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A disc jockey, or popularly known as “DJ” are the ones who start the party and gives great music to everyone. From electronic dance music to jazz songs, DJs are masters of setting the right mood for the right occasion.

Being a disc jockey is no easy feat; it’s a real talent and passion for music. If you think you have what it takes to become one, find out what type of disc jockey you want to be; it doesn’t limit to just playing songs on a turntable in a dance party; and take note of the tips you will need to make it big. You may also see real estate business card designs & examples.

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DJ Business Card Template

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Modern DJ Business Card Template

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Music Producer Business Card

Nightclub DJ Business Card

A lot of DJs who are just starting out; mostly gigging in local clubs also produce their own original music and remixes available on SoundCloud or Youtube. They may also play at weddings for extra cash. Some famous music producers gets their own radio show on a station or some who are totally fortunate will go on  international club tours and are a sensation in super clubs. Some DJs often end up playing in nightclubs or producing remixes. You may also like examples of makeup artist business cards.

The job and nature of the work of a DJ varies and there are five main categories of DJs. Below are the most common categories of DJs that we usually find:

1.The Restaurant/Lounge DJ

This type of DJ is meant to be committed on staying in the background as they provide a seamless backdrop of music for people to enjoy. Unlike the club or bar DJs, they are more focused to set the right mood and atmosphere through the music they play.

Also unlike in concerts, the music isn’t the main reason why people go to restaurants or lounges to chill, they want to enjoy food and conversation with strangers, so if you’re thinking you want to try your jockeying skills in a restaurant or lounge, you will need to be more subtle in your musical choices. Focus on the music that gives a relaxing, calm, or sexy mood and tone. Keep in mind that the game here is mood, tone, and style. You may also check out creative business card designs and examples.

2. Club DJ

If you want a livelier vibe, why not try to be a nightclub/bar DJ? The perks of this job are that they usually open for international acts. How cool is that? Another perk is that club DJs often host parties at various venues for people who want to dance to a specific type of music (It could be EDM, rock, disco, etc.) Some of the more established club DJs have several nightclubs where they usually perform regularly. Club DJs usually play other people’s music. You might be interested in music business card examples.

If you want to start training yourself to become a club DJ is you need some basic skills required to be this type of DJ is ti master the beat and pitch and then matching two songs to seamlessly move from song to song. This is to avoid some dead air moment when you switch to another song.

Did you also notice that club DJs wear big headphones over one ear, while doing some mixes? This is because they are matching the tempo of the songs being played live to the one they’re trying to bring in. Not an easy task, but with practice and dedication, you can definitely bring the house down with your cool beats. You may also see modern business card designs and examples.

Like the restaurant/lounge DJs, bar or dance club DJs are not the center of attention as they only provide a soundtrack for people to dance to.

Tape Cassette DJ Business Card

Mixmaster DJ Business Card Design

3. Mobile DJs

If you like travelling and getting to meet more people, why not try to be a mobile DJ? This type of DJ travel far and wide to produce a soundtrack for weddings, corporate parties, school dances and other private events and parties. Mobile DJs are the most approachable DJs; they engage in conversation with the guests of the events and (fortunately for guests) they usually take requests.  This type of DJ is the best way to start out since you can make more money as your gigs are more stable. You may also see examples of catering business cards.

4. Festival/Concert DJ

Avicii, Marshmello, The Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix, Diplo, Zedd, Tiesto, Skrillex, and Calvin Harris are the best examples of festival or concert DJs. These types of DJs are well known since the DJ is at the focal point of this type of performance. You see them in concerts and festivals standing onstage, pumping their fist, and jumping about. If you want to make it big in the DJ industry, this is the end goal. You may also like minimal business card designs and examples.

Unlike the other types of DJs, they create their own music and release albums of original compositions. They also usually collaborate with other musicians and singers too. Some of them rely on sampling songs. If you’re a DJ who loves to produce your own beats, this job is for you.

Audio Engineer and Producer DJ Business Card Design

Turntablist and Producer DJ Business Card

Nightclub DJ Business Card Design

5. Music Producer

Similar to the festival/concert DJs, music producers are musicians that make music out of different sounds and instruments and put them all together electronically. However, unlike the concert DJs, music producers compose the original music DJs/singers/musicians play. The role of a music producer is to help an artist record an album or song and produce them, or produce music for themselves, or remix other artists’ tracks. You may also see fashion business cards.

The professionals have their recording studio to their magic but since you are still starting, you can download some music pads for remixes on your laptop and some music equipment. This will help you train yourself and produce your own sound creatively.

6. Radio DJ

If you prefer to be heard on radio and not necessarily seen by people, a radio DJ works at a radio station as a host, mixer or part of the programming staff. There are lots of radio stations so this field gets competitive at times. These days, radio DJs host podcasts, or work in satellite radio. Some radio DJs are just announcers who talk in between songs. Others play live sets for the entire city or two. You may also like business card samples.

If you want to get into this job, your challenge is to be able to give insight on new music and be knowledgeable not only about the most popular songs of the moment (think of the Top 40 songs in simple billboard), but to also know a lot of genres of music such as rock, jazz, folk, country, etc. and songs from past decades to please the radio crowd, depending on what the radio station’s target audience.

7. Turntablist

Have you seen those DJs on events that have lots of music equipment but what stand out most is the turntable they control to create beats and music? They are called turntablists or also widely known as scratch DJs or controllerists. Turntablists do actual live remixes using turntables, mixer, headphones, samples and special effects.

Being a turntablist is no easy feat, being one can be real complicated, so if you want to be a turntablist you need to have utmost dedication and discipline to practice maneuvering the equipment that will be used. Scratching alone requires a specific skill that involved controlled hand and wrist motion that takes years of practice to perfect. You may also check out web designer business card designs and examples.

Oftentimes, turntablists produce videos of the routines of their best moves, and enter in tournaments. You may not be a mainstream popular DJ if you get into this area, but you’ll receive a lot of recognition and respect from the DJ scene.

The great thing about this industry is you need to limit yourself into one category. You could be a club DJ and radio DJ and that is totally fine.

People chose to become a DJ for various, different reasons; it is their passion, some just want to get some cash, some want to get exposure, some want to have a good time, some make this as a hobby, some want to express themselves, some want to meet people, some want to get recognition, but whatever the reason is that you want to be a DJ, decide what you’re decide what you’re passionate about and start working. You might be interested in artist business card designs and examples.

Modern DJ Business Card

DJ Sound Business Card

Awesome tips to become a successful DJ

Most successful DJs are often looked up by novices and starting DJs who opt to make it big someday by finding inspirations to them. Most of the masters have given lots of advice to these people and most of their advice are boiled down into the following advice below:

1. Do it for the music

Being a DJ is no easy task. It’s not only trying to be cool and awesome, there’s hard work beneath the fantastic beats. If you really want to get anywhere as a DJ is to make sure your entire practice is about the music you want to share with others. It’s all about the music, not you.

Passion is what drives people to dedicate their lives into mastering an art, and so, if you think music is for you, then go and do it. There’s nothing better than doing what you love and be able to share your talents to people and delight them in the music you are giving them. Believe it or not, this is what’s gonna make you stand out and make an impression on the dancefloor. You may also see clean business card designs and examples.

2. Go toward what you’re drawn to

Everybody has their own preference in music and as a DJ, it’s important to determine what type of music turns you on. Find out what sounds you are drawn to and follow that. This is especially helpful when you try to collect music.

Don’t mind about what other people want to hear, remember, you are the master of the music in this area and anyway, there is a lot of space for diversity of sounds in the dance music world. If you’re vibes are true blue ’80s hip-house, 0r late 70s discotheque sound, then focus deeply into that and make a name for yourself.  There is totally an endless amount of great music to explore, follow your vibes, and you will truly love the music you play. You may also like corporate business card designs and examples

3. Try not to get hung up on mistakes

Oftentimes when people are so focused in their work and want it to be perfect and be bereft of mistakes, they are usually hard on themselves when they commit mistakes. It’s important to remember that no human being is perfect and people all commit mistakes. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you mess up in your work. You may also check out designer business card designs and examples.

Instead, work it out and practice. Sometimes, when you think you’ve made some obvious errors, no one will notice or no one cares, so don’t be too obvious you’ve made a mistake. Don’t take yourself too seriously and enjoy yourself.

4. Practice makes perfect

The only way that the pros are in their prime now is due to one thing. And that is practice, practice, practice. They practiced their craft for many years just to be an expert in their field. Nobody became a master DJ right away. It takes hard work to get to your goal. Don’t be a DJ that jumps straight on stage without honing their skills. Practice your craft as much as possible before you debut your killer DJ moves. You might be interested in how to design a personal business card.

Ipod Design DJ Business Card

Turntable DJ Business Card

5. Mix it up

One way to be an expert DJ is to make mixtapes as many as you can as possible. All you need to do is press record and drop a solid 20 minutes mix with no editing or pauses; just mix music on your mixer and turntables (or a software if you don’t have those equipment). Then get some feedback from your mates. You may also see graphic designer business card designs and examples.

6. Be professionally minded

No one likes a late DJ and underprepared to a gig. Act professional. Make sure you’re at every gig at least 10 minutes early – gauge the vibe of the crowd. Remember, when you already have a gig, be thankful for the coolest job you’ve been given.

Don’t rant out in social media, when things are not going well or accordingly to your way. If you can’t help yourself, remember, you’ll rarely see any high profile DJs complain on social media about the messy gig they had or any annoying people who are requesting songs. They are too busy creating their career and practicing their craft to seek some false validation from people they rarely know online. Avoid airing out any grievances online. Be a professional. People will respect you for that. 

7. Find some inspiration

Every artist always have their own idols to look up and serve as an inspiration and you too are no exception for that. Find some DJs you really like; find their mixes and listen to them. Figure out what you like, from mixing style to transitions. It’s good idea to know what you want to do, what works for you and what you don’t want to do as a DJ. Look up to your inspirations and learn from them. You may also like logo and business card designs and examples.

8. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

As a beginner, it’s totally normal to feel intimated to ask for help on how to get started on disc jockeying. However, it’s totally okay to ask for help. It’s normal. It’s okay to ask a friend who knows a DJ if they’re willing to let you borrow their decks for an hour of practice. If you dig deep into social media websites, there are groups designed to help and support DJs. Learn from them and someday, you too, can help those who are starting out. 

 Disc jockeying nowadays has become important in the modern music industry. With many events and parties that requires DJs, the world of disc jockeying has been a big boom in the industry.

Indie Music DJ Business Card

Music Producer Green Business Card

So, do you have what it takes to become the next big DJ? Then start out your career with these attractive yet affordable business cards.

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