10+ Outdoor Billboard Designs & Examples – PSD, AI

hey’ll end up finding your ad in a public areaThink of all the times you were driving down a busy highway when you stumbled upon a clever billboard ad along the road. How many times did an advertisement convince you to purchase a certain product? Outdoor billboards are a great platform to advertise your brand because rather than you having to chase down your customers, they’ll end up finding your ad in a public area.

This enables you to effectively communicate your brand message to consumers without much effort. But in order to attain billboard advertising success, you must first create a billboard design that will speak volumes.

Outdoor Ad Billboard Example

Outdoor Advertising Billboard Example

Big Scale Outdoor Advertising Billboard Example

The Importance of Outdoor Advertising

With a primary aim of building brand visibility and increasing its market popularity, outdoor advertising is a sought-out means of product and service promotion that many companies can benefit from. Outdoor advertising has become more prominent in today’s age due to technological advancement, which plays a key role in its development. You may also see real estate billboard designs and examples.

As a consumer, you’re bound to encounter hundreds of outdoor advertisements every day, but you’re likely to recall only a few of them because of how they have slowly become a natural part of our urban landscape. Some examples include billboard advertising, street furniture, transit wraps, and guerrilla advertising. This form of advertising has been offering advertisers a number of benefits for years. For one, it serves as a creative canvas for businesses to carry out a message to their target audience. It focuses on what the brand does and how it plans to serve its customers. Delivering brand awareness through this medium ensures consistency and stability as well.

Using outdoor advertising to implant an idea into the mind of a potential user, which could be a message or image regarding how one may benefit from you, is another notable quality that continues to draw in advertisers. This allows the business to strategically place a brand’s message at a certain location for it to be noticed by a specific group of people. This way, consumers can easily recognize your brand wherever they go. You may also like fitness billboard examples.

Urban Outdoor Billboard Example

Large Sign Billboard Example

Photorealistic Outdoor Billboard Example

Advertising Outdoor Billboard Example

Why Billboards are Better

It’s no secret that billboards are one of the most effective outdoor marketing tools out there, but why?

Constant exposure. Digital Billboards are typically big and loud, so it’s nearly impossible for them to go unnoticed. How many times have you switched channels when a TV commercial came on? Or turned the radio off in the middle of an ad? When it comes to a billboard, changing stations is never an option, and the only way a person could ever ignore your ad is if they closed their eyes, which is impossible to do while driving.

With more exposure follows newer prospects. Billboards tend to target a broader group of individuals because of its versatile nature. You’d be surprised how many people use billboards to navigate through crowded cities and rural countrysides. Many billboard ads inform passersby of their current location, along with where they may find a nearby brand of a given business. One example for this is a restaurant billboard. Companies in the food business often use billboards to entice consumers and encourage impulse buying. This method of advertising is known for influencing the buying decision of customers by giving them something to ponder on for the time being.

From boosting market presence to expanding consumer reach, it’s clear that billboards provide a series of advantages that no other advertising media can. They can be used to provide direction or information regarding a particular product or service. Not only will the business attract more customers, but it can also help retain older ones through engaging content. You may also see food billboard designs & examples.

Basic Types of Billboards

Like other advertising mediums, there are many types of billboards that also come in different shapes and sizes. These are as follows:

1. Classic Billboards

Also referred to as a bulletin board, these are the kind of billboards found along highways and expressways. Its relatively large size is intended to capture the attention of motorists and pedestrians that pass. The standard size of this type of billboard ad ranges from 10 feet by 30 feet to 14 feet by 48 feet. You may also see vertical billboard designs and examples.

2. Vinyl Billboards

Vinyl billboards are a lot similar to the classic billboard ad except for one notable quality: its vibrant appearance. Thanks to the wonders of UV defensive paint, vinyl billboards can withstand intense heat, maintaining its bright and colorful appearance for longer periods of time. You may also like retro billboard designs and examples.

3. Painted Billboards

Though this type of billboard ad isn’t as common as it was in the past having been replaced by graphically produced materials, there are some advertisers that continue to utilize them, especially in less populated areas. Single-board advertisements tend to contain hand painted layouts as well. You may also check out restaurant billboard designs and examples.

4. Poster Billboards

Posters are typically half the size of a regular billboard ad. These billboards are ideal for transit advertising such as at bus stops, train stations, and airport terminals. This is great for local advertising campaigns that want to target a specific demographic.

5. Mobile Billboards

You may have noticed how some buses, trucks, taxis, and bikes have some sort of billboard advertisement stuck to them. Instead of luring in customers, the ad simply follows its prospects around. This is common in areas where large events take place due to its high level of reach and is popular among small business marketing strategies as well.

6. Digital Billboards

If you’ve ever been to places like New York’s Time Square or Japan’s Shibuya crossing, then you might have noticed the abundance of digital billboard ads around the area. Digital billboards allow advertisers to creatively use digital designs on their ad, which include videos and animation. This advanced approach to advertising has made it easier for businesses to send multiple brand messages to their customers. Besides that, billboard owners can even set specific time slots for clients to advertise their brand during a particular time of day.

7. 3D Billboards

Another modern type of billboard is the three-dimensional billboard ad. The unique artistry and visual imagery contained in this billboard type create an illusion that’s hard to ignore. This easily captivates customers and builds a level of interest that will leave them with a lasting impression. You might be interested in corporate billboard designs and examples.

Giant Outdoor Billboard Example

Automobile Billboard Example

Abstract Billboard Example

Wallscape Outdoor Billboard Example

How to Design an Outdoor Billboard that Works

Billboard advertising isn’t exactly the cheapest form of marketing. This is why creating a powerful, out-of-home marketing tool must be your main goal when designing one. Apart from gaining the desired response from consumers, an effective billboard ad can also keep the brand on everyone’s radar for better market presence.

There are thousands of billboards placed strategically around the U.S. alone, so just imagine the total number of billboards found around the world. But with so many billboards found within close distances from one another, a poorly-crafted advertisement can easily lose its essence. To ensure that your brand’s billboard ad performs well in the outdoor advertising scene, here are some design guidelines to refer to:

1. Strategize

Always consider the primary purpose of the ad before you begin with anything else. Do you want to generate traffic to your website? To move your store’s inventory? Or maybe provide directions toward your physical outlet? Focus on the end goal of your billboard. It would be best to start by brainstorming various ideas that will suit your purpose and your brand’s overall business strategy. When this is done, you may then start drafting your design to determine what works best. Avoid adding everything at once as well, or you may end up with a layout that fails to reflect your brand’s identity.

2. Wording

How many seconds does it take for you to look at an ad, take it all in, and understand the message it portrays? It’s apparent that time is your greatest enemy with this method. If you want to make an impact with your audience, then a few catchy yet clever words will be of great help. You may also see examples of banner design.

A good rule of thumb from some marketing experts suggests an ad that contains your product name, your company’s location, an imaginative image, and a supporting message with a maximum of eight words. A few compelling words will certainly help make the billboard ad memorable.

3. Typography

Typography plays a significant role in design. Any designer would tell you how critical your font type and size can be to the look and feel of the advertising medium. Aside from the aesthetics, your font choice can greatly affect the readability of an ad’s text. Bear in mind that your viewers have their attention divided between you and the road. A text that’s hard to read from a distance could send the wrong message. To ensure the type stands out, there must be a proper color contrast between the background and text. You may also adjust the spacing between lines, words, and letters if necessary. You may also like examples of advertisement design.

4. Visual Imagery

Sometimes, images have the ability to convey what words cannot. The visual impact should be of top priority when making a billboard ad. You could use a high-quality image or illustration to achieve an effective design. Be sure to observe proper balance with the billboard’s overall content, specifically between the text, image, logo design, and background. This will prevent the design from appearing messy or disorganized. Remember, the billboard must tell a story that can easily be understood by the average viewer.

5. Content

The most creative billboard ads are always the most surprising. Rather than giving viewers a generic ad that screams ‘BUY OUR PRODUCTS,’ the ad contains a touch of wit and humor that is enough to make a person think about the ad for a span of time. When possible, concentrate on providing entertainment for your audience to enjoy. This will make it easier for a person to recall the ad when sharing it with friends. You may also use designs that depict positive results or social benefits that may interest consumers. Not only will this draw more attention, but it can also build an emotional connection with your target audience. You might be interested in vector billboard designs and examples.

Billboards have been around for quite some time now — and show no signs of disappearing anytime soon. Not only can it benefit a business, but it can also help potential customers find a company that can cater their needs. When in need of an effective marketing method that can bring in new customers and enforce brand loyalty, billboard advertising is your best option.

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