Easter Invitation

Easter is a significant day within Christianity and has become the foundation of the Christian faith. Easter is the fulfillment of the prophecy that the Messiah would be persecuted but would rise on the third day after burial. With its heavy significance on Christianity, people have developed various symbols that somehow relate to the message of a new life and new beginnings as part of a cultural celebration. In this article, creative invitation templates and examples that you can use for Easter celebrations are provided.

Easter Invitation Templates and Examples

1. Easter Party Invitation

Easter Party Invitation
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Size: 5×7 inches


If you are not one to get involved in religious activities but still want to celebrate the significance of Easter, you can totally do so. You can invite friends and families to a simple party to celebrate life and have fun with each other’s presence. To help you send an informative invitation, you can download this Easter party invitation template for free.

2.  Easter Sunday Invitation

Easter Sunday Invitation
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Make sure that your church members are aware of your Easter Sunday church celebrations through the Easter invitations you send. Should you need a well-made template for this, you can download this Easter Sunday invitation template and easily edit its contents to incorporate your details and preferences.

3. Easter Egg Hunt Invitation

Easter Egg Hunt Invitation


Easter egg hunt has become a tradition that is conducted anywhere in the world as part of the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. It is said that eggs are used as a symbol for this day because it symbolizes life. With that said, you can invite guests to an Easter egg hunt with the use of a creative invitation similar to this example.

4. Easter Brunch Invitation

Easter Brunch Invitation


Aside from egg hunting, you can also celebrate Easter with a simple brunch together with your families and friends. Invite them to a brunch celebration through creating an invitation that exudes the vibes that you are going for. Should you need inspiration on how to design it, this example is perfect to use.

5. Easter Celebration Invitation




Easter can be celebrated in many ways; while others prefer to observe and follow religious traditions, some prefer to celebrate it differently. You should definitely send out invitations to family members and friends that you would like to invite for an Easter celebration. The invitation should contain all the necessary details about the event.

6. Happy Easter Invitation Card

Happy Easter Invitation Card


Celebrate new life and new beginnings with family and friends with a fun-filled party. Similar to an Easter poster, you can prioritize the relevant illustration but still provide all the details about the party such as the time, date, location, and so on. This example is the perfect source of information should you prefer to create one on your own.

7. Religious Easter Celebration Invitation




Although it has become a cultural event that is celebrated due to its real-life significance and symbolism, Easter is still deeply rooted in Christian belief. That’s why there are various religious celebrations held on that day. If you want to invite church members and others, you should have a complete and creative invitation similar to this example.

8. Easter Eggstravaganza Invitation

Easter Eggstravaganza Invitation


As the world continues to progress, various terms related to Easter traditions have also been coined just like the word eggstravaganza. It is just a witty description that relates to the tradition of Easter egg hunting. If you are in the lookout for creative design ideas, this cute invitation is perfect to use.

9. Easter Luncheon Invitation

Easter Luncheon Invitation


The Easter luncheon invitation that you give to your guest should not only reflect Easter-related illustrations and symbols, it should also reflect the complete details about the event such as the name of the event, date and time, complete address for the venue or location, etc.

10. Easter Birthday Invitation

Easter Birthday Invitation


It is not unusual to celebrate one’s birthday the same day as Easter; thus, it is appropriate to tailor your birthday invitation design and illustrations to Easter. If you are looking for a fresh source of inspiration when creating the invitation, this example is the perfect one to use; it has age-appropriate illustrations and presents all the needed information.

11. Easter Lunch Invitation

Easter Lunch Invitation


If you prefer to have an intimate lunch with your family and friends as a way to celebrate Easter, why not? Just make sure that the lunch invitation that you send to your guests reflect the theme of your event or the vibe that you are going for. But if you want to stay simple, you can also do so just like this example.

12. Religious Easter Egg Hunt Invitation

Religious Easter Egg Hunt Invitation


Although egg hunting was not considered as relevant to Easter before, it has been treated as so since it was discovered that various cultures view eggs as a symbol of life. With that in mind,  you can incorporate egg hunting as a part of a religious Easter celebration, but to make it more fun, make sure to invite guests to join the said activity through a beautifully created invitation.

13. Easter Invitation Card

Easter Invitation Card


The invitation card you send to your guests for your Easter celebration should contain all the essential details like the name of the event, date and time, location or venue, dress code, required things-to-bring, RSVP contact details, and so on. But aside from those, make sure that your invitation looks aesthetically pleasing by using Easter-related illustrations.

14. Easter Gender Reveal Invitation

Easter Gender Reveal Invitation


Since Easter symbolizes new life, why not make it even more special by revealing the gender of your baby to your families and friends? Looking at this gender reveal invitation example, you can easily see how Easter-related symbols have been used to be appropriate to the event, e.g. using pink- and blue-colored bunnies, which ties everything together to the theme.

15. Easter Dinner Invitation

Easter Dinner Invitation


The dinner invitation you send to your guests should provide all the essential information relevant to the event. But since you are hosting an Easter dinner invitation, make sure to use illustrations that relate to it like colorful eggs, cute bunnies, and so on. In addition, prioritize how you layout the texts to make it easy to read and comprehend.

16. Hillsong Church Easter E-Invitation

Hillsong Church Easter Online Invitation


Hillsong Church is a well-known Christian congregation, and since it has a lot of members and followers, they have developed a website that provides information to all their upcoming events. Looking at this example, you can see how modern this invitation is designed especially since it’s an e-invite. This invitation presents all the necessary information about the event to make it easy to understand and remember.

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