Memorial Day Poster

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Memorial Day Poster

Memorial Day is a day to remember and honor the people who have died while serving the United States Armed Forces, hence becomes a federal holiday in the United States. It is observed every year on the last Monday of May, and people have different ways to celebrate the special day—parties, parades, fund-raisers, among others. Because it is expected that a lot of people would be participating in this celebration, you need to inform them of the event or activity that you are organizing for them to be able to attend your event. This can be done through a poster. In order to create one, you can refer to or use the examples and templates provided below.

Memorial Day Poster Examples and Templates

1. Basic Memorial Day Poster

Basic Memorial Day Poster
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As Memorial Day is fast approaching, you need to promote your event to the intended audience beforehand. If you are worried that you can’t make it in time, we are here to help you. Through this basic Memorial Day poster template, you do not need to start from scratch for this already contains preformatted designs and layout and suggestive content that are well-researched and well-written. In a snap, you can surely achieve your desired design for your poster. It is also fully customizable, giving you convenience when you edit the file.

2. Memorial Day Weekend Events for Kids Poster

Memorial Day Weekend Events for Kids Poster


Memorial Day is celebrated not just by adults but by kids as well. If you are organizing an event with kids as your guests or attendees, you have to create a poster specifying that your event is for kids, just like this Memorial Day weekend events for kids poster example. Moreover, do not forget to include the important elements of a poster, such as the name of the event, date and time, location, and your brand name. Incorporating your brand is essential in order for you to establish your name in the market.

3. Memorial Day Weekend Event Poster

Memorial Day Weekend Event Poster

Excite your customers with your attractive flyer that features your best sellers as well as your promos and other great deals. This would surely grab their interest to visit your place and experience your limited-time offers. In choosing the layout and colors, you may opt to use the same color palette as your company logo or other branding elements, or you can use the colors of the US flag in accordance with the celebration of the Memorial Day.

4. Memorial Day Parade Poster

Memorial Day Parade Poster

Invite people to take part in the parade that you are organizing or to watch the parade during the Memorial Day through a Memorial Day parade poster, similar to the example presented above. In creating your poster, you need to have a balance between visual appeal and functionality. For the visual appeal, colors relating to the Memorial Day can surely give the audience an idea that your parade event is for the Memorial Day.

5. Memorial Day Weekend Party Cruise Poster

Memorial Day Weekend Party Cruise Poster


What makes Memorial day more interesting is to have a party cruise or boat party. Evidently, the venue of the celebration is a cruise ship or any large ship that can accommodate a huge number of people. You are to expect food, drinks, and dance in a party cruise as a way of celebrating Memorial Day. So if you are to organize such an event, you need to have a poster to reach a lot of people in your promotion. You can refer to the example above in order for you to have an idea on how to design or layout a Memorial Day weekend party cruise or boat party poster.

6. Memorial Day Party Poster

Memorial Day Party Poster

It is expected that during Memorial Day, there are a lot of parties simultaneously happening anywhere. When organizing a party, you must ensure that you invite a lot of people to attend your party through a Memorial Day party poster. As can be seen from the example above, you can specify your own kind of party, for example, party with games, like bowling, skating, and playland. Mentioning these in your poster can surely entice people and ignite their interest to take part in the celebration of Memorial Day.

7. Memorial Day Yacht Party

Memorial Day Yacht Party

Promote your Memorial Day yacht party by crafting a well-designed poster that is especially intended for that celebration. You can also mention the name of the yacht that the party will take place as well as the events or activities that attendees that look forward to. Do not forget to include the date and time of the event and the party organizing such event.

8. Memorial Day Weekend Party

Memorial Day Weekend Party

While some Memorial Day celebrations took place for just a day, there are other celebrations that will last for three to four days, which is typically called Memorial Day weekend party. To promote this event, you have to create a list of the events that participants can look forward to as well as the schedule of activities in an effective marketing material called poster. You can take a look at the example above that will serve as your guide in your poster creation.

9. Memorial Day Celebration Poster

Memorial Day Celebration Poster

One of the many advantages of having a poster as a promotional material is that it is versatile, that is, it can be used in any occasion or event. Hence, for a special celebration like Memorial Day, marketers would prefer to use a poster to promote not just their products and services but for related activities and events as well. As can be seen from the above poster, you can easily recognize that it is intended for the Memorial Day celebration because of its color combination.

10. Memorial Day Special Event Poster

Memorial Day Special Event Poster

Make your Memorial Day event known to your target market by creating an eye-catching poster that is effective in conveying the information to the intended audience, such as this Memorial Day special event poster. You must put extra effort and time not just in designing the layout and format but also in writing the content. The design of the poster is what makes people read your material while the content is what makes them respond to your call.

11. Memorial Day Saturday Party Poster

Memorial Day Saturday Party Poster

Are you planning to organize or are already organizing an event during Memorial Day but you are worried that nobody would attend your event? Don’t hesitate to create an event poster that features the name of your event and other important details such as date, time, and venue. You must also include your contact information in case there are any queries or concerns.

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