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Ever so often, we see flyers being utilized to promote or endorse an entity’s products and services. Print marketing is a common marketing strategy that most businesses utilize to appeal to the public. While our mind may be nailed to this idea, we sometimes forget that flyers can also be used as a way to inform people of certain programs, events, activities, and gatherings, including those organized by the church.

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Church Programs, Events, and Activities (That Need Flyers)

A church is not just an establishment or a building where people gather together to worship, sing songs of praise, and discuss about the Bible; rather, a church is a community where people grow together and mature in their spiritual journey, all while nurturing each other as a family and as a peer. You may also see christmas flyers.

In order to keep the said ‘family’ productive and fruitful, churches organize activities and events to strengthen the bond between its members. Truly, church events are a great way to bring your community together. You may also see movie night flyers.

Here are several church activities and events in which the community can participate in:

1. Themed Dinner

Themed dinners are a great activity to hold as a church. Fortunately, there are numerous holidays, events, and celebrations that you can theme the meals after: Christmas, New Year, Summer, Vegan, Fall Harvest, beach bonfire, and many others. This event will get you acquainted with newcomers and allow you to bond with existing members of the group. The time spent together while devouring a variety of scrumptious meals is an excellent way to promote fellowship in the church. You may also see advertising flyers.

2. Board Game Night

There are also nights where you just want to sit and relax with your church mates. So why not spend time playing board games that encourage cooperation and teamwork? This does not require you much energy to start with, but just a little analytical skills to execute. In this activity, you will get to practice not only your intellectual skills, but also the way you socialize with other church members through the game. You may also see marketing flyers.

3. Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts can be a good idea for a church activity, too. You never know, some members might have exceptional skills in arts, or you may just discover a potential artist among your fellow members. Aside from the fun you share doing arts and crafts together, maybe you’ll end up finding someone who is creative enough to design or decorate your church for certain events. You may also see invitation flyers.

4. Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting is an exciting activity that is sure to get church members on their feet. This would be even more appealing if you offer a little prize or consolation to those who participate in the game. While you can opt for simple mechanics that involve individual competitors, group activities are a lot more fun than solo activities, as it allows team members to enhance and practice camaraderie within the group. Consider this as a team building activity that can help bring a group together to create a special bond as one body of the church. You may also see event flyers.

5. Ladies’ Night Out

There are also nights intended for the ladies to gather and have fun at a local restaurant and maybe catch a good movie together. This serves as a night to unwind from the frantic and hectic schedules that we’re forced to face everyday. Since women have been an unfortunate part of society’s minority group only a few decades ago, a night like this promotes freedom and equality in the best sense. In fact, you don’t have to break the bank to make this night possible, as there are many ways to make a woman feel empowered as an important member of the church. You may also see fitness flyers.

6. Monthly Youth Luncheon

Your church can also organize a luncheon where members can gather for delicious food and fellowship. To make the preparation more enjoyable for everyone, you can let church volunteers prepare the food together, along with the set-up of the venue, instead of hiring a catering service to do the job. A good luncheon does need to cost the church its funds, either, as members of the church can simply gather at a given venue to enjoy a series of homemade meals together. Keep in mind that simplicity isn’t all that bad as long as you’re surrounded by the right company. You may also see photography flyers.

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Church Programs, Events, and Activities (That Need Flyers)

7. Youth Jam

It is irrefutable that most youths want to jam and do praise and worship together with their peers. But their kind of praise and worship is somewhat different from those of the older groups, where songs are mostly contemporary, hymnal, and mellow in nature. In today’s generation, popular Christian songs are performed through various genres, such as pop, punk, pop punk, rock, alternative, alternative rock, country, and EDM or electronic dance music as heard in songs by notable singers and bands such as Hillsong, Newsboys, Kutless, Tenth Avenue North, Owl City, Switchfoot, and mental bands such as Skillet, Stryper, and Lightforce. This event helps gather the youth together and strengthen their bond as members of the same church. You may also see party flyers.

8. Easter Egg Hunt

You can also hold an Easter Egg Hunt over Easter Sunday. Not only can this activity add entertainment to the season of Lent, but it can also be a form of fellowship and familiarity among members. You don’t always get to spend time with the people in your church, so savor and seize the moment together while it lasts. You may also see charity flyers.

9. Vacation Bible School

This is a kind of religious learning activity hosted by church volunteers and teachers which focuses on educating children especially during summer. Vacation Bible School is usually a week-long activity, although it may often vary according to the topic discussed and the age range of the students who are participating in the said activity. They can also be held at other times of the year, depending on the availability of both the teacher and the student. There are also different activities in Vacation Bible School that centers on the growth and maturity of a child. Allowing your child to engage in such activities will help them grow in their spiritual journey with the Almighty. You may also see restaurant flyers.

10. Sunday School

This Christian educational institution caters children and youth in which they will be taught lessons from the Bible as well as those that may be practiced in their lives. There are also activities that can hone their physical abilities as well as their mental and critical thinking. Not only will they get to socialize with other children, but you may also learn something new from the scripture. You may also see travel flyers.

Other communities hold their Sabbath Schools on Saturdays such as the Seventh-Day Adventists, Seventh-Day Baptists, and many others. Regardless of when or how the Sabbath day is celebrated, an important thing to consider are the things you gained from attending the school and whether this brings you fun and satisfaction. You may also see business flyers.

11. Church Concert

Church concerts are also a way to gather people together, where they can praise and worship, and have a good time in their fellowship with other church members. You can have concerts for a cause, too, especially if your church is hosting a charity event where proceeds or a certain portion of the proceeds will be donated to a certain cause. Some of the proceeds may also go to the said church, considering how they may also require funds to support their operational expenses. You may also see minimal flyers.

12. Worship Night

Worship night is perfect for members who wish to spend the night giving praises and thanks together as a spiritual family. The entire night is spent to worship the Lord, featuring performances from members of the same church. This simple act of exalting, glorifying, and adoring the Creator for all the magnificent things He has created for us is certainly a life-changing experience for many individuals. Songs of praises and short testimonials can also be incorporated into the event to add diversity. You may also see multipurpose flyers.

Quick Recap

Flyers are not only used for marketing a business, but for promoting church-centered activities and events as well. They serve as a tool for advertising such events to either build awareness or disseminate significant information. There are a lot of programs, activities, and events that call for a flyer, including those mentioned in this article and a lot more. The success of these activities may be impossible to achieve without the support from its respective audience, hence the need for a promotional material in the form of a flyer. You may also see vintage flyers.

Hopefully, we have catered to your church flyer needs through the examples posted. These examples can help you get started with the flyer design process for efficient and effective advertising.

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