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Despite the increasing use of the Internet in the modern world today, magazines are still being used as they are handy and can be accessed anytime anywhere as long as they are in your hands. You may also see advertising brochure examples.

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Magazines are not only a source of entertainment but also a source of information and a form of marketing in a business. There are many other functions of a magazine, and this is among the reasons why may people are still using magazines until today. You may also like examples of company brochure.

Similarly, in architecture, magazines are needed to present the structures and other stuff relating to architecture. This provides information to the knowledge, making them familiar to the designs as well as the layouts for the buildings and infrastructures. You may also check out best brochure examples.

If you are looking for examples of those magazines, you have come at the right place! Presented below are several examples of architecture magazines. Feel free to browse through this article.

Architecture Portfolio Magazine Example

Modern Architecture Magazine Example

Elegant Architecture Magazine Example

Other Magazine Categories

Apart from architecture magazine, there are many other categories of magazines that provide entertainment and information to the readers. These magazines are as follows:

1. Animals and Pets

One of the most popular categories of magazines is the magazine featuring animals and pets. Typically, the animals that are included in the magazines are birds, dogs, cats, fish, horses, and those that are used in farming and those that are in the wild. These are the commonly featured animals because it has been proven from the past years that many people are interested in those animals. You may also see brochure examples in psd.

2. Antique and Collectibles

Another category of magazine is the magazine that features antique and collectibles. This type of magazine is commonly purchased or subscribed by those who have a passion of keeping antiques and collectibles. These include coins and stamps, collectible, dolls, toys and games, and classic vehicles. You may also like free brochure design examples.

3. Art and Photography

There are also a lot of magazines that features art and photography in their content. This type of magazine is usually aesthetic, presenting the artistic side of the creator as well as those who play a part as a contributor for the magazine. This may include graphic arts, photography, art demo, and art instructions. You may also check out A4 brochure designs and examples.

4. Business

For business magazines, the focus are those topics that are related to business such as accounting, finance, sales, marketing, human resource, law, taxation, and government. These magazines are very informative and very much useful especially when you want to know more about business.

5. Children’s Magazine

These are magazines that are intended for children. They are written and designed primarily for children so it is expected that there are a lot more graphics and visual designs in this magazine. They do not contain heavy issues and they are more on giving knowledge and information to the children. You might be interested in real estate brochure designs & examples.

6. Comic Books

There are magazines that are in the form of a comic book, where a certain story is presented through pages of images or sketches. There are different genres of a comic book. Aside from the superhero comics which is the most popular content of a comic book, there are other topics in a comic book such as science fiction, fantasy, action, adventure, horror, humor, and romance. You may also see brochure designs & examples.

7. Computers and Electronics

In this type of magazine, the usual topics are about the latest trend in electronics, audio and video, computers, as well as the Internet. Typically, techy people who are enthusiastic in learning the computer and related matters are the ones who get hooked into reading this kind of magazine. You may also like travel brochure designs & examples.

Creative Architecture Magazine Example

Architecture Record June 1983 Magazine

Deluxe Architecture Magazine Example

8. Food

Evidently, this kind of magazine talks everything about food or beverages. It may talk about a specialty of a certain place, the recipe, plating, ingredients, alcohol content of certain drinks, the perfect complement of certain food, and other topics related to food. You may also see festival brochure designs & examples.

9. Crafts

Discussed in this type of magazine are the crafts that people are interested in doing such as art and decorations, jewelry and beadwork, scrapbooking, creating cards, and sewing and needlework. This will help the readers widen their creativity and try doing something else apart from what they usually do. You may also like sales promotion brochures.

10. Digital Magazine

This is an electronic version of a traditional paper magazine. Since the Internet has been widely used in today’s modern world, magazines are created to be also available online for those online users who prefer to be reading online and accessing the magazine online.

11. Education

These are magazines whose primary discussion revolves around the topics that are also being taught in school and explanation for the difficult topics. Commonly, you can find general education magazines, language, and mathematics. These are the usual discussion you can find in education magazines. You may also check out examples of bi-fold brochure design.

12. Enrichment

In enrichment magazines, the usual topic is about political and social enrichment. People who love learning about current social issues and enjoy staying up-to-date on political decisions are the usual subscribers for this type of magazine.

13. Entertainment

For entertainment magazines, you can find topics about celebrity, gaming, music, movie, and many others. There are magazines that feature clips from behind the scene, while there are those that feature upcoming starts on the music entertainment scene. You might be interested in medical brochure examples.

14. Ethnic

These are magazines that focuses on heritage and culture of a certain place. They provide information about the other culture for the people in the other parts of the world to know and understand. Different races and cultures of those races are being featured such as the white, yellow, black, red, and brown races. You may also see examples of service brochures.

Progressive Architecture June 1983 Magazine

Archidesign Magazine Example

Progressive Architecture November 1981 Magazine

Modern and Professional Architecture Magazine Example

15. Fashion

This type of magazine provides the latest fashion trends, the gift ideas for those fashion-conscious people, the different fashion styles from the different centuries, fashion and styles from the different parts of the world, and many others related to fashion. You may also see examples of recruitment brochure design.

16. Health

The concern of health magazines are on diet, nutrition, fitness, health conditions, healthy lifestyle, the right food, and many others related to the human health. They also provide tips and techniques in maintaining a fit body and lifestyle, ways to improve health, the professional goals you must set to stay healthy, among others.

17. History

These are magazines that feature the good old days of a certain country, a previous event taking its spotlight in the history, time era, and many others. Examples of these magazines are the air classics, sea classics, American history, aviation history, military history, the World War II, the Civil War, prehistoric times, etc. You may also like event brochure designs & examples.

18. Hobbies

In this type of magazine, the typical hobbies of many people are being catered and featured such as arts and crafts, coin collecting, comics, puzzles, sci-fi, mystery, toys, machining, and many others. Examples of this type of magazine are crossword puzzles, word search, jewelry, crochet and knitting, and art making. You may also check out examples of hotel brochure design.

19. Home

Magazines of this category mainly focuses on home design, architecture, decorations, gardening, housekeeping, among others. Examples of this category of magazine are Family Handyman, Coastal Living, Dwell, Country Living, Family Circle, Interior Design, House Beautiful, and Fine Gardening. You might be interested in examples of business brochure design.

20. Humor

This pertains to magazines with mild to extreme sense of humor through satire, parody, and many others. There are also those that are created specifically only for jokes of different kinds.

21. International

In these magazines, the readers will learn not only about foreign customs and cultures but also about their sports, fashion, news, vehicles, entertainment, celebrities, travel, food, and a lot more.

22. Lifestyle

This magazine talks about adventure, international living, leisure, real estate, recreation, travel, vacations, and many others.

23. Literary

These are usually nonfiction magazines which particularly present and feature critical essays, poems, short stories, and reviews. These are perfect for those who are bookworms, readers, breakout writers, poets, and alike. They provide not only entertainment but also information and tips and guides in writing. You may also see hotel brochure designs and examples.

Structures Architecture Magazine Example

Architecture Record April 1983 Magazine

Editable Architecture Magazine Template Example

Architecture Record August 1982 Magazine

24. Medical

This includes conditions, journal, and professionals in the medical field. This can also be a great source of information and knowledge of the current trends, news, and opinions related to health. Many people, especially medical professionals, seek this kind of magazine to stay informed about current industry news. You may also see training brochure designs.

25. Men’s Magazine

Typically, these are those that features men’s fitness and health, men’s interests, outdoor activities, sports and athletics, and weaponry. There are sections in some men’s magazine that contains articles on helping men live fuller and richer lives, fashion, entertainment, women, and food.

26. Music

These magazines present articles and information relating to the different genres of music such as alternative, rock, classical, opera, country, gospel, jazz, metal, and urban as well as instruments used, performers, artists, and the latest and current news about music, musicians, artists, and the music industry as a whole. You may also like examples and techniques for designing food brochures.

27. News

The current issues and hottest trends and news are featured in this category of magazine. The news can be about issues in the international, national, regional, and local level, providing readers with the latest information and commentary on politics, world affairs, business, psychology, entertainment, food, fashion, among others. You may also check out examples of education brochure design.

28. Parenting

Parents, especially first-time parents, and those who are upcoming parents wanted to browse through this category of magazine because it presents time-saving tips and surefire strategies in parenting, fun family activities, crafts, or games, and many other interesting things related to parenting.

29. Religion

In this category of magazine, presented are faith-based stories, simple articles regarding salvation, faith, hope, and love, and everything related to religion. It features first-person narratives from celebrities and everyday individuals sharing true-to-life stories and giving encouragements. These magazines are designed to uplift and encourage people’s spirits and gives hope to many people.

30. Science

The topics included in this magazine are about evolution, health, mind and brain, energy, sustainability, space, technology, among others. There are also other magazines that feature the nature and the environment. Presented in each page are complex articles about the environment, good-quality photos, conservation, travel, and interesting facts about plants, animals, and civilizations. You might be interested in tri-fold brochure designs & examples.

31. Sports

People who enjoy playing sports and those who want to stay updated about current news relating to sports would resort to reading this magazine.

Sharp analysis, in-depth interviews, and comprehensive articles are also some of the contents of this magazine. Many magazine of this category cover basketball, football, soccer, tennis, hockey, and baseball publication and provide fans an inside look at their favorite sports as well as the renowned players and teams. You may also see nonprofit brochure examples.

32. Vehicles

For those who are car enthusiast and collectors, magazines featuring vehicles are perfect for them. This contains information about the newest cars and the latest trends on certain vehicles. Some magazines also feature reviews about road tests, technical performances, and safety ratings. There are also those that contain product and gear reviews, buyer’s guides, interviews, articles about motorcycle shows, and many others. You may also like bi-fold brochure designs.

33. Women’s

The usual topic in a women’s magazine are bridal and weddings, fashion and beauty, home and cooking, pregnancy, women’s health, as well as women’s interests. This is very informative especially for women who wanted to acquire more knowledge in the topics stated above. You may also check out photography brochure examples.

Wrap Up

There are a lot of magazine categories that you can choose from whenever you want to acquire more knowledge or you are just bored of doing nothing. You can choose among the categories stated above.

Each person has his or her own different choices for their favorite magazine category. Whatever your choice may be, the ultimate goal of magazines is to give you a source of information and entertainment, and hopefully it will serve its purpose when you read it. You might be interested in restaurant brochure examples.

Do not forget to take a look at the examples of architecture magazines presented above.

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