15+ Envelope Examples, Templates & Design Ideas

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Cards, papers, important documents, and other files, in order to compile, organize, or keep them safe, need to have something that would encase them. In cases of greeting cards, it would seem improper and inappropriate to send a mere greeting card. It must be placed inside something that would keep it safe and in place especially when they are to be handed from one person to another before reaching the intended recipient. Envelopes play the role not just as a protector but as something that could enhance the presentation as well. Decorating and designing your envelopes can enhance its aesthetics especially when it complements the design of its content. Hence, it is also important to take time designing your envelopes.

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Design Elements of an Envelope

An envelope may seem easy to create based on its appearance. However, do you really know what comprises an envelope? Having a basic knowledge on the parts of an envelope will help you easily create a template for an envelope. These are the elements of an envelope that you must know:

10+ Envelope Templates

Sports Envelope Sample

sports envelope sample

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Agriculture Envelope Template

agriculture envelope template

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Gym Envelope Sample

gym envelope sample

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Barbershop Envelope Template

barbershop envelope template

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Architecture Envelope Sample

architecture envelope sample

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Spa Envelope Template

spa envelope template

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Soccer Envelope Sample

soccer envelope sample

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10+ Envelope Examples

Envelope Example

envelope example

Blank Envelope

blank envelope


Stationery Envelope Design

statinoery envelop designs

Small Business Envelope

small business envelope


Simple Envelope Design

simple envelope design

Envelope Design Illustration

envelope design illustration


Decorative Envelope Design

decorative envelope design


Simple Envelope Design

envelope design


How to Create an Envelope

Creating an envelope can be interesting and exciting through these useful and simple steps in creating envelopes:

Simple Pouch Envelope

  1. Determine your desired size of the envelope and get a paper that doubles the size of your desired envelope.
  2. Fold the paper into half, evenly.
  3. Tape the left and right sides of the envelope leaving the top open.
  4. Fold a small portion of the top of the envelope to create a small flap in order to keep the file inside the envelope from falling. A 1/2 inch flap would do.
  5. Insert your card or any files inside the envelope and bend back the flap.
  6. Put glue along the inner edge of the flap and press it down in order to seal the envelope. A tape or decorative tape will also work.

Taped Envelope

  1. Get a rectangular-shaped paper to be used for your envelope.
  2. Fold the paper into half, lengthwise. Make sure that the fold is straight and the crease is visible.
  3. Create a triangle-shaped fold on the top right corner of the paper by folding the edge of the top right paper toward the middle along the center crease.
  4. Similarly, on the opposite side, fold the left corner of the paper toward the middle along the center crease.
  5. Then, fold an inch (you can just use approximations) of the left and right edges (those side where you fold a triangle toward the center) of the paper toward the center crease.
  6. Lay your paper in such a way that the triangular area of the paper is placed at the top.
  7. Fold the rectangular edge of the paper toward the foot of the triangular-shaped area, leaving a triangular shape visible at the top.
  8. Insert your message, paper, or greeting card inside.
  9. Fold the triangular top toward the center of the rectangle, creating a flap that would secure and seal the envelope.
  10. Tape the edges of the triangle or use a glue in order to seal the envelope.

Square Origami Envelope

  1. Get a large square sheet of paper.
  2. Fold the paper diagonally into half, from corner to corner. Do this for both corners in such a way that when the paper is placed in a diamond shape, an X crease on the paper is visible.
  3. Lay your paper in diamond shape.
  4. Fold the bottom corner of the paper up to the middle crease or the point where all the creases meet.
  5. Fold the half bottom of the paper to the middle of the crease, creating a rectangular shape.
  6. Fold the left corner of the paper toward the middle of the crease, with the point slightly over the middle of the crease. Also do this for the right corner of the paper.
  7. Fold back the overlapped right corner slightly, creating a small triangle which should line up with the vertical crease.
  8. Spread the small triangle open and flatten the paper to create a small diamond. This will serve as the seal of the envelope.
  9. Insert your message or greeting cards inside the envelope.
  10. Fold the top edge of the envelope and insert the tip into the small diamond opening you just created to secure and seal the envelope.

Types of Envelopes

There are a lot of types of envelopes that are designed to cater the different contents, files, documents, and cards. Among the most popular types of envelopes that are commonly used by most people are as follows:

Commercial Envelopes

Among the commonly used types of envelopes is the commercial envelope. They are typically used for business correspondence and billing. They are usually open-sided envelopes that may or may not have windows.

A-Series or Announcements or Baronial Envelopes

This type of envelope has either deep pointed flaps and diagonal seams or deep square flaps with two side seams and are typically used with baronial cards, informal mailings, social announcements, as well as commercial announcements. It can be enhanced using a high-quality card stock as the material in making the envelope.

Catalog and Booklet Envelopes

Commonly used for catalogs, books, manuals, and any other documents, catalog and booklet envelopes can be open-ended on the short dimension or open-sided on the long dimension. They usually have heavily gummed flaps with high-quality seals in order to protect their contents.

Collections or Church Offering Envelopes

Another type of envelope is the collections or church offering envelopes. As the name suggests, these envelopes are used for ordering, remittance, as well as charitable purposes. They usually come in white wove or pastel colors and are manufactured with two side seams under construction and a traditional remoistening seal.

Packing List or Coin Envelopes

This type of envelope can be used in various purposes especially in storing and keeping small papers or coins. Sticker and postcard merchandises can also be placed inside this envelope.

Card Stock or Letterhead Envelopes

In order to store letterhead and card stock, this kind of envelope is produced. These envelopes are usually large in order to keep those documents and card stocks.

Disc Envelopes

This is a great choice where you keep your pack CDs or DVDs. They are commonly made of plastic or paper in different sizes. Some designs of this envelope feature a cut hole in the front side of the envelope covered with transparent sheet or plastic enabling one to see the CD or DVD inside. They also usually come with an adhesive strip for sealing it quickly.

Invitation Envelopes

This type of envelope is used for invitations, greeting cards, note cards, RSVP, among others. They come in various sizes in accordance with the type of paper or file or document to be inserted into these envelopes.

Remittance Envelopes

This is a type of envelope that provides a way for donors to fill out their personal information in a financial gift, then sealing and mailing the envelope back to the organization where they donated.

Office or Professional or Specialty Envelopes

These envelopes are designed to mail or hold something outside the average documents. They are created for just about any specific document needs ranging from CD Mailers to collections to bubble mailers, among others.

Sizes of Envelopes

Envelopes come in different sizes, and the ones that are typically used are as follows:

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