10+ Easter Voucher Examples & Templates [Download Now]

Easter is a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. According to the New Testament, Jesus rose from the dead on the third day of his burial after his crucifixion by the Romans at Calvary. Easter is also called Pascha or Resurrection Sunday. Although it is a religious celebration, it has also become a cultural event that is celebrated across the globe; cultural traditions such as Easter egg hunt provide fun and excitement for people of all ages. In this article, you will find various creative Easter voucher templates and examples that you can use.

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Easter Voucher Templates and Examples

1. Easter Sunday Voucher

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  • MS Word
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Size: 8.5×4 inches


If you are looking for a voucher template that you can edit to use for your business or Easter-related activity, then, this is the perfect template for you. This template features a clear layout and format, and original artworks and illustrations that you can make use of when you download this template. You can easily edit and customize this in MS Word and Publisher, Apple Pages, and Adobe Photoshop.

2. Dental Treatment Easter Gift Voucher


Since people, especially kids, will indulge in chocolates after an Easter egg hunt, you can take advantage of this as a dental office. You can provide discounts through vouchers to your clients, especially for the season or event. However, as you design the voucher, you should ensure that you incorporate Easter-related icons or illustrations to tell the clients what this voucher is especially for.

3. Travel and Tours Easter Voucher


Some people prefer to travel and spend quality time with their family while exploring other cities and places. As a traveling agency, it is a good time for you to offer discounts and other promos to clients and potential customers. Using a voucher especially tailored for the Easter celebration means that you use taglines or a call-to-action that relates to the event. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can use this voucher example as your guide and reference.

4. Easter Recliner Offer Voucher


Any business that wants to offer promos to their clients during Easter can totally do so. And as far-fetched as it may seem, even furniture businesses can take advantage of this event. Similar to this example, you can design your voucher using Easter eggs as your main design element. In addition, you should also clearly state the percentage of the discount you are willing to offer to your customers like this example.

5. Easter Fundraising Voucher


Easter is the time for people to try and live a Christ-like life by giving back to the community; hence, there will be countless fund-raising events. If you are one to organize, hold, and participate in such events, you should definitely make use of marketing and sales tools like a voucher. When you create your voucher, it is important to be transparent; you should provide enough context where the funds will be used for.

6. Salon Easter Discount Voucher


While others want to join fun activities, others prefer to have a “me time” where they pamper themselves. With this, you should definitely offer interesting promos to encourage more people to come and purchase of your services as a beauty salon. Although you have loyal patrons, this is the perfect time to reach a wider audience. If you’re looking for inspiration on how you can elegantly design a beauty salon voucher especially intended for Easter, you can use this example as a guide and reference.

7. Airport Easter Voucher


As you know, airport parking, food, and other services are quite expensive. But since Easter encourages people to give back to people, airports may give out reasonable promos and discounts that can be of great help to passengers. If you are tasked to create an effective voucher to be distributed by the airport management, it is important to present the amount of the voucher at the front to inform the user how much it is worth and for transparency’s sake.

8. Home and Garden Easter Voucher


If you are planning to host an Easter party at the comforts of your home, you need to make sure that your home looks clean and organized. Aside from the inside, you also need to make sure that your outside garden is well taken cared of. Gardening businesses or home and garden stores may offer vouchers that can give you reasonable discounts. You should watch out for the contents of the voucher to see how much it’s worth so that you can easily take it into account as you check out and pay for what you have purchased.

9. Photography Easter Gift Voucher


If you are looking for the perfect gift to give to families and friends for Easter, a  gift voucher is a nice idea. You can give them photography gift vouchers that will give them discounts when they get their photos taken. It is a perfect idea to allow your families and friends immortalize happy and memorable moments together with their loved ones. For photography businesses, you can take inspiration with the quirky and fun design and layout of this voucher example when creating your own.

10. Easter Shopping Day Voucher


Knowing when and how to take advantage of certain events is important for businesses; it can help you curate special promos that will encourage your customers to check out what you have to offer. Giving discount vouchers is a good option if you want people to shop with you especially during such a day when people want to shop and lounge. If you are looking for inspiration on how to design your voucher, this one has a clear format, good layout, and creative illustrations, which is a perfect guide to use.

11. Happy Easter Gift Voucher


Gift vouchers are the perfect present to give if you are having a hard time thinking about what to give to the person or you simply don’t have the time to look for special gifts. You can still express your love and appreciation for the person through the voucher especially when you still purchase it from a store that you know they love. And fret not, stores offer various amounts for the vouchers to help you choose the best option that fits your budget.

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