10+ Interior Design Magazine Examples

When designing a magazine for interior design, you should know that there are a lot of things you need to consider from conceptualizing for the photo down to the putting together of all the contents on each of the pages. If you are looking for stylish, high-impact, and ready-made interior design examples, you are at the right article because we got you covered with these eleven interior design magazine examples. You may also want to read Interior Catalog Examples.

A4 US Letter Interior Magazine

Home Interior Design Magazine

Interior Design Lookbook Magazine

Interior Magazine Template

Mid-Century Interior Design Magazine

Minimal Interior Design Magazine

Minimalistic Interior Design Magazine

Modern Interior Design Magazine

Practical Householder Interior Design Magazine

Vintage Interior Design Magazine

Interior Magazine/Editorial Template

Tips for Designing Interior Design Magazines

Here are some tips that can guide you when you would be designing for an interior design magazine.

1. Leave no hesitation when designing the magazine cover

Even if you are to spend and pour so much time and effort on the inside pages of your interior design magazine, it would still be pointless if you will hesitate on making sure that your magazine cover would be attractive enough that a customer would buy or take a look at it on first glance.

Your magazine cover could actually make or break the success of your magazine. The magazine cover is the first thing that your potential readers would see and if you would decide to slack off on the conceptualization or the planning of your interior design magazine cover design, your sales will also be slacking off.  However, if you would actually plan for the magazine cover, you have to ensure that you will be planning for a magazine cover that would match the color and theme of the rest of the contents of your interior design magazine.

An attention-grabbing interior magazine cover is very important should you want to make sure that you want to sell well. However, your cover should not be over the top just so you will attract and grab attention from your potential readers such as having too much bright color or having too many colors that would be overwhelming to the eyes of your readers. You can always attract the right attraction from your prospective readers without being over the top and even though a subtle manner. You may also be interested in getting to know these Online Websites to Make Your Own Magazine Cover.

If you are to create a magazine that is related to interior design on your own, you may make use of the examples that we have here in this article.


2. Spend an ample amount of time to perfect the contents of your interior design magazine

There are a lot of things you need to consider when it comes to creating an interior design magazine this is why you should really exert time and effort in its creation. Here are just some of the things you need to consider in order to make sure that you will be able to perfect the creation of your interior design magazine:

  • Make use of custom illustrations along with the images of your interior design samples to make your pages dynamic. You may want to see examples of illustration design.
  • Be careful in choosing the right typography. Any wrong choice would result in having a bad overall look to your magazine. The right one will give your magazine a solid personality. You may also be interested in these Useful Typography Tools For Designers.
  • Make use of infographics in the event that you would want to break up pages that contain a lot of text-heavy articles. It would also give your readers a break after having seen too many similar images on your interior magazine such as interior design samples.
  • Minimalism is the best way to make sure that your magazine design elements are not all over the place. This way, your interior magazine would look stylish and still continues to hold on to the attention that your cover page grabbed. You may be interested in Minimal Brochure Examples and Designs.
  • Always make sure that you will invest in the photos that you are going to include in your magazine. Also, make sure that you invest in taking photos that have excellent quality as this would make or break the success of your interior design magazine. You may also be interested in Photography Portfolio Catalog Designs Examples.
  • When you will be thinking of a concept of your entire magazine, always think in spreads and not just in pages. Because, no matter how perfect and well-designed a page is but its overall look and color does not match with the page beside it, you will fail at making a cohesive look. Allow the contents of two, side-by-side pages to collide in a fashion that it would result in having an impressive overall look.
  • You can never go wrong once you will have an overall style theme for your entire interior design magazine. This makes your interior magazine look more cohesive, put-together, and consistent all throughout its spreads.

Creating an interior design magazine is just similar to creating any kind of magazines out there where you would have to make sure that the magazine covers, both front and back, and its contents would contain attractive and attention-grabbing design elements and relevant contents that would keep your current customers to buy more of your magazines or to gain more potential customers. However, since this is a magazine for interior designing, you have to make sure that you will invest more in the images of the interior designs because that’s what makes people buy your magazine–they are after the interior design samples and ideas.


We hope that you have gained an insight or two from this article that can help you in the creation of your interior design magazine. Should you want to learn more about magazines, you may also read Magazine Cover Design – Tips & Examples.

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