8 Online Websites to Make Your Own Magazine Cover

While Adobe InDesign might be one of the most sought-after graphics software for magazine production, it’s really not the only option you have. There are numerous applications offering similar features that are readily available for download in the market. But for some, the process of downloading and installing these editing sample applications can take up significant space on their devices, not to mention require a bit more time and effort to set up. Needless to say, it’s not for everyone, especially those who don’t have the time and patience to go through such trouble.


Luckily, a lot of online websites can offer you a similar experience, without having to undergo a time-consuming process. So for those of you with little to no design skills, the following online tools might put a stop to your frustrating quest of finding the perfect magazine cover editor:

1. Adobe Spark

Probably one of the estranged sisters of the Adobe family you never knew existed, Adobe Spark is an online magazine cover maker that is completely free of charge to use. It offers over a hundred cover templates that you could openly customize to your own liking. For designers planning to publish a series of issues in the near future, you’re given the option to save your current fonts and designs to develop consistency in each issue of your magazine as well. And when you’re finally contented with the way your magazine cover looks, printed publications may be sent directly to your local printing device while digital issues will be ready for sharing through any social media platform.

With the wide variety of templates and options available, you’ll certainly enjoy this creative and convenient experience that Adobe Spark has to offer.

2. Magazine Cover Maker by FotoJet

While this certainly isn’t the type of website that professional designers would go for, it still does what it’s meant to do. Magazine Cover Maker, which does exactly what it sounds like, features a variety of templates to choose from, along with a user-friendly UI design for you to work with. These templates include covers from some of the most famous magazines of all time, such as TIME, Playboy, People, and Fortune. You can create a series of fabulous magazine covers even without a single graphic design experience to your name. You’re also given the chance to customize images, add texts, and save your file in JPG or PNG formats with no registration required.

3. BigHugeLabs

For those on-the-go individuals, finding the right cover maker that could give you all the essential magazine elements in an instant might be difficult. Fortunately, BigHugeLabs is here to save the day. The site works its magic as you fill up a given form, where you could select the layout of your magazine, as well as the title, tagline, publication date, and more. You can even use the site to make your very own postcard design. Talk about getting the best of both worlds in one awesome website!


4. Madmagz

Imagine an online tool that could be used as both a magazine cover maker and a full magazine editor. Well, Madmagz gives you just that!

The site offers a series of pre-made magazine templates that are suitable for any theme. Choose from a range of theme-based designs that cover anything from pop art to minimalist. However, unlike some websites included on this list, Madmagz is actually a paid service. Luckily, you’re still given the chance to create a web magazine version for free.

5. Canva

Canva is an online website that allows you to create feature-worthy magazine covers of any genre with ease. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can easily upload and customize your image or illustration in a blink of an eye. The site offers its users over 130 fresh fonts to choose from, along with over a million stock images, and a high-resolution PDF download or share feature suitable for both print and digital publications. This way, you can create professional magazine covers without the hassle.

6. Pulp-o-mizer

If you’re an avid fan of pulp magazines and the whole pulp genre in its entirety, you might find solitude with this magazine cover maker. For those who aren’t quite familiar with pulp, picture out the trashy, vintage yet seemingly appealing type of design that’s perfect for underground music lovers, poster design layouts, and T-shirt print-outs.

Pulp-o-mizer allows you to customize fonts, text sizes, shadows, and a lot more. It also consists of a few presets for you to use. Although the site isn’t completely free of charge, its unique concept and easy-to-use tools are definitely worth every penny.

7. PosterMyWall

PosterMyWall is an online website that features a wide selection of templates, specially made to fit any occasion. You can upload your own photos or choose from over a thousand free stock photos available. There are a variety of design tools for you to play around with, including color picker, filters, fancy text, and so much more. It’s so simple and easy to use, just about anyone can get the hang of it. You can purchase high-quality prints and downloads at an affordable price, or take advantage of the web quality downloads for free.

8. LucidPress

Looking for a website that allows multiple users to access a single project in real-time? LucidPress has everything you need! The online magazine maker has a cloud-based feature that enables an unlimited number of users to edit a given document all at once. You could personalize every element of the design and expect impressive outcomes every time. The site may also be used to create marketing brochures, event flyers, invitation designs, and so much more.

Unfortunately, the team collaboration is a paid feature, but if you want to make the cover by yourself, then it’s absolutely free of charge.


Truth be told, the cover might as well be the money-maker among all other elements of a magazine. It’s one of the most significant design elements of any reading journal, as it is what sparks the curiosity of a reader and provokes a response. That being said, it would only be right to use the most appropriate editing software out there.

But that doesn’t mean paying a monthly fee just to get the very best, as there are a number of free online editors that could give you everything you need in one website. Keep in mind that it’s not always about using the most expensive medium there is. After all, the software you use means so little when the design skills you possess matter a lot more.

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