Memorial Day Menu

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Memorial Day Menu

Every year on the last Monday of May, the USA observes a federal holiday that is Memorial Day. It is a special day intended to honor all the sacrifices of the fallen men and women of the US Armed Forces. It was originally called Decoration Day and was later declared an official holiday after the Civil War in 1971. Many American families celebrate this holiday by visiting cemeteries, holding gatherings, joining the parade, and so on. If you are planning to hold a special event in relation to this holiday, you can take inspiration from all the Memorial Day menu examples in this article.

Memorial Day Menu Templates and Examples

1. Memorial Day BBQ Menu

Memorial Day BBQ Menu


Creating the menu layout and design solely depends on the theme you plan to have on your event. Since you are hosting a Memorial Day event, you should use design elements that are relevant to the USA or Armed Forces. You can use the USA official flag colors, the stars representing each state, colors of the Armed Forces logo, and so on. In this Memorial Day BBQ menu example, you can see how the flag colors are seamlessly incorporated into the layout and design.

2. Complimentary Lunch or Dinner Menu

Complimentary Lunch or Dinner Menu

Sometimes, there is really no need to use or include excessive design elements into your menu. Similar to this complimentary lunch or dinner menu example, you can use a simple background image against a plain background. You can use relevant Memorial Day illustrations and/or images to use as your main background and as your focal point. You should also ensure that the font style you use complement the overall look of the menu.

3. Rustic Memorial Day Menu

Rustic Memorial Day Menu

As a business establishment that wants to use this holiday as a way to promote your products and/or services, it is important to use suggestive design elements. Since you are offering Memorial Day specials, you should use design elements that clearly embody the holiday. Looking at this rustic menu example, you can see how despite the obvious title, the designs used suggest that it is especially for Memorial Day. Although this menu is simple, it is still pleasing for the customers to look at.

4. Memorial Day Fine Dining Menu

Memorial Day Fine Dining Menu

Talk about simple! This Memorial Day fine dining menu example has a simple overall layout and design. It basically has a plain background with no attention-grabbing design elements. What was used as the main focal point of this menu is the intricate font style as well as the hearty dishes that will be served during the event. Thus, if you are looking for the push to create a simple and pretty basic menu, you can use this example as your inspiration.

5. Memorial Day Mediterranean Menu

Memorial Day Mediterranean Menu

If you look at this Memorial Day Mediterranean menu example, you can see how the design element used has no correlation to the holiday. However, it accurately represents the Mediterranean dishes that will be served during the day. If this is what you think is best to do when you create a menu for your event or business, make sure to create an aesthetically pleasing contrast with the writing field and background. You can also use bold-colored borders and basic yet readable font styles to create an enticing menu.

6. Restaurant and Bar Memorial Day Menu

Restaurant and Bar Memorial Day Menu

Sometimes, using your own business aesthetics or image is more beneficial than using event-related designs. As you can see in this bar menu example, the image or identity of the bar is still prioritized over Memorial Day design elements. This ensures that customers can remember your business even after the holiday, which in return helps increase sales and revenue. Should you need a source of inspiration, this example is perfect to use as your guide.

7. Simple Memorial Day Menu

Simple Memorial Day Menu

Sometimes, it is best to keep things simple and clear. This means that although you are creating a menu specifically for Memorial Day, you can still create a simple menu using minimal relevant design elements. In this example, you can see that the main colors used are the flag colors embellished with stars and flag illustrations. Doing this ensures that customers or guests know that the menu is specifically created for Memorial Day.

8. Formal Memorial Day Menu

Formal Memorial Day Menu

Hosting formal events mean that you should create a menu that fits the settings. In this case, using any distracting design elements should be avoided; it is best to stick with plain and simple layouts, backgrounds, and designs. The only thing that can help make your menu look more aesthetically pleasing is the font style and text formats. Hence, it is best to prioritize looking for a font style that will help make the menu look more elegant suited for a formal event.

9. Memorial Day Dinner Menu

Memorial Day Dinner Menu

Some food and drinks establishment uses flyer menus and we have here the perfect example for that. Flyer menus are created in the form of a flyer but contain the menu for the day or week. This is the perfect marketing tool to use if you want to promote your business and your dishes; it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Since this is still a flyer, it needs to have attention-grabbing elements like colorful images and illustrations, fun font styles, and so on. But to promote your menu, you should use an easily readable font style and ensure it is strategically placed in the flyer.

10. Memorial Day Lawn BBQ Menu

Memorial Day Lawn BBQ Menu


Looking for inspiration for your Memorial Day BBQ menu? This is the perfect example to use as your guide as you create an impressive menu. Although it is a BBQ menu it doesn’t necessarily mean that you use a grill as your main background or any BBQ-related images; looking at this example, you can see how a subtle fire image is used to make the menu look more relevant to the event. Since this is just for inspiration, choosing the layout, designs, images, etc. to use is still totally up to your preferences.

11. Memorial Day Weekend Carry-Out Menu

Memorial Day Weekend Carry Out Menu

Sometimes, people prefer to dine out during Memorial Day. Having a separate carry-out or takeout menu will help customers easily decide what to order from your restaurant, cafe, bar, etc. You can use a simple layout and design for this so long as it is consistent with your brand image and/or aesthetic or holiday designs. Looking at this example, it has a simple chalkboard background and small flag illustrations that help make it relevant to the holiday it is created for.

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