15+ Best Baptism Flyer Examples & Templates [Download Now]

Through baptism, a child is welcomed into the faith community. It is also considered as a celebration that begins the child’s journey in and with his or her faith. Various religions have their own ways of giving baptism service but regardless, if you are going to organize a special baptism service, do consider making use of flyer templates, such as a baptism flyer, that will help you in disseminating the information regarding the service so parents of newborns will be able to have their children baptized and open them to a door of the spiritual life.

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Baptism Flyer Examples & Templates

1. Baptism Flyer Menu Template

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Size: (US) 8.5×11 inches + Bleed


2. Baptism Flyer Template

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Size: US


If you are looking for a baptism flyer template, well, here’s one we have found just for you! By downloading this template, you will have the access of a high-quality template for your upcoming baptism service or baptism church event. With its first-rate layout and design, you can never go wrong by choosing this template for your upcoming event.

3. Baptism Sunday Church Flyer


What better way to advertise an upcoming baptism church event than including an image of a baby? Similar to this baptism flyer example, consider designing your flyer with the inclusion of a baby’s image. And of course, include other baptism-related design elements such as water so when people would take a quick glance at your flyer, they would already know that it is related to an upcoming baptism event.

4. Beach Baptism Flyer


There are some baptism services that are done not just in rivers but as well as beaches and any other large body of water. If you are going to organize one, consider getting inspiration from this baptism flyer example that advertises an upcoming beach baptism. It might sound unusual but it can also possibly pique the interests of your target attendees, so why not try it?

5. Anglican Baptism Flyer


When advertising an upcoming baptism event, you have to make sure that it contains all of the information related to the event. Just like with this baptism flyer example, you can see that aside from the basic details such as the date, place, and time of the event, it also contains the list of activities that will happen during the actual event. Plus, it also contains contact details where interested parents or individuals can easily address further inquiries.

6. Baptism Class Flyer


It is possible that not all first-time parents are aware of the importance of having their firstborn baptized and it is also possible that they are very willing to be informed about it. If you are going to conduct a class for your first-time parents about baptism, then disseminate such information through the use of a flyer just like with this baptism class flyer.

7. Baptism Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg Flyer


While it is possible that there are some parents who would like to be educated about baptism, there are also some parents who are not interested at all. If you are about to hold a baptism class anytime soon, consider the use of an intriguing flyer design such as this baptism flyer that features an intriguing image as well as an intriguing title that will surely capture the attention and pique the interest of such parents.

8. Baptism Sermon Flyer


As part of history in the Christian movement, the season of Lent was a time when believers, especially new ones, are being prepared for their baptism. It is also during this season when people would remember together great stories as Christ’s followers and among such stories include the very time when people would get baptized. If you are about to organize a gathering related to that, consider the use of this flyer that will encourage new and old believers alike to attend and be part of the conversation.

9. Baptism Sunday Flyer


If you would like to invite your loved ones to your baptism, consider handing them out with this flyer where you can conveniently inform them of your upcoming event. This baptism flyer example includes the basic information that your loved ones must know and it also includes an invitational statement that goes “Will you join me?” that will surely encourage your loved ones who are also fellow believers of the faith you are baptizing yourself into.

10. Citipointe Church Water and Holy Spirit Baptism Flyer


Planning to organize a baptism church event soon? Make sure you inform people about such an event with the use of an event flyer for baptism. If your goal is simply to provide basic information about the event, consider getting inspiration from this example.

Even if it mainly contains the basic details of the event such as the place where people should sign up, the date, and the time of the event, it does not fall short of creative design elements since, as you can see, it also contains an effective image of a person being baptized.

11. Holy Catholic Church Baptism Flyer


Do you want to advertise your upcoming baptism event as well as preach about the importance of the sacrament of baptism? Then here is a baptism flyer where you can get inspiration from. Obviously, the main point of having a flyer is to invite people to attend and participate in a baptism event. However, the use of flyers can also be a good way to preach and teach people more about what baptism really is.

12. Reborn Baptism Flyer


If you offer more than just a baptism service, learn and get a thing or two from this given baptism flyer example. It contains inviting phrases such as “Dive deep into the true meaning of baptism,” which can really make a big impact on your target attendees and would encourage them to attend to your baptism church event.

13. Simple Baptism Announcement Flyer


Do away with excessive design elements and just stick to minimalism, similar to this minimalist baptism flyer. Sometimes, adding a lot of design elements gets too overwhelming to the eyes. By having this kind of design for your baptism flyer, you can now disseminate information regarding your upcoming baptism event without having to make people deal with other unnecessary design elements.

14. The First Water Baptism Sunday Flyer


If you are going to organize and invite people to a baptism church event that will be open for anyone who is interested, then make sure that they are indeed informed about it. In order to make that possible, disseminate a baptism flyer that clearly indicates this as well as the basic details of the baptism event, which are obviously the date, time, and place of the event.

15. Water Baptism Celebration Flyer


Unlike the other examples provided in this article, this example has a landscape orientation. Most people would opt for portrait orientation since it allows them to include more details. But if you just want to keep things simple and if you are only going to include basic details, then you can never go wrong by choosing landscape.

16. Water Baptism Service Flyer


Striking graphics has this effect on people that makes them turn their heads toward it. If you want to achieve this effect, you will surely get inspired by this baptism flyer that invites people to a baptism event with the use of striking graphics. Aside from that, it also incorporated a QR code that interested individuals can scan to get more information regarding the event.

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