14+ Concert Poster Designs and Examples – PSD, AI

Wondering what could be one of the best ways in order to promote a concert? Through concert posters, of course! Concert posters are an effective marketing tool if your event management company is to hold a concert event.

It is effective because it does not only show– it also tells. If you are looking for an inspiration for your concert poster design, we have fifteen concert poster design examples you can get ideas from.

10 Concert Poster Designing and Posting Tips

When you create a poster for an upcoming concert event, do not just create an ordinary poster but you have to create a statement of that poster. Meaning, do not only settle for the appearance of your concert poster but you should also keep in mind the substance or the quality of your concert poster. You may also see examples of advertising poster design.

Aside from the aforementioned tip, we have included ten more tips below that can help you in coming up with a poster for a concert event that you are organizing:

1. Have a template that goes with the band style.

Base your design on the genre style of the performing band. For example, the band’s style is rock; make sure your concert poster design template is something that speaks about rock. Also, to convey that it is indeed a concert event, most designers would include silhouettes of the audience but this is totally optional. The design elements solely depend on you and how you interpret the concert event. You may also like examples of poster design.

2. The use of black background is something worth considering.

It is true that bright colors can definitely earn your eyes looking at your concert poster, you might also want to consider having a black background for your concert poster. Concert posters that have black backgrounds would tend to look sleek and even professional-looking. Concert posters are also used as a set-up during the event and with the black background, the colorful lights would reflect and look so good on a black poster than on a white one. You may also check out event poster designs & examples.

3. Choose the correct background image wisely

The background image of your concert poster can make or break the entire look and feel of your poster. Always keep in mind that your poor or great choice of images used for you concert poster can impact its overall look so you have to be careful. You may have seen concert poster templates, whether across the internet or even concert posters stuck on the walls of its venue, that have a lot of design elements to the point that it looks too cluttered and overwhelming to the eye. You might be interested in scientific poster designs and examples.

Make sure you avoid such common mistake by just using one large image that can definitely command attention from your target audience.

Charity Concert Poster Example

Foo Fighters Concert Poster Example

Christmas Concert Poster Example

4. Always include the important details

Never forget to include the most important details related to the concert event like the like date, time, place, and the entrance fee or the ticket prices. However, do not overwhelm your concert poster design with too many details because it can be sore to the eyes of your target audience. Instead, observe the hierarchy of text in a common poster design which goes like this:

  • The Headline: The headline is the largest text in the hierarchy and is also considered as the main text of your concert poster. You may also like easter poster template examples.
  • The Details or Key Information: This part, even though this is not the largest part of the text hierarchy of your poster, is very important because this answers the basic questions that would run in the minds of the readers of our posters after having read the headline. It usually answers the question what, where, and when. You may also see poster billboard designs & examples.
  • The Fine Print: While this text is commonly found on movie posters, you can also have this on your concert poster especially if thee are some details you want to include that may or may not be important but someone has asked you to include it on your concert poster.

5. Do not forget to include your social media information and presence

Including information regarding your social media presence is another way of increasing the attention and the hype of the upcoming concert event. We all know that most of us already have social media accounts that is why you should also take advantage of that.

You could also post your concert poster on your social media page as a way of advertising your concert event. Even if having tangible concert posters are timeless, it would not be harmful to you to adapt to the digital world where you could get more audience. It might mean additional work but it will definitely be worth it in the end. You may also like examples of billboard designs & examples.

Who knows, someone who is overseas may not be able to see a tangible version of your concert poster but because you have a digital format of your concert poster, you might gain a big group of audience who comes all the way from the different side of the word just to witness the concert that you are organizing. You may also see examples of minimal billboard advertising.

6. Consider giving incentives and deals

No one can resist receiving an incentive or snagging deal that is why that is also something you should be taking advantage of this. When you are pre-selling the ticket of your event, you could incorporate some kind of a deal on your concert poster. This could definitely grab the attention of your target audience.

You also have incentives like giving out autographed items, limited items, and one-of-a-kind merchandise as an incentive to those who would be availing of the early bird registration or those who will be purchasin the tickets earlier than the official scheduled period of selling the tickets.  You may also check out food billboard designs & examples.

7. Give back

There are already a lot of concerts in which its proceeds goes to their chosen charity. You can take advantage of concert like this because there are a lot of individuals out there who are willing to help a charity and they are willing to help in any way that they could. You could include in your concert poster the fact that the profits you get from the concert will go to a charity or a beneficiary and this will definitely gain a lot of positive attention and feedback. You may also see outdoor billboard designs & examples.

Grunge Concert Poster Example

Electro Concert Poster Example

Indie Concert Poster Example

Nirvana Concert Poster Example

8. Take advantage of holidays

Who does not love gimmicks? By making use of holidays as one way of creating a gimmick that can surely attract more audience to your concert event.

If you are to hold a concert that makes use of holidays as a gimmick, such as Easter, Halloween or Christmas, make sure that you would include that in your concert poster because aside from the fact that this could also make your concert poster attention-grabbing, it would also help in informing the people who are already planning to attend the event especially the information of what to wear during the concert event. You may also see examples of vintage poster design.

9. Consider the placement of your concert poster

The placement of your concert posters matters because even if your concert poster is well-designed, it would still be of no worth if you will place it at the worst places where you would not be attracting customers. Make sure that you would not only stick your concert posters at random public places because not all public places are effective for you to attract attendees to your concert event. You may also like birthday poster designs and examples.

10. Always include a call to action

Forgetting your contact information on your concert poster defeats the purpose of you wanting to attract attendees.

Mass Choir Concert Poster Example

Rocklive Music Concert Poster Example

Rock Concert Poster Example

The Killers Retro Concert Poster Example

Worship Concert Poster Example

The Rolling Stones Concert Poster Example

Worship Concert Poster Example

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Ultimate Vintage Poster Bundle Example

We hope you were able to rock your concert poster with the help of all the concert poster inspirations that we have uploaded provided here for you on this article.

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