by a frozen shirt? You may also check out gift coupon samples.

4. Slide and Toss

This game will really showcase great team effort. You can put up homemade water slides, where the teams will have to simultaneously slide down from. Once they get up. they will have to spin around, and try to get a Frisbee through a hole equivalent to one point. The team who has earned the most point wins! You might be interested in receipt voucher examples.

5. Water Balloon Dodgeball

The name already explains the game. It’s dodgeball, but using water balloons! How great is that?

6. Marble Fishing

This one is a pretty fun game to play too. You can fill a tub with freezing water, put marbles into it, and then let your guests get the marbles back using their toes. The person who gets the most marbles wins the game!

7. Flipper Fill Up

This is a more interesting relay race since it involves silly flippers which your guests will have to wear while carrying a small bucket filled to the brim with water, which they will have to transfer to a bigger bucket at the end of their turn. The team who can gather the most water inside the bigger bucket wins. You may also see business voucher examples.

8. Sandwich Relay

Another play at the classic relay game, but this one involves sandwiches. You can make the teams line up at a table with all of the ingredients needed to make a sandwich as fast as they can.

The first person will spread the mayo, the second one will add the meat, or whatever ingredient you’ve prepared, and the team member at the end of the table will have to eat the sandwich. The first team to make and eat their sandwich wins! You may also like expense voucher examples.

9. Blanket Run

This game is perfect for summer when the grass is perfectly dry. You can provide blankets to your female guests, on which their partners will sit. The former will attempt to pull them across the lawn. Whoever gets to the finish line first wins! You may also check out printable voucher examples.

Editable Summer Party Ticket Design Example

Luau Summer Party Ticket Invitation Design Example

Summer Party Food Ideas

As we’ve already discussed earlier, a party cannot be complete without two things: food and perspiration. Since we’ve already covered the latter, let us now talk about the former.

After all those exhausting yet fun games, surely your guests are dying for something to nibble on. Some refreshments would also be highly appreciated. Of course, being an important part of every summer party, you just can’t be mediocre in the dishes you serve. Fortunately, you don’t  have to be a sous chef to do that! Here are some great food ideas you can serve on your party. You may also see travel voucher examples.

1. Spaghetti with Pinot Grigio and Seafood

This dish is filled with vibrant colors from the sun-dried tomatoes, the fresh arugula, and the pink, tender shrimp. Perfect colors for a bright summer day.

2. New York-Style Chopped Salad

If you are preparing a summer party for a big group of people, this dish should be on your buffet table. This salad is made to feed many hungry mouths. You can simply lay out all the greens on the table, and let everyone build their own salad with those ingredients. You may also like payment voucher designs and examples.

3. Grilled Chicken

You don’t even have to be a kitchen expert to know how to make one of these. Season a few juicy chicken breasts with lemon pepper, ground cumin, achiote powder, and other ingredients you can find.

4. Macaroni Salad

Making your own macaroni salad isn’t exactly as difficult as you may think. Simply toss the cooked macaroni with milk, let it cool, and then mix in the homemade dressing of dill and ham. It’s delicious, it’s fancy, it’s perfect for a summer party. You may also check out meal voucher designs and examples.

5. Warm Picnic Burritos

If you are looking for a simple and popular dish, you can never go wrong with a burrito. This one is perfect for any occasion, and any setting, but even more so on a summer picnic party.

6. Blueberry-Bourbon Iced Tea

For your adults-only party, mix your refreshing iced tea with a kick of bourbon to spice up that party.

7. Sticky Honey-Soy Chicken Wings

This dish is a great handheld treat for your outdoor summer party. Your guests can just mill around your backyard holding one of these. Less time on the table, more time to socialize! You might be interested in examples of ticket designs.

8. Raspberry Lime Punch

A combination of summer and partying, this drink will quench your thirsty guests, without hitting the snooze button for your buffet table.

9. Fried Chicken Salad

Two of the best things in life in one dish. You can’t get better than this.

10. Fried Rice Pineapple Boat

If you can’t decide between sweet and salty, why not have both? Plus, the presentation will just look gorgeous on your buffet table.

11. Perfect Homemade Lemonade

The simpler, the better, right? Bring back memories of your lemonade-selling childhood with this drink.

12. Leg of Lamb

If you’re planning on going a little fancier on your summer party, indulge in one of these buttery, juicy dish.

13. Raspberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

You can’t not have a dessert on that table. This cheesecake and cupcake hybrid is the only thing lacking from your buffet.

Summer Sale And Party Ticket

Summer Pool Party Ticket Invitation Design Example

Sending Out Party Invitations

First of all, it can’t be a party without guests. And if you were planning to simply send a casual text to those you plan to invite, it’s time to change your mind right now. Where is the style in that? Where is the manners? Invite your guests the right way by sending out attractive invitations beforehand.

It’s summer. They may have plans already. So it will be best to send out RSVPs to make sure someone actually shows up on the day. (You can’t RSVP through text. That is not a commitment.) Once you’ve prepared the setting, the games, and the food, all you will have to set out to do is to prepare general invitations to let people know that you are hosting a summer party, and they are invited!

Summer Party Ticket Design Example

Seaside Festival Event Ticket

To make this part of your job easier for you, we’ve posted sample ticket templates you can download, personalize, and send to your guests. Make this your best summer yet by celebrating it with the best people you know.

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