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One of the most well known and successful businesses is opening up a beauty salon. It’s no secret that everyone, regardless of their gender and age, value their own vanity at some point. Taking care of the way you look and your physical appearance can boost self-confidence as well as gain respect from others.

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Since everyone loves to pamper themselves once in a while, it’s no surprise that many business persons would build up a beauty salon or a barber shop. If you have  skills in cosmetology, you can always set up your business that is way less hassle than setting up other kinds of businesses.

Beauty Salon Brochure Template Example

Beauty Salon Tri Fold Brochure Example

The beauty industry is a humongous industry that most people are working in it. Your salon could offer services ranging from hair dressing to massage spas. However, you can also put a salon that specializes a small and specific range of treatment, such as tanning or facial care. Now the question you ask yourself is what kind of business do you want your salon to be? Would you like to offer soothing therapies in a luxury spa or set up a smaller high street salon? Below are some examples of common salon services:

Types of Salon Services

Some of the most popular services provided in a salon may include:

  • hair-cutting, coloring and styling
  • nail treatments
  • tanning
  • complementary care such as aromatherapy
  • Hair Removal (Temporary)

1. Waxing

Lots of beauty salon offer this service. Waxing is a quick and easy method of removing unwanted hair from any area on the body. There are two types of waxing, warm and hot. You may also see examples of company brochure.

Warm wax is naturally derived honey wax and comes in a honey or cream consistency. It uses a paper strip and is used to strip away body hairs. This process is painful but this is a fast one.

Another type of waxing is hot waxing. It uses wax heated to a higher temperature compared to a warm wax. The difference with this is that the wax is applied to the skin and then let it cool and harden. Once it is hardened, the end of the dried wax is flicked up quickly to remove hair growth. This is also a painful process but waxing is a practical option for removing unwanted hairs. If you offer this type of service in your beauty salon, this will help attract lots of customers especially during summer time when people would like to wear swimsuits and go to the beach. You may also like real estate brochure designs & examples.

2. Threading

This is a hair removal technique that came from India. A very practical and simple process, you only need a string of thread. Wrap it around your fingers, hold it steady and then pull it back and forth along the area where hair removal is required. This type of hair removal is used to remove stray hair around the eyebrows and facial hair. This is also a practical way of removing unwanted facial hair so this will also attract lots of customers too. You may also check out medical brochure examples.

3. Tweezing

Like threading, tweezing only use a pair tweezers to shape the eyebrows. This type of service is simple and hassle-free, and many customers would avail this service to clean and shape their brows. You might be interested in examples of bi-fold brochure design.

4. Laser

Laser is a type of service that you can also offer. There are many different types of laser machines, but essentially, they all use light to kill the growing hairs. It can be costly to purchase a laser machine so if you’re still starting up in your business, you can save this service later when you’ve gathered enough cash to buy one. You may also see advertising brochure examples.

5. Permanent electrolysis

Electrolysis uses an electrical current to kill the hair producing cells at the base of the hair follicle. There are other types of electrical current that use a combination of heat and chemical changes in the skin’s tissues. Electrolysis is most often used for fine facial hair, but it can be used anywhere on the body where permanent hair removal is required. Having this kind of service treatment requires expertise on the handler. Handling an electrolysis machine is quite tricky but nevertheless it is useful. Like laser machines, you need a lot of dough to buy a machine. You may also like examples of service brochures.

6. Manicures and pedicures

During a manicure treatment, the nails, the cuticles and the skin on the hands and up to the elbow is treated. While a pedicure treatment, the feet, the toenails and the cuticles are treated. Doing mani-pedi treatment, it need someone with training and experience. Cleaning and embellishing nails are no easy feat and without any training, one could injure a person’s foot. You may also check out event brochure designs & examples.

Beauty Center Tri Fold Brochure Example

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Simple Beauty Salon Tri Fold Brochure Example

Beauty Salon Tri Fold Brochure Design Example

Beauty Clinic Bi Fold Brochure Example

7. Facials

There are many different types of facials: deep cleansing, hydrating, anti-aeging, de-sensitising…depending on the client’s skin type. Once again, an expert is needed for this kind of treatment. The one who will be in charge of facial should be a dermatologist or a cosmetologist. These people have the training and extensive knowledge of how to treat a person’s face since not all people have the same skin type. They will know what to do to the customers. If you’re planning of opening up a skin clinic or providing this type of service, be sure to hire experts. You might be interested in examples of business brochure design.

8. Eyelash/Eyebrow Tinting

These kind of treatments are beauty basics. You can color brows or lashes with different kinds of colors. They are fun and colorful to do and does not need an expert to be accomplished.

9. Massage

Swedish massage is the type of massage that is most commonly performed in a beauty salon but there are many alternative techniques such as aromatherapy, Thai massage, reflexology, etc. Massages in general help improve circulation, expel harmful toxins from the body, and relax the muscles. Since beauty salons exist for people to pamper and treat themselves, this a very good treatment for them to unwind and relax. You may also like examples of education brochure design.

10. Micropigmentation

This uses a similar technique to tattooing in that colour is inserted in to the skin using a needle. Micropigmentation is also known as semi-permanent make-up. The most common areas to have treated are the lips, the eyebrows and eyeliner. In this type of treatment, it is essential to hire an expert on this treatment, such as a dermatologist, since this will need consultations between a dermatologist and a client before proceeding to the treatment right away. You may also check out travel brochure designs & examples.

11. Body Treatments

There are many different types of body treatments. The most common ones are: safe/fake tanning, body exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, body wraps which use a variety of treatment muds/seaweeds, or oils to improve circulation, detoxify, moisturize and relax the body. However some of these services cost quite a lot such as buying a tanning bed, so start first with a much more affordable service such as exfoliation treatment. You may also see tri-fold brochure designs & examples.

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Beauty Salon Tri Fold Brochure Example

Types of Salons

1. High street salons

High street salons usually have eye-catching posters, bold logos and big windows. These types of salons are what most of the people picture when we think of beauty salons. High street salons tend to offer either hair, beauty or complementary health treatments and some are even more specialized, focusing just on nail art for example. High street salons are where most hairdressers and beauty therapists learn their trade, and many will spend their entire careers working in them.

2. Spa salons

Spa salons usually offer an upmarket service. This is to exemplify by providing a luxurious experience, so the customer feels taken care of when they set foot in the salon. Most spa complexes offer complementary health and beauty treatments, but some also have their own hair salons. If you’re planning to work in one of these high-end establishments, you’ll need to be comfortable with making customer service as big a part of your role at the treatments you provide. You may also see best brochure examples.

3. Mobile salons

Mobile salons don’t really have their own apartment or a permanent place so hair stylists/beauty therapists etc. do home services. They travel to their clients home and do some of the treatments of the comfort of the clients’ homes.

4. Mobile hair salons

Running a mobile hair salon can be relatively low-cost. It can also help you cater to customers with mobility issues or commitments that make it hard for them to go to a salon for a haircut. Lots of mobile hair stylists cut hair for all the family in one session, so it is essential for you to be skilled at both barbering and women’s hairdressing if you choose to do a mobile hair salon. The only con in this activity is you spend a lot of time travelling and it will cost you a lot of money as well. You may also like nonprofit brochure examples.

5. Mobile beauty salons

Mobile beauty salons, offering makeup for wedding days, prom, parties, nail treatments and a number of services, have much the same pros and cons as mobile hairdressing businesses. Other cons include that some  some home environments aren’t a great fit for your work. But on the other hand, the downside to starting a mobile beauty business are relatively low, especially if you already have a reliable vehicle. You may also check out psd marketing brochure examples.

Don’t forget to make sure you’re insured

Now that you have an idea what type of salon you want to open for business, it’s important to make sure that you have the right salon insurance in place to cover you from the risks of working in the hair and beauty industry. You might be interested in examples of hotel brochure design.

Even something relatively minor like a slip or trip when a customer is visiting your in your salon could result in a claim that could seriously impact your business. Insurance will help you when things like this will happen.

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In this day and age the range of salon services are expanding and changing all the time. So if you like the idea of a fast-paced career, where you’ll have to continually update your skills, then this could be the perfect job for you. You may also see brochure designs & examples.

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