Masquerade Ball Invitation

Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Masquerade Ball Invitation

A masquerade ball, also known as bal masqué, is a form of nighttime entertainment or celebration that is participated by guests and visitors in costume wearing a mask. This celebration is particularly popular in Venice and usually held for members of the upper class. In order to invite people to come to your masquerade ball event, you need to inform them beforehand and give them the details of the event through a masquerade ball invitation. Not sure on how to start creating such an invitation? Check out the masquerade ball invitation templates and examples provided below.

Masquerade Ball Invitation Examples and Templates

1. Stunning Masquerade Ball Invitation

Stunning Masquerade Ball Invitation
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Size: 4×6 inches, 5×7 inches


Creating an invitation for your masquerade ball will surely take much of your time and effort. To skip the hassle, you can use this stunning masquerade ball template as your own. This template is excellently created by professional graphic artists and designers and comes in a lot of available file formats, such as Illustrator, Photoshop, MS Word, Publisher, and Pages, making it easy for you to customize and personalize the template according to your current needs or preferred style.

2. Birthday Masquerade Ball Invitation

Birthday Masquerade Ball Invitation


If you are tasked to organize a themed party for a birthday celebration, having a masquerade ball is a great option. In order to create your invitation, you must secure a high-quality image to be incorporated on the face of your invitation so that the recipients can immediately tell in one glance that your event is a masquerade ball. Other important details are as follows: name and age of the birthday celebrant and date, time, and venue of the ball. You can refer to the above example to serve as your guide.

3. Elegant Masquerade Ball Invitation

Elegant Masquerade Ball Invitation


It is important that when you send an invitation to your invited guests, you must make sure that the information or details of the masquerade ball that you are organizing are complete, just like the elegant masquerade ball invitation example presented above. Apart from those that are stated previously, you must also mention the appropriate or suggested costume so that guests can prepare them beforehand and so that they will not get underdressed or overdressed.

4. Teal Masquerade Ball Invitation

Teal Masquerade Ball Invitation


While it is typical for the masquerade ball to have a black-and-gold combination of colors, we can see from this example that the theme for the masquerade ball is teal and silver. These two colors perfectly match with each other, making the invitation look more elegant and appealing to the recipient. You may try using other color combinations, but make sure that you are using only two to three complementing colors.

5. Year-End Masquerade Ball Invitation

Year-End Masquerade Ball Invitation


One interesting way to seal your year is through a year-end masquerade ball. In order to invite more people to take part in your event, you need to send them a visually pleasing invitation, such as the one presented above. Working on the aesthetics of the invitation is one way to catch the interest of your guests. When they are already into your invitation, they will become willing to read the full details of the event and become interested to attend to your masquerade ball.

6. Venetian Masquerade Ball Invitation

Venetian Masquerade Ball Invitation


As stated above, a masquerade ball is particularly popular in Venice. In connection to this, the mask used in the masquerade ball is usually a Venetian mask. It is no wonder why the event is typically called Venetian masquerade. To invite your guests and visitors in this event, send them a customized invitation, such as this Venetian masquerade ball invitation example. Minimize the use of many font styles, and choose only one to two fonts that would complement well with each other.

7. Minimalist Masquerade Ball Invitation

Minimalist Masquerade Ball Invitation


While a lot of masquerade ball invitations contain various colors, you can also stick to only two or three minimalist colors, just like this minimalist masquerade ball invitation example. Black, silver, and white are the main colors that you can see from this invitation, but it already presents the invitation with sophistication and elegance. High-quality photos and other design elements can also help in enhancing the visual presentation of the invitation.

8. Alumni Masquerade Ball Invitation

Alumni Masquerade Ball Invitation


To have the best experience of your alumni event, you can organize an alumni masquerade ball to be participated by all the former students in a certain school. To inform them regarding the event, do not forget to send them an invitation, just like the example above. A simple invitation will do as long as you incorporate all the important details of the event as well as your contact information, for example, phone number or email address.

9. Fresher’s Masquerade Ball Invitation

Fresher's Masquerade Ball Invitation

In order to welcome the new students in a certain university or institution, it is typical for the schools to hold a fresher’s week or welcome week. To make this celebration more exciting and fun, you can organize a fresher’s masquerade ball and send an invitation to all the new students in the school. This is a great way for those newbies to get acquainted with the old students and know more about the school and its culture. So put an extra effort in your party invitation to convince newcomers to come to the masquerade ball event.

10. Daddy-Daughter Masquerade Ball Invitation

Daddy-Daughter Masquerade Ball Invitation

Masquerade balls are intended not just for meeting strangers, getting along with other people, socializing with others, or making yourselves comfortable in the school. It is also a way to build a bond between members of the family, for example, a daddy-daughter masquerade. In order to persuade guests, you can send them a well-designed invitation, just like the one presented above.

11. New Year’s Eve Salsa Masquerade Ball Invitation

New Year's Eve Salsa Masquerade Ball Invitation

Make your New Year’s Eve salsa masquerade ball invitation known to your intended invitees by sending them the complete details of the ball event through an event invitation, similar to this example. You can feature the activities that the guests can expect from the celebration as well as the food and drinks of the party.

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