14+ Takeout Menu Designs & Examples – PSD, AI


Takeout menus are just as important as any other type of menu. Menus play a part in increasing the restaurant’s sales as it does not only promote the restaurant’s food, but also its image and brand. Hence, restaurants strive to devote time, effort, and money in creating the best looking menu for the profitability and sustainability of their business. You may also see food menus.

So, the question now is not on whether to make your own menu or not, but rather, what design you are going to incorporate to fit the personality and image of your restaurant. To help you with your decision, we have provided different examples takeout menus. Check them out below. You may also see cafe menus.

Italian Food Takeout Menu Design Example

italian food menu design

Chalkboard Takeout Menu, Chef’s Apron Exmple

chalkboard takeout menu chefs apron

Caribbean Restaurant Takeout Menu Template Example

caribbean restaurant takeout menu template

Black Chalkboard Takeout Menu Example

black chalkboard takeout menu

Takeout Menu Design and Template Example

takeout menu design and template

Fast Food Takeout Menu Template Example

fast food or takeout restaurant menu template

How to Effectively Market Your Takeout Menu

1. Create a presentable and quality menu

Make your menu presentable and of top quality since this is the impression you leave with your customers. If your competitors devote their time and spend a huge amount in creating quality menus, you should do the same. Presentation is everything, and the amount you invest in making your menu will give you a significant return on your investment. A top notch menu will also result to repeat customers as well attracting as new ones. You may also see lunch menus.

2. Add coupons, discounts, or other perks

Perks such as discount cards or coupons are important marketing strategies that can assist any business. For a a restaurant business, people would grab these limited offers for they know that they can purchase the same food or drinks for a much lower price. Offering numerous perks will also result in increased market visibility as customers will be referring your discounted items to various friends and family. You may also see pizza menus.

3. Include it in every takeout order

Never miss this rare opportunity to place your menu in someone’s takeout order. Your customers will check out the menu while they’re eating or relaxing. If they like your food, they will share the menu to their friends or family, thus increasing your network of customers. You may also see modern menus.

Cafe Take-out Menu Template Example

restaurant or cafe take out menu template

Chalkboard Coffee Menu Example

chalkboard coffee menu

Zombie Pizza Delivery Takeout Menu Example

zombie pizza delivery takeout menu halloween monster italian special

Cocktail Takeout Menu Template Example

cocktail takeout menu template

Caribbean Restaurant Take-Out Menu Template Example

caribbean restaurant take out menu template

Table Tents Bar Takeout Menu Example

table tents bar takeout menu

Printable Restaurant Takeout Menu Template Example

printable restaurant takeout menu template

How to Effectively Market Your Takeout Menu (continuation)

4. Use it to reach your target market

Whether you have a physical store or an online one, it is important that your business reaches your target market. Nowadays, people have it easy as they can easily search your product in the internet. Don’t wait for them to do a Google search and make your move first. Use SEO (if you have extra funds) to make your product appear first in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. You can also partner with websites (with a fee) so that you can place an image of your takeout menus there. You may also see salad menus.

5. Send it as email blasts to potential customers

To maximize your advertisement and promotion efforts, use your takeout menu and send it as an email blast not only to your regular customers but to potential ones as well. This will make them aware of your restaurant or food shop together with other perks like sales and discounts you are offering. If you don’t know where to find a list of potential customers, you can always for referrals from your regular customers. You can also give your takeout menus as flyers to passerby and ask for their contact details. You may also see barbecue menus.


A menu is necessary for every restaurant or food shop as this serves as a guide for customers on the food they want to order or purchase. To effectively market you takeout menu, you must need to know these factors: ensure that your menu is presentable and of great quality, you should add discounts or other perks, you should place them in every takeout order, you should use it to reach your target market, and you should send it as an email blast to your potential customers. You may also see italian menus.

Don’t think twice and purchase the takeout menu templates and designs above. The menu designs do not only help give your menu a good looking design, but it can aid in the overall profitability and sustainability of your restaurant or food shop.

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