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The advancements in technology had enabled us to evolve, develop, and even improve the aspects of our lives and generally the way we live and what we do with our lives. One of the aspects that is heavily influenced by its advancement is the way we relay information. Before, we heavily use the print media in disseminating information, but because of the emergence of digital media and the internet, it has now changed. You may also be interested in these company magazine designs and examples. 

Among the print media that has adapted to the modern times is the magazine. Magazines are a kind of publication that contains various stories or articles, images, and even advertisements. Producing magazines can be quite costly because most publishers would publish it monthly, some weekly, and some would even release regularly. Since publishers have adapted to the changes, we now have what we call as e-magazines. You may also view these luxury lifestyle magazine examples.

In this article, we are going to acquaint you with e-magazines such as its definition, its benefits to publishers, and even how to create one. Aside from that, we have collected and compiled e-magazine examples that can help you not just to create your own but as well as to further understand e-magazines. You may also see these architecture magazine design examples.

What Is an E-magazine?

E-magazine, or e-zine, is short for the term “electronic magazine.” From the term itself, it is a kind of magazine that is not traditionally printed using paper materials but is published and distributed digitally. You may also check out these real estate magazine designs and examples.

The early use of this term goes way back when it was used to describe a new kind of a website that contains a mixture of content such as articles, images, and even commentary. This became a new information medium ever since then. You may also be interested with these interior design magazine examples.

There were some e-magazine publishers who saw this as an opportunity where they will be able to easily reach an audience even without direct contact since it is published and distributed electronically or digitally and, most especially, economically compared to the traditional print medium. The convenience of e-magazines made it for publishers to easily distribute information without having the need to shell out cash for printing.

However, even with the rise of e-magazines, it did not stop the publishing of the traditional print media since they have adapted to digital media by having an e-magazine counterpart, or what they call as an electronic edition, for their printed ones. You may also see these magazine cover design tips and examples.

New Year E-Magazine Example

Minimalist Fashion E-Magazine

Benefits of Creating an Online Magazine

We are currently in an era wherein we get to normally have technology advancements and developments pass us by as if we had never undergone an era where it never existed. There were a lot of things that completely and fully adapt to the advancements, there were some things that simply had digital counterparts as a counterpart to their non-digital. Like with the printed publication, some of it had gone fully digital while some just have digital counterparts to their printed, physical ones.

This does not mean that the digital publication has completely taken over and that the paper printed publication is already a thing of the past. But it cannot be denied that even the major publications across the world are already having digital versions or editions of their paper printed magazines. Now, you might ask, why would they adapt to it when they are already well-established? You see, digital publications have many benefits that the paper printed publication could not. With that, we have listed down the benefits of digital publishing and how it has helped the traditional publishing in more ways than one:

  1. Having a wide range of engaging and relevant content in order to attract more readers or an increase in traffic is, by far, one of the most common goals or objective of publications of any kind. And if you are going to adapt to digital publishing, you will be able to help you do this way easier.
  2. Aside from publishing stories, images, and commentaries, you can also incorporate videos into a digital magazine. Videos give more advantage to digital publishing compared to the conventional or traditional paper printed ones.
  3. In keeping your traffic consistent, you might want to accentuate subscriptions and you can easily do with digital magazines. With that, you will be able to gain an email list that can also be helpful if you have promotions that you can easily send through their emails.
  4. You will not gain money easily through digital publication but you will also be able to publish your issues easily because digital publication and distribution are way easier than the conventional way since you no longer have printing costs that can be quite pricey.
  5. Most online visitors would not really intentionally open their web resources with the sole purpose of buying something. However, when they do get entertained and even gain learnings from what they are going to see, chances are, they will end up purchasing something and you should take advantage of this.

Minimal E-Magazine Example

Black and White E-Magazine Example

Summer E-Magazine Example

Editable E-Magazine Example

How to Create an E-magazine

Creating an e-magazine is not rocket science, but it is fairly easy if you have experienced creating the conventional ones before.

In creating an e-magazine, there are a series of coordinated steps that you must follow so that you will be able to develop a finished product that is professional and well-organized. There are four major developments that you must undergo:

  • audience development
  • editorial development
  • advertising
  • design
  • launching

These major developments have a lot of steps under, so if you want to learn more, read further:

Developing your audience

First, you have to determine your target audience’s objective profile such as their age group, occupation, gender, race, marital status, parental status, affiliations, and even place of residence. Knowing this will help you later on especially in the further major developments in creating an e-magazine.

If you have already a solid base of readers from your existing conventional publication, you might already have an automatic list of whom you are going to market your e-magazine first before you are going to reach out for more.

You can even get a hold of your personal contacts who can fit to your preferred reader demographics and even solicit feedback, content suggestions, and even article ideas and desired editorial sections from them.

Editorial Development

This is the part where you are going to create editorial sections for your e-magazine. If you are going to create an e-magazine that is related to food and cooking, your editorial sections might consist of recipes, healthy eating tips, recipes, and even event ideas and what to cook during such events.

You are also to create an editorial calendar for your e-magazine where you are already going to plot the articles that you are going to write for each of the editorial sections you have determined earlier. Setting an editorial calendar can help you to sustain your e-magazine with a constant flow of content as well as prove to your potential advertisers and subscribers what your e-magazine can offer.

Men’s Fashion E-Magazine Example

Business E-Magazine Template Example


For the advertising, you must create a list of your potential advertisers for your e-magazine. If you are in need of ideas on what company you should contact, you may refer to your editorial calendar so that you will be able to determine what appropriate company you should contact that would fit your content. For example, you are going to publish a food-related e-magazine, your potential advertisers could be restaurants, caterers, and other services that can relate to food services.

If you already have a list of potential advertisers as well as their contact numbers, you can now contact them, get their feedback and decision whether they are interested in advertising in your e-magazine. You can even ask them for an advice of an editorial section as well as reader demographics that are according to their preference. And if they are interested to advertise, ask them what their offer is.

You should not rely on sales alone for your revenue—you must also get revenue through your advertisers. You can also give prices and pixel sizes for your banners and even implement a pay-per-click program. You can also make use of Google AdSense, Media.net, or AdBrite for additional advertisement.

To get your potential advertisers to sign up for you, create a sample issue of your e-magazines so that they may able to review and see how it can benefit them. You can even include sample advertisements so they will be able to see how their advertisements would look like when your e-magazine would already go live.


Create your own template for when you will already be creating the pages and the rest of the contents of your e-magazine. If you still have a hard time in creating your own e-magazine template, you may make use of a ready-made template, and you can find such in this very article that you are reading right now.

If you are already established with a conventional magazine, you may adapt every single element from it to your e-magazine and you may also note and create a whole new layout. You can start with headlines, advertisement placements, and page numbers. There are elements you must keep such as the number of columns of every page. Make sure that every single element is consistent because this is what makes your magazine cohesive.

When it comes to the presentation of your content in your e-magazine, ensure that you are going to use typography that is effective for the kind of e-magazine that you are going to launch. Keep your font styles to a maximum of at least three font styles. For headlines, make sure to use bigger fonts in order to have it distinguished from the content of the body.

Corporate E-Magazine Template


Before launching, you have to make sure first that you already have a list of the emails where you are going to promote the launching of your e-magazine to your potential advertisers, potential readers, and even the existing readers if ever you have already established a conventional magazine. You may also contact companies that you have similar target audiences with and ask them if they could sell or rent their list of subscribers. Once you have already completed your email list, send a blast of email to each email in the list to announce the release of the first issue of your e-magazine.

If you are planning on the long-term release of your e-magazine, things do not stop there because there are still a lot of things you need to keep up such the customers you have gained and their feedback toward your magazine as well as the contents you need to keep in your e-magazine as well as the things you may want to consider removing for it has not served your e-magazine well on its first release.

We hope that with the help of these steps and these e-magazine examples that you are able to create an e-magazine of your own.

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