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When you are organizing an event, it is a must that, apart from the marketing materials such as elegant flyers, elegant banners, elegant posters, and ads in the bulletin, you have to produce tickets as a gate pass to your event.

Event tickets are important to prevent intruders who did not purchase your ticket from entering the premises of your event. Through tickets, it is easier for you to account for the number of people who attended your event as well as the revenue that you will be getting from the event. Hence, your ticket will determine your sales—the reason why you must strive in order for all your tickets to be sold out.

Although not a requirement, your ticket must be presentable as this also bears the brand of your group or company. For examples of elegant event ticket designs, the next section provides you several examples that you may find useful.

Elegant Event Ticket Template

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Free BBQ Event Ticket Template

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Concert Event Ticket Template

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Simple and Elegant Event Ticket Example

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Incredible Tips to Market Your Ticket

Marketing the ticket for your event is a very important work that must be done with proper planning beforehand. The first thing that you must know and understood is your target market, the audience or the participants of your event, for if you do not clearly establish your target market, you may be selling your ticket to the wrong group of people. You may also see summer party ticket designs & examples.

For example, when you are organizing a tournament for an online game, you must see to it that the first group of people that you will be targeting are those that you believe are players of online games, and second are those that may or may not play but still an avid supporter of online games. In this way, you are directing your efforts to the right people. You may also like invitation ticket examples.

If you are not confident enough that your ticket would sell, below are some useful marketing tips that would surely help you get on the right track of selling your ticket.

1. Start Early

In selling your ticket, you must start as early as possible. You must begin a week or two before the date when you plan to begin selling your ticket. You may launch your elegant ticket by announcing two separate dates when the tickets will be going on sale such that the first will be an early bird special promo discount, which are exclusive to subscribers or customers with a membership, and the second date will be when tickets become available for everyone else, members or not, at retail price.

2. Sell the Next Event’s Ticket During the Current Event

If you are regularly holding an event, you can sell your next event’s ticket during the current event. Before your current event comes to a close, you can make the announcement for the launching of the ticket for the next event and you can also offer the ticket with a discount as a reward for attending the current event. You may also check out wedding invitation ticket examples.

Create a sense of urgency to the buyers by announcing that the discount is only in effect if they will purchase before the ticket before the end of the event.

3. Promote the Location

Promoting the location is also among the things that could attract the customers or the attendees of your event.

You can cite nearby attractions or notable landmarks worthy as a backdrop for a selfie. This is very appealing especially if your event includes attendees from other cities, states, or countries because there is a greater possibility that they might be interested in stopping by these locations or they want to explore more in the areas away from their own home. You might be interested in ticket invitation designs & examples.

Corporate Elegant Event Ticket Example


Printable Event Ticket Example

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Event Tickets Mock-Up

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Custom Event Concert Ticket Example


Customizable Event Ticket Example

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4. Include Incentive

Another effective marketing strategy that is proven effective in selling your tickets is rewarding incentive. For example, you may reward a special discount to those who can bring three or more friends, you may give one free ticket for those who come in a group of six, and many other perks that you can think out which involves your audience. This is effective since most people will on word-of-mouth marketing especially when it comes from those whom they knew so well.

5. Make Your Event Informative but Also Entertaining

When you are holding a seminar or workshop, the people that will be attending your event would most likely want to hear important knowledge from a guest lecturer or speaker where they can use and benefit in some areas in their lives.

Apart from the serious lecture, you might also include an after-party event such as karaoke hour, techno dance party, or a performance from notable or local performer such as a musician, a dancer, or a comedian. This will surely add to the excitement of the attendees of your event. You might be interested in concert ticket examples.

6. Create a Mini Event

Before your main event, just like the countdown for the Christmas day, you may also create some sort of countdown, where you include in each day a mini event that will help build up the excitement and anticipation of the attendees for the upcoming events.

For example, five days before the main event, you may have a live webinar; four days before, you can have online ticket giveaways; three days before you can post a blog featuring your speakers; two days before you can post a testimonial from the attendees of your previous event; and a day before the event, you can post a video teaser and a “see you there” message. Check out music event ticket examples.

7. Get Your Sponsors and Performers Involved

While you are busy getting your attendees involved in your marketing, you must also get your sponsors and performers involved too. Because they have already established a name in a certain field, they are of great influence to their fans. They surely have a lot of fans who would support them and who are willing to take part too and attend the event. You may also see halloween party retro ticket examples.

You sponsors too would surely want to help in marketing your event as they can benefit as well through the promotions of their brand.

8. Consider Different Ticket Options and Packages

You may also create different types of ticket, like a VIP event ticket, to accommodate a wide range of people. For example, if you are holding an event for many days, there are some people who cannot make it for the first or second day. You may offer a ticket for only several days for those who may not be able to show up for certain days.

But of course, those who would pay the whole package for all the days of the event will have the privilege of buying the ticket for a cheaper price.

Schedule Event Poster and Ticket Example

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Elegant Glitter Ticket Example

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Simple and Elegant Event Ticket Example

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Modern Elegant Event Ticket Example


Surprise Concert and Event Ticket Example

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Steps in Creating Your Own Event Tickets

You may already have your event banners, awesome flyers, and perfect posters, but have a carefully designed ticket will also help you boost your branding. You must also work well in designing your ticket as people can already make their first impression through your ticket. Make sure that the moment that the ticket is in their hands, they can immediately tell that it is from your group or company or organization. Make a ticket that represents your organization, embodying your personalities and characteristics.

Creating an event ticket can be made through this few simple steps:

1. Choose a Format

The first thing that you must decide when you are creating your own event ticket is the format of your ticket. You may choose a format where the stub is on the left, right, top, or bottom of the ticket.

Decide also on the size of the ticket as well as the shape that you want for your ticket. Choosing the right format will have a great visual impact to your potential attendees. Choose a format that you think is suitable for your event, and make sure that it goes well with the theme of your event. You may also see football tournament ticket examples.

2. Incorporate Designs

The next thing that you must do is to incorporate the designs to your ticket. When you decide for the format of your ticket, you can already think of some designs to be incorporated to your ticket. Put this into paper and make sure that this complements well to your event. You may also like blank festival ticket.

  • Have a theme for your layout. Having a theme will help you be more focused on what you are trying to achieve. Make sure that the theme is in accordance with the event that you are holding.
  • Choose the right font type. Font type will also play a great role in your design as this will affect the readability of your ticket. You may also check out bridal shower boarding pass ticket designs & examples.
  • Incorporate your branding. One of the most important features that you must not forget to incorporate in your ticket is your branding. Make sure that people will recognize you through your ticket.

3. Add the Necessary Information

Then, you must also add the necessary information of your ticket such as the following:

  • Event title
  • Date of the event
  • Venue and time
  • Ticket number
  • Best Logo
  • Tagline
  • Contact information
  • Amount
  • Seat number (if any)

4. Preview and Proofread

Before you complete your ticket design, make sure that you proofread them, ensuring that they are free from grammar and spelling mistakes. Recheck the dates, the time, and other numerical figures for you might have written a wrong date or time. Providing incorrect information might lead to failure of your prospects to attend your event. So make sure that there are no errors in these crucial information.

5. Choose a Paper

You must choose a paper that is suitable for your ticket. While you think that tickets will only be used once and are immediately disposable, choose a paper with a cheaper price but still has a good quality. Sometimes, when a paper is not that good, blotting in the ink will be visible and the color in your printing will be different from what you perceived. You may also see carnival event ticket examples.

6. Choose Your Desired Paper Finish

This might not be necessary, but if you want your ticket to be presentable and create an impact to the audience, choose a paper finish to complement with your paper. You have the option of choosing paper with matte finish while there are also those that prefer a gloss finish. You may also like vintage event ticket designs & examples.

7. Send to Print

Finally, look for printers who are known for their quality printing and send your design for print. Print in bulk as these printers will probably give you discounts when you are printing in bulk.

Event Tickets Mock-Up


Sparkly Elegant Event Ticket Example

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Customizable Elegant Event Ticket Example

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Elegant Wedding Invitation Movie Ticket Example

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Quick Recap

An event ticket is important as it is not only used as a gate pass for the participants but also serves as a record to account the sales of the event and represent the character of the organization or group. In order to maximize the revenue for your ticket, you must invest time in marketing your ticket. You may also see plane boarding ticket examples.

Always remember the important tips in marketing your tickets which are as follows: start early, sell the next event’s ticket during the current event, promote the location, include incentive, make your event informative but also entertaining, create a mini event, get your sponsors and performers involved, and lastly, consider different ticket options and packages. You may also like music event ticket designs & examples.

If you consider creating your own event ticket, you can follow the simple steps in creating a ticket as presented above which are as follows: choose a format; incorporate designs such as having a theme for your layout, choosing the right font type, and incorporating your branding; add the necessary information such as the event title, date of the event, venue and time, ticket number, modern logo, tagline, contact information, amount, and seat number; choose a paper and paper finish; and finally, send to print.

Lastly, don’t forget to refer to the examples of elegant event ticket presented above.

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