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Whether you are going to follow the traditional way or send it electronically, your newsletter is among the important mediums of communication of your church. It is through the use of a newsletter examples that you would be able to convey the important messages of your church that its members, which primarily consist of the congregation, staff, and the community, must be aware of in order for them to give their full participation.

Church Newsletter Examples & Templates

This is why it is important that the creation of a church newsletter must be carefully managed, well thought out, and thoroughly checked so that it will enable you to print a newsletter that is not only attractive and interesting but it also contains accurate details.

1. Church Newsletter Template Example

church newsletter template
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Size: 600 Width Layout


2. Children’s Church Example Newsletter Template

childrens church newsletter template
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Size: 600 Width Layout


3. Church Summer Camp Newsletter Template

church summer camp newsletter template
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Size: 600 Width Layout


4. Community Church Newsletter Template Example

community church newsletter template
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Size: 600 Width Layout


5. Basic Church Newsletter

basic church newsletter


If it is still your first time creating a newsletter for your church, it is best if you will keep things basic. Do not be afraid to stick and play what is safe because you might commit a lot of mistakes if you will attempt any modifications. With that, we have provided a basic church newsletter example that you can make use of for when you will start creating your very first church newsletter.

6. Bible Fellowship Church Newsletter

bible fellowship church newsletter


If you belong to a Bible Fellowship Church, here is a church newsletter that you can get inspiration from for when you will be assigned to design your church’s newsletter. As you can notice in the given example above, the newsletter contains the important elements of what makes up a reliable newsletter such as the schedule of the church’s service times, missions, and other elements that consists of the details of the church’s activities within a certain time period.

7. Black-and-White Church Newsletter

black and white church newsletter


Printing a newsletter for your church can get costly especially if there are not enough funds for it. Sure, you can always opt to distribute it electronically through emails, but if you have church members who prefer a tangible newsletter, it is best to print it rather than put your efforts in creating one to waste. You can always look for cheaper ways on how you can lessen your costs such as this black-and-white newsletter example. Black ink does not really cost that much and there are a variety of cheap but quality paper products that can help you in coming up with a church newsletter even if you are under a budget.

8. Christmas Catholic Church Newsletter

christmas catholic church newsletter


One of the best times when your church should publish a newsletter is during the Christmas season. Aside from extending the Christmas greetings of your church to its members, you can also include a heartfelt message from the head of your church to be directly addressed to the community it serves. Aside from that, you can also include some Christmas-exclusive content such as Christmas outreach activities, Christmas stories and scriptures, and list of scheduled Christmas activities.

9. Lenten Catholic Church Newsletter

lenten catholic church newsletter


The Lenten season is considered as part of the spiritual preparation before Easter Sunday. To make the members of your church become more aware of what Lent is all about, you can make use of a church newsletter where you can incorporate contents that will enable you to do so. Among such contents are informative articles where you can expound more on what Lent is all about. Aside from that, you can also incorporate it within the message of the head of your church, highlights in history, and even through relevant images.

10. Simple Church Newsletter

simple church newsletter


The use of a church newsletter is the best way for the church to communicate with its members. But there is always the possibility of miscommunication most especially if the contents of the newsletter are all over the place. With that, it is important to consider to keep things as simple as possible such as the given simple church newsletter example above that looks really clean and orderly that it can surely pave way for proper and clear communication to come in. Plus, with its simple but effective graphic design, this simple newsletter design still managed to create an output that does not sacrifice creativity despite its simplicity.

11. Standard Church Newsletter

standard church newsletter


A standard church newsletter mainly contains the standard contents or elements of what a church newsletter must have, namely the nameplate, the relevant news of the church within a certain time period (usually within one to two months), the message from the head of the church, topics to get inspiration from, scripture of the month, relevant images, church-wide announcements, and, of course, up-to-date contact information of the church that the community can easily reach.

12. Winter and Spring Church Newsletter

winter and spring church newsletter


For your winter and spring issue, here is a church newsletter example where you can get useful ideas on how you can come up with your own newsletter for your church. If you publish one newsletter that is good for two seasons, it is important that you should cover all the activities that happened within those two seasons too. This means that you have to make sure that your layout will fit the bigger number of items that you have to include in such kind of newsletter.

13. World Mission Sunday Church Newsletter

world mission sunday church newsletter


It is best to provide a report on the list of activities that happened during one of your church’s missions so that the rest of the church community will be able to learn about the contributions of the church to the community that it serves. With that, here is an example of a church newsletter that you can get layout ideas from for when you will be designing a newsletter for the church that you belong in.

14. Youth Group Church Newsletter

youth group church newsletter


If you belong to the active youth members of your church, here is a church newsletter example that you can make in order for you to entice the attention of the youth. One of the best things you can include in such kind of a newsletter is the future events of the church that is specially made to the youth. It is in this way that you will be able to get their interest and attention so you’ll be able to get more participants than usual.

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