10+ Mother’s Day Invitation Examples & Templates [Download Now]

All mothers in the world need to be celebrated for the all love, sacrifice, and selflessness that they have given to their families. Although it should be done on a daily basis, having one full day specially dedicated for them just puts an emphasis on everything they have done. If you are planning on holding a special event or gathering for Mother’s Day, we have some creative invitation templates and examples in this article that you can use.

Mother’s Day Invitation Templates and Examples

1. Mother’s Day Invitation

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Size: 5×7 inches


The key to an enticing and impressive event invitation is a high-quality finish, comprehensive layout and format, and creative illustrations and images. If you want to set the tone for your event, it is important to use a well-designed invitation to give to your guests. If you are quite confused with where to start designing and creating your invitation, you can download and use this template. You can easily edit all the provided elements to suit your theme better.

2. Mother’s Day Banquet Invitation


Your invitation can come in any format—single sheet card format, bifold or trifold format, and so on. If you are planning to hold a mother’s day banquet, this banquet invitation example is a good source of inspiration. It has an elaborate floral design on its front cover and an intricate font style used for its wordings. This example is in a horizontal bifold format which allows you to include more texts and images.

3. Mother’s Day Celebration Invitation


If you want to stick to a single sheet invitation, you should definitely use this celebration invitation example as your reference. It has a simple layout and format but its appearance is refined with the help of creative design elements. Aside from design, it is important to remember to provide all the essential information about the event to make it more effective. This type of invitation design can be easily created in basic photo editing or word processing applications.

4. Mother’s Day Luncheon Invitation


Planning on hosting a luncheon for Mother’s Day? Well, we have the best example you can either use as your inspiration or guide. This luncheon invitation example has a beautiful floral design that helps the invitation look fresh and chic. The font style and color used also perfectly complements that floral design. If you choose to follow this example, you can perfectly use this for a garden luncheon or any outside venue.

5. Mommy-and-Me Tea Party Invitation


If you want an intimate Mother’s Day celebration, you can hold a tea party especially for mommies and their babies. This tea party invitation example has a chic and elegant vibe made possible with the use of classy floral designs used as borders, intricate tea set illustration, and stylish font styles. You can easily achieve this look for your invitation by using royalty-free images and choosing the right font style. This will surely impress your guests once they receive their invites.

6. Muffins with Mom Invitation


A casual baking session as a way to celebrate Mother’s Day can be turned into a fund-raising event by selling the baked goods to raise money for a certain cause. But to make it clear to the guests, your invitation should be comprehensive and at the same time aesthetically pleasing. Looking at this invitation, you can immediately get the point of the event with its suggestive illustration. Aside from that, it has provided the time, date, location, RSVP number, etc. to ensure guests are well-informed.

7. Mother’s Day Dinner Party Invitation


Ensuring that you have a comprehensive and beautiful invitation for any event is essential if you want a high guest turnout. In this sense, holding a Mother’s Day dinner celebration means you need to create an invitation that suits the overall theme or vibe. If you are going for a minimalist-chic vibe, this dinner invitation example is perfect to use as your guide. This example has simple watercolor floral accents that complement the elegant font style of the texts. It has a simple layout which will make it easier for you to copy for your own invites.

8. Mother’s Day Brunch Geometric Invitation


Who doesn’t love the combination of sleek geometric shapes and chic floral designs? This type of combination is a modern take on the basic floral and shape designs. Using shapes to emphasize the information on the invitation makes it more structured and formatted. Looking at this example, you can clearly see how the two contrasting elements complement each other so well. You can totally incorporate this style when you create your invitation on Mother’s Day.

9. Greener Mother’s Day Invitation



You probably have seen this commonly used greenery or leaves background countless of times, but it is still perfect to use for your Mother’s Day invitation. Despite being overly used, this pattern can make any design look fresh and easy on the eyes. Similar to this example, you can use this merely as a background to help elevate the simple font style you use for all the texts you include. Creating an invitation similar to this example will surely convey a chic and chill vibe to your guests.

10. School Mother’s Day Celebration Invitation


If you are planning to hold a Mother’s Day celebration in your classroom to honor all your students’ mothers, you can use this example as your guide when you create the invitation. This example has a simple layout and format adorned with almost like kid-drawn floral illustrations which perfectly fit the venue and event theme. You can easily create this invitation in the comforts of your own home.

11. Foundation Annual Mother’s Day Brunch Invitation


Looking at this annual Mother’s Day brunch invitation example, you can immediately see how chic and elegant it looks. The invitation has soft floral accents in a pastel pink background. It has a very simple layout with nothing but centered texts and two bold lines to create structure. If you want to achieve this kind of finish, you can use this one as your guide. This will surely help you achieve an elegant look for your event invitation.

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