Travel Business Card

A small printed card with one’s name, profession, business details, and other essential address on it is defined as a Business card. It usually includes the logo of an organization that an individual represents/owns. A business card is exchanged mostly for professional purposes during a formal introduction and for a memory aid to reach out in the future. Traditionally business cards were just simple cards with information in black & white texture. Today they include at least one and usually more than one aspect of designer visual & illustrations along with an address to their social media account. Business cards enhance credibility and convey professionalism which is most essential to creating an impactful business organization.

A business card is designed according to the type of firm. A travel business card includes designer graphics of components related to traveling. This article will explore samples, templates, and examples of fancy & simple business cards existing for travel agencies around the globe.

Travel Business Card Examples & Templates

1. Travel Agency Business Card

Travel Agency Business Card Template1
File Format
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  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher
  • InDesign

Size: 3.5×2 inches


It is important for a business card design to reflect professionalism. This file is a template of a travel agency business card. It has a base theme of sky blue and white color. It is can be edited and printed on both the front & back side. It includes original artwork and is available for download in six file formats.

2. Simple Travel Business Card

Travel Business Card Example

This file is an editable business card template for a travel agency/agent. It is designed in vertical format with the content on both front and back side. The theme is based on white and grey colors with antique color variants applied in the main section. It is a fully editable layered document and can be downloaded easily.

This photography business card template is adventurous and stylish with a clean professional look. It is in vertical format with a print size of 50×90 mm. It is easily customizable and print ready. Made with free fonts and images this file is a perfect catch for preparing a photography business card.

3. Premade Travel Business Card Logo

Premade Travel Business Card Logo

Are you looking for an out of the box logo for your travel agency? The above file is a customized luggage travel logo made with an attractive color combination. It can be structured online and comes in three premium file formats. One can modify the font color and font style before placing an order.

4. World Travel Business Card

World Travel Business Card

An elegant but simple business card is the key to attain a professional creative impact on the client. The above file is one such template of a business card for the travel & tourism industry with attractive textures and highlights in black color. It can be modified in landscape & portrait layouts and is available for download in an editable PSD file.

5. Editable Travel Business Card Template

Travel Business Card Template

This file is a travel business card template with an exotic graphical representation of the world map on the front side, which happens to be the background of the placed company name. A unique concept and a smart design make this visiting card one of the best editable template available online.

6. Travel Business Card Case

Travel Business Card Case

Are you looking for a fancy business card case? The above link includes a Nautical Compass Business card Case. It has a metal hinged cover and easily holds twenty business cards at a time. It is toned in brass color and comes with a textured film on the backside to hide fingerprints.

7. Customizable Travel Business Card

Customizable Travel Business Card

An eye-catchy and designer business card template with a layout that can capture all the essential information at an affordable price is available at the above link. It comes in more than four color variants and one also has an option to customize the corners and landscape design.

8. Travel Company Business Card Design

Travel Company Business Card Design

The above template is designed on both front and back is available is Photoshop & illustrator format. Stock photos have been included along with animation on one side. It has a simple but convincing design and is prepared exclusively as a business card for travel companies.

9. Printable Travel Business Card

printeble Travel Business Card

The above is one of its kind designs of a printable travel business card template based on the theme of a passport. It has wonderful graphics and elegant design with a layout the can capture relevant information of a travel business firm.

10. Corporate Travel Business Card

Corporate Travel Business Card

This file is a vertical layout editable template of business card for corporate travel agencies. It reflects a professional look and has a stunning design. With easy modification options, this template is print ready in 300 DPI resolutions. Download this file and conveniently prepare an exclusive professional business card for your company.

11. Tour & Travel Business Card

Tour & Travel Business Card

A business travel card must either come with a predesigned logo or must include a provision to insert a company logo just like this file. This is an editable template of a tour & travel business card with the content on one side in high-quality graphics. It is available for download in three file formats and is fully editable.

Travel agents often look for a unique logo for their company that can attract the client instantly. This file is an example of an animated luggage logo with intricate designing. It can be conveniently customized and can be downloaded in three file formats in a print ready format of 300 DPI resolutions.

12. Travel Business Card Bundle

Travel Business Card Bundle

This file is an example of a travel business card bundle with easy customization facility in editable PSD template. It is well organized, layered, and has smart objects. It has a CMYK color profile and a 300 DPI print resolutions.

13. Travel Business Card Sample

Travel Business Card Sample

The above is a travel business card template file in a vertical layout with options to customize the card in one side or two side printing layout. It comes with a help guide for convenient editing. It is available for download in a print-ready professional format.

14. Travel Agent Business Card Design

Travel Agent Business Card Design

This file is an exclusively designed editable beach theme based travel agent business card template. It comes in double-sided printing vertical layout. It has a rich and professional look. The layout has a default size and can capture all the required information.

15. Adventure Travel Business Card

Adventure Travel Business Card

Travel agencies usually look for business cards with dynamic colors to promote an agency involved in planning adventure trips. The above file is a similar template of a travel business card template designed in bright yellow and orange color shades. It can be customized in terms of layout and content and is available for downloading instantly.

16. Travel & Tour Business Card

Travel & Tour Business Card

The above file is an example of a double-sided business card template compatible in Photoshop CS4+ and above versions. It is a print ready organized file, designed in dull white and cherry red color with a unique business card theme.

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