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When there comes a time where you’ll need to create invitation, it’s always best that you know just what kind of invitation you should make. While you can always take a look at the many different Examples of Invitation Designs that you can find online, it’s best that you stick with making one that matches the event you’re planning to hold.

So let’s say that you’re planing on having a Fiest, naturally you’d want to go with Fiesta Invitations. But what if you were to have a celebration that’s in the them of the The Great Gatsby ? This would mean that you’ll need Great Gatsby inspired invitations and this article is going to teach you how to create them.

Great Gatsby Party Invitation

great gatsby party invitation

Gatsby Wedding Invitation

gatsby wedding invitation

Grat Gatsby Birthday Party Invitation

great gatsby birthday party invitation

Art Deco Wedding Invitation

art deco wedding invitation

How to Create Great Gatsby Invitations

When you want to go with all new and Creative Invitations, then you should definitely consider using that are inspired by the famous 1925 novel, The Great Gatsby. However, you also need to ensure that this type of invitation has all the information that it needs to convey as to what kind of event you plan on holding and inviting your friends and family to.

So here are the things that your invitation will need:

1. The Type of Event

If your invitees don’t even know what type of event that they’re being invited to, then you shouldn’t expect them to attend it at all. The reason that they would want to know is because it helps them understand as to what kind of activities are going to take place, the food that will be served, what kind of attire will be considered as appropriate and much more. You may also see Elegant Invitations

So let’s say that you were to hand people Wedding Invitations. Considering the type of invitation you’ve sent, they should expect something that would tell them they’re invited to the wedding and everything else should play out from there. And as you’re writing about the type of event, you want to keep it short enough where it doesn’t take up too much room, but just enough to tell your invitees about the kind of event they’re being invited to.

2. The Name of the Celebrant or Host

If you were to be invited to a party, yet you don’t know who it’s for or who’s going to host it, then even you would hesitate to answer the call right? This rings true even if you give someone something as unique like a Great Gatsby invitation. These people would want to know the name of the persont that the event is dedicated to or the person that plans on throwing it. So what you’ll want to do first is write down that person’s complete name into the invitation. You may also see Printable Invitation Examples

Once that’s done, be sure that you’re able to emphasize the name by making the font text slightly larger than the rest. The only thing that you need to think about is to make it large enough to capture the attention of your readers, but not too large to the point where it takes up too much space.

Simple Gatsby Invitation

simple gatsby invitation

Floral Gatsby Invitation

floral gatsby invitation

Gatsby Geometric Wedding Invitation

gatsby geometric wedding invitation

Gatsby Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

gatsby rehearsal dinner invitation

Gatsby Bridal Shower Invitation

gatsby bridal shower invitation

Great Gatsby Pocket Wedding Invitation

great gatsby pocket wedding invitation

Gatsby Couple Party Invitation

gatsby couple party invitation

The Design

Since we’re talking about Personalized Invitations that are based on the popular novel, you’ll want the design to match the style of the novel as well as the kind of event that you’re going to throw. The reason as to why you want to do this is because you want it to stay true to the source material, but you also want to point out to your invitees as to what kind of event they’re invited to through the design alone. So for the images, you can use famous characters that you would find in the Great Gatsby and incorporate them into the invitation. For the background, just go with whateveryou think will match whatever tone you decide to go with.You may also see business invitations.

1. The Location of the Event

When you think about where you want to hold your event, you have to think about the bes place that will match whatever theme that you have set up for it. Since we’re talking about a novel that was based on thee social history of America during the roaring twenties, you’ll want to choose a location that will best go with that theme. Also, you’ll want a place that can cater to the amount of guests that you’re going to invite, the activities that you plan on throwing, and the type of event that you want to have. Try to have more than one choice as you think about where to hold the event and narrow them down to the best possible choice.You may also see dance party invitations

Once that’s done, all you need to do is write down the comlete address of the location you’ve decided to use as the event venue. Just write down the name of the establishment, the street name, block number, etc. This way, your invitees won’t encounter the problems of having to do research as to who they’ll get to the event or not attending your event at all due to vague address details. You may also see acrylic invitation designs

2. The Time and Date of the Event

Once you’ve decided on the place, the next thing you’ll do is decide the best time as to when you should hold the event. When you do this, you don’t just think about your own convenience but rather that of everyone else’s as well. So long as the event does not require you to celebrate it on a particular date, it’s best that you hold it on a weekend or any day where you think that your invitees won’t be busy. You may also see personalized invitations

Once you’ve managed to decide as to when it’s the best possible time to hold the event, you must then put that into the invitation. Just write down the month, date and year so that your invitees will know when it’s going to happen and then write down the hours and minutes so that they’ll know when it’s going to start. You may also see party invitations

When you’re finished with everything, be sure to proofread the invitations for any grammar, spelling, or information errors. Once you’ve spotted and fixed them all, you may then proceed to create the necessary copies and send them out to the people you want to invite.If you would like to create other types of invitation, then you can always take  a look at the many different Printable Invitation Examples that you can find right here on our site.

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