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Most people nowadays possess a vehicle on their own not to show off but to avoid the long lines of passengers waiting for a mode of transportation and to avoid the hassle of having to look for vehicles to take them to their destination. Hence, many people are drivers of their own car. You may also see event ticket examples.

Every driver must be responsible in their actions while they are driving and must be informed of the consequences of their actions. They must also know what actions can result in a traffic or parking ticket. These are tickets issued to drivers because they have somehow failed to obey the laws on the road. Traffic violations will lead to expensive tickets and a possible suspension of the driver’s license. You may also like summer party ticket designs & examples.

The tickets serve as a formal notice for the person to pay for his or her violation and inform the person of the violations that he or she has committed. Hence, it is important that the traffic enforcers must issue a ticket for those drivers who neglect the laws as this is also a form of corrective action and discipline.

Below are some examples of parking ticket that you might be interested in.

Simple Parking Ticket Template

simple parking ticket template
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Editable Parking Ticket Template

editable parking ticket template
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School Parking Ticket Template

school parking ticket template
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High School Parking Ticket Template

high school parking ticket template
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Mall Parking Ticket Template

mall parking ticket template
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Shopping Parking Ticket Template

shopping parking ticket template
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Penalty Parking Ticket Template

penalty parking ticket template
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Funny Parking Ticket Vintage Style Example


Parking Violation Ticket Example

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Types of Traffic Tickets and Violations

As the common saying goes, “ignorance of the law excuses no one.” This means that no matter your age, gender, citizenship, etc., you must be responsible in knowing and adhering to the laws. You cannot make ignorance as your excuse when you have violated the laws. You may also see event show time ticket examples.

In connection with this, when you are a driver or a passenger or a pedestrian, you must know the laws of the road and the types of violations that would result in the issue of a traffic ticket. The fines for traffic tickets differ from one state to another and from one country to another. You may also like invitation ticket examples.

A certain city can also have their own ordinance as regards the implementation of ticket for the violations of law, as long as they themselves are doing it in accordance with the law. For example, a local government may ticket more aggressively within its jurisdiction as the collections will be part of their revenue and this can help raising the funds for a certain area. You may also check out elegant ticket designs and examples.

Below are the common types of traffic tickets and violations that you must know.

1. Speeding

One of the very common reasons for a traffic ticket is speeding. They are the most common ticket is that is issued as a penalty for speeding violation. There are two general types of laws related to speed restriction: laws that set specific maximum speed limits in certain areas and laws that require the drivers to run at a speed that is reasonable under circumstance. You might be interested in wedding invitation ticket examples.

For the first law, a state may declare different speeds depending on a certain area, for example 65 mph on highways, 35 mph on residential areas, and 25 mph in school. On the other hand, for the second law, the restriction lies on the circumstance.

Continuing the example, it might be allowed up to 65 mph on highways but running at 65 mph on highways during a heavy storm at night could also result in a speeding ticket because it may deem unsafe because of the weather condition. You may also see ticket invitation designs & examples.

2. Distracted Driving

Another reason for the issuance of traffic ticket might be distracted driving. This pertains to driving while doing another activity which could potentially distract the driver from the primary task, which is to drive the vehicle. This includes anything that could take the eyes of the road by the driver or take away the mental concentration while driving. You may also like concert ticket examples.

The primary distraction in driving is using mobile phone or driving while texting. Other forms of distracted driving are driving while shaving, tending to a pet, or putting on a makeup. This is strictly prohibited because they can lead to accidents, injuries, or worse, death. You may also check out blank festival ticket.

3. Driving without a License

Another common ground for traffic ticketing is driving without license. In most countries, operating a vehicle without a valid driver’s license has been differentiated from driving a vehicle without proof of a driver’s license. In the second case, the driver fails to present the driver’s license maybe because he fails to physically carry his or her valid driver’s license. You may also see football tournament ticket examples.

The former is a more serious offense as you are driving with the knowledge that your license has been suspended or invalid. Other licensing violations include driving with an expired license, driving with a license that has been temporarily suspended, driving with a license that has been permanently revoked, and failing to show proof of a valid license when driving or operating a vehicle. You may also like halloween party retro ticket examples.

Epcot Center Car Parking Ticket

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Isometric Set of Parking Ticket Example

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Fake Parking Ticket Example

fake parking ticket example 997x1024

4. Leaving the Scene of the Accident

The law requires that the driver involved in a vehicular accident must follow certain procedures immediately after the incident.

He or she must stay at the scene after it occurs, get medical help for anyone in need, and must not leave until the police arrives.

Some of the typical cases where the driver must remain at the scene are as follows: caused damage only to property such as hitting a parked vehicle; caused injuries to other people may it be another driver, a passenger, or a mere pedestrian; and the accident resulted in a person’s death of another driver, a passenger, or a pedestrian. You may also see bridal shower boarding pass ticket designs & examples.

5. Reckless Driving

Reckless driving refers to driving with a willful or wanton disregard for safety or the operation of a vehicle with the driver showing a willful disregard of consequences.

The driver disregarded the rules of the road and may or may not have caused an accident or property damage. He or she has to do something more than mere negligence in the operation of a vehicle to be cited for reckless driving. You may also like carnival event ticket examples.

For example, he might be running over the posted speed limit, racing another vehicle, trying to elude a police officer, and on a two-lane highway, passing another vehicle when visibility of oncoming traffic is limited.

6. Running a Red Light or Stop Sign

When we see the red light, we immediately know that it means stop similar to a stop sign. In most countries, there are traffic citations being written for running stop lights or stop signs. There are different driving maneuvers that may lead to the issuance of a red light ticket such as when a driver did not stop long enough or a traffic camera could snap a photo of a driver while still in the intersection. You may also check out birthday invitation ticket designs & examples.

Different states and countries may have different ordinances regarding the violation for running a red light or a stop sign, and these all depends on the regulations and enforcement in your specific area.

Parking Meter Ticket Example


Vector Traffic Ticket Example

vector traffic ticket example


Parking Ticket Illustration Example

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Customizable Parking Ticket Example

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7. Illegal U-Turn

As a general rule, it is never permissible to make a U-turn in those areas with “No U-Turn” signs as well as in the intersection of the street. Some state traffic laws require the driver to have a U-turn only when it is reasonably safe to do so under the circumstances such as based on the driver’s ability to see approaching cars or the speed of incoming traffic. You may also see wedding ceremony boarding pass ticket designs & examples.

On the other hand, other states prohibit the drivers from making a U-turn near the crest of a hill or near a curve that limits visibility to a few hundred feet. So the law depends of the jurisdiction you are driving in, the specific statute or ordinance, or the driving conditions. Make sure to check the laws in the areas where you are driving. You may also like plane boarding ticket examples.

8. Underglow Car Lights

Underglow car lights are those neon car lights that are non-standard neon or LED lights attached to the underbody of a vehicle. These are popular among aftermarket car dealers and owners seeking to enhance the look of a car.

Some people prefer to have neon underglow lights as this will provide enhancement of their vehicle, not only making it good-looking but also helping them less worry about getting hit by other vehicles especially for those who are driving at night. You may also check out multipurpose retro party ticket designs & examples.

However, underglow lights create a halo effect making the vehicle appear as though it is floating. These may also cause distraction to other drivers that will possibly lead to an accident.

9. Unlawful Vehicle Modifications

Vehicle modifications are extremely popular especially to the young people as they love to have their vehicles modified in different ways. While some vehicle modifications are subtle, other modifications are drastic and can be seen or heard immediately. You might be interested in VIP event ticket designs & examples.

Other modifications are allowed while there are those that are unlawful because it may cause accidents. These modifications may include addition of non-standard lighting, alteration or removal of air pollution and emissions control device, modification of vehicle ground clearance such as lowered or raised vehicles, removal of mufflers and other sound-control devices, and window tinting. You may also see music event ticket designs & examples.

Simple Parking Ticket Example


Parking Fee Ticket Example

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Parking Violation Stickers and Tickets Example


10. Window Tinting

Window tinting refers to methods of modifying the window of the vehicle in such a way that it prevents certain levels of light from passing through the safety glass in the windshield, side windows, and rear window of a vehicle.

During the manufacturing process of the vehicle, it has been coated or treated so that some degree of window tinting is in place. This is done in order to keep out harmful ultraviolet rays. This kind of tinting is in compliance with federal and state window tinting laws and regulations. You may also see basketball ticket invitation card designs & examples.

11. Parking on Sidewalk

There are specific areas where parking on the sidewalk is not allowed. Usually, streets near the residential areas and those streets near shops and stores that are not wide enough.

While this may not be a serious offense, certain state laws require that a ticket must be issued to those drivers who violated this law. Other laws from different states or countries may vary, but this is among the most common violation that is a ground for the issuance of a ticket. So make sure that you check first the signs posted on the street before parking. You may also like examples of ticket designs.

12. Loading/Unloading Violation

There are certain areas where it is prohibited to load and unload because it might hinder the flow of the traffic. Especially in highways, loading and unloading on the sides of the streets are not allowed.

Make sure that you check the sides of the streets before stopping to load or unload your passenger. Similar to other traffic laws, this depends on the jurisdiction you are driving in or the specific statute in your area. So ensure that you are familiar with the laws in the area where you are driving. You may also check out voucher designs and examples.

Car with Parking Ticket Example

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No Parking Sticker and Ticket Example


Terminal Parking Ticket Example

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Sum Up

There are a lot of traffic violations that will lead to the issuance of a traffic ticket such as speeding, distracted driving, driving without a license, leaving the scene of the accident, reckless driving, running a red light or stop sign, illegal U-turn, underglow car lights, unlawful modifications, window tinting, blocking the driveway, parking on sidewalk, and loading/unloading violations. These are the common traffic violations where tickets are issued to the driver. You may also see receipt voucher examples.

Hence, when you are driving a vehicle, it is important that you have a knowledge regarding traffic law for you to avoid the fines of the ticket. It is the responsibility of the driver to know the laws as he or she is accountable for his or her own actions whether he or she knows the law or not. You may also like shopping voucher designs & examples.

The examples of parking ticket, one of the common tickets that are issued for traffic violations, are presented above.

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