15 Concert Ticket Examples

To some, a concert ticket is nothing more than a piece of document used to grant entry to a particular event. But to others, it can be so much more. It can serve as a souvenir for an unforgettable day or even a marketing tool used to effectively promote an event. A ticket design is capable of building thrill and excitement among concert-goers, allowing them to look forward to something that is yet to occur.

However, designing a concert ticket isn’t as simple as it seems. The common misconception about a ticket is that it is no longer valuable once used, but little do people know how a ticket design may actually leave a lasting impression, specifically for events that are held on an annual basis. This is why it is important for concert organizers to think of a creative way to appeal to their audience through an eye-catching event ticket design. After all, a ticket may reflect the overall essence of the event itself. So if you do settle for a poorly crafted ticket design, then you can only expect people to think negatively towards your event.

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Reggae Jazz Concert Ticket

The Purpose of Tickets

Tickets come in different forms yet they all serve a similar purpose. While most of us perceive tickets solely as a medium for admission to a specific venue or event, tickets are also essential for other reasons.

Form of Entry

Concerts, conventions, parties, and other special occasions typically require guests and visitors to use their tickets as a form of entry. These events are usually paid for, where the profit made from these tickets go towards the organizers and performers of the said event. Without these tickets, it would be difficult for organizers to monitor and control the number of people that come to the event, which is essential for venues that can only hold a certain capacity. Apart from crowd control, tickets are necessary for privacy and security purposes as well. Some event tickets are made exclusive to a specific group of people, where these individuals are considered to be the eligible ticket-holders. This is to avoid any party-crashers from coming through. For high-profile events, such as award shows and political dinners, an invitation ticket is required to protect every individual present at the event, especially with the presence of respected world leaders and powerful business tycoons.


Social media has become a common marketing platform for a lot of companies. So it’s not unusual to find tickets being sold online, where the ticket itself functions as the promotional material to entice potential buyers. These tickets are usually designed so vibrantly for people to take notice. Designing a ticket serves as a creative way for companies to build a connection with their target audience.

Similar to event flyers and advertising posters, a ticket can serve as an effective marketing tool. For one, it gives potential event-goers a glimpse of what’s in store for them. You can find artworks of beach volleyballs and liquor gracing the layout of a summer party ticket, giving us an idea of what’s to come. This then adds to the hype, creating a level of excitement that’s enough to entice a crowd. Like any other advertising medium, the ticket should be just as attractive as it is informative. It must remain well-detailed enough for people to grasp. It’s also important for organizers to focus on the overall look and feel of the ticket design, as this can greatly affect a person’s perception. Once this is done, the ticket is then released to the public to see. People sometimes make assumptions regarding an event based on the type of tickets they sell, as this reflects the hard work and creativity of the people behind it. If your ticket design garners the attention it needs to sell an event, then you must be doing it right.


Are you guilty of keeping tickets to a concert or sports game, even after it has already served its purpose? If you do, then you might find this part quite relatable.

For the friendships made and the memories you’ll never forget, you’d want to remember a particular moment in life in any way you can. For most people, a ticket serves as an excellent memento. It’s a reminder of an event that once happened at a specific time and place. It can give you flashbacks of all the laughs and tears shared that day. Organizers will also notice the evolution of their ticket design, like how much has changed since they first entered the industry. A trip down memory lane can give anyone a nostalgic feeling that’ll definitely leave them smiling for hours. Tickets can hold a sentimental value for a lot of people to treasure, and it could be something fun to look back at in the years to come.

Harvest Festival Concert Ticket

Clean Concert Event Ticket

Blue Concert Ticket

Concert Pass Party Ticket

Rock & Roll Concert Ticket

Concert Tickets in Today’s World

Have you ever been to a concert? Whether it’s by a famous pop group at Madison Square Garden or some Christmas musical at your school auditorium?

Concert production is considered to be one of the fastest earning industries in the modern world. With famous acts like Taylor Swift and Madonna, it’s not hard to figure out why. People turn to music to escape their worries. And because nothing can compare to the experience of seeing and hearing your favorite artists live, tickets are bound to sell like crazy. However, the rise of ticket prices has become a major concern to most concert-goers. It’s just a piece of paper, right?

Well, ticket production cost is only the least of your worries. There are a lot of factors that can greatly affect ticket prices, such as venue bookings, hotel, and transport, as well as the demands set by the artist and management team. Ticket prices may also depend on the influential factor of the artist in the music industry, where concert tickets to see an underground indie band can be way cheaper than that of a popular rock band. That being said, it would only make sense to craft a ticket design that’s worth keeping. After all, a poorly-designed concert ticket gives no justice for the money spent to purchase it.

These days, concert tickets can come in various mediums. Back then, tickets were printed on a special type of paper. But thanks to the advancement of technology, tickets can now be presented digitally or through an electronic card. Another issue surrounding concert tickets is the circulation of fake copies, which are often sold by scammers and internet trolls. Because of this, concert tickets are carefully marked with barcodes to prove its authenticity. Organizers have also partnered with reliable ticket-selling companies to assure buyers. When it comes to special events, a good concert ticket design is a significant factor that both event organizers and concert-goers must pay attention to.

Rock Fest Concert Ticket

Concert Pass Ticket

Royal Concert Ticket

Grungy Rock Concert Ticket

Musical Concert Ticket

Creative Tips for Better Ticket Design

While it may sound crazy to you, you’d be surprised how a good ticket design can actually make an impact on your audience. The ticket isn’t meant to dish out all the surprises organizers and producers have planned, but it does create a level of a mystery that can make anyone feel excited about. Apart from making an aesthetically pleasing ticket design, see to it that every other element stays true to the ticket’s intended purpose.

In order to attain successful corporate branding for your company or organization, you need to make sure that the content and format of your ticket design is done accordingly. Aside from including a logo design, there are other creative techniques that must be incorporated into your ticket design. The following list consists of a few tips and tricks on how you can achieve the perfect ticket design:

  • Study your target audience. When developing a ticket design, you need to make sure your audience can relate to it. Understand what the ticket is for and who may benefit from it, as this can help you determine its layout design. For instance, the color pattern for a jazz concert would lean towards a cooler tone. Naturally, using design elements that relate to jazz music can give viewers a clear idea of what to expect. A typeface is another element that should be focused on as well. You need to use fonts that remain readable even from a good distance. Take note that everything about your ticket design should be relevant to the message you want to convey.
  • Provide the necessary details. A ticket must always contain useful information that both the holder and the producer can benefit from. Whatever is printed on the ticket could be regarding its value, the time and venue, sponsorship details, and other terms and conditions. Any additional information and reminders that the holder must know about should also be included. This should be made visible enough for the holder to understand in order to avoid any possible conflict that may arise.
  • Be concise with your content. Sometimes, the general information included in a ticket may not be sufficient for the average person to grasp. This is why it is important to develop a well-detailed content. If you’re holding an event at a location that not a lot of people are familiar with, then you might want to insert a small map to direct event-goers accordingly. Instructions must be stated as clearly as possible for ticket-holders to understand, so make sure to use simple language for this.
  • Select a proper size. As mentioned before, a ticket comes in different forms. Since tickets are meant to be handy enough to carry around, it’s important to consider the best size option for you. This may be determined based on the information you plan to include, along with the general purpose of the ticket itself. For example, physical tickets for a carnival do not require much information on it, considering how they are used directly after being purchased. Knowing this, you can settle for a smaller sized ticket design. As for a concert ticket to see a well-known pop singer, you can expect this type of ticket design to be printed on a much larger material.
  • Keep it simple, yet unique. Simplicity is a significant factor to keep in mind when designing a ticket. Uniqueness, on the other hand, is the perfect weapon for strong branding. For one thing, a cluttered design can send the wrong message. Holders may find it difficult to find the information they are looking for due to all the distractions. As much as you want to craft a ticket that stands out, you still need to find the right balance between a captivating and a subtle design. It must bear a design that can differentiate the brand from its competitors. Keep in mind that a creative ticket design is one that can appeal to its target audience.
  • Use the right tools. As a designer, you’re well aware of how an editing tool may affect the process and outcome of your works. With this mind, make sure you use a tool that is reliable and easy to work with. Not only can this save you the time and effort from learning how to use a new application, but this can also guarantee high-quality results every time. Adobe Illustrator would be a common choice for this, but you may also opt for other online ticket generators to do the job.

When in the process of designing a concert ticket, you can always use a sample or template for reference. You can also use it as the perfect alternative to giving you a head start. What matters most is that you stay fully aware of the essential design elements that make up a good ticket design to make sure it receives the desired impact. Remember, a ticket design that deserves a second look is a ticket worth keeping.

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