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Restaurants like to give out promotions every now and then. These promotions are mostly vouchers or coupons that they give out to regular customers and new customers as well. Handing out vouchers is a great marketing tool that increases not only the presence of restaurants in their area but increases revenues and profits as well (as long as it is done right).You may also see discount voucher examples.

This article focuses on how to create dinner vouchers and how to properly market them to maximize their effectiveness. We also provided some examples that you can purchase at very affordable prices. They can be easily edited to fit your own voucher design. Check them out below!

Dinner Voucher Template

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Dinner Discount Voucher Template

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Burger Dinner Voucher Example

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Why Give Out Dinner Vouchers?

Vouchers have been around for quite a while now. They have become very effective marketing tools that are used by restaurants around the world. Start-up restaurants are not only the businesses that use vouchers but also restaurants that have been operations for years. Other types of food businesses such as food stalls or carts, food trucks, and convenience stores also give out vouchers on a regular basis.

As previously mentioned, vouchers are very effective marketing tools. They are effective because of two reasons: they immediately get the attention of customers and they provide revenue for the restaurant in the long run. Vouchers are also easy to create. Additionally, it does not take a graphic designer to create a voucher, as there are numerous online tutorials on how to create a voucher and tools such as Photoshop or Illustrator making it easier for individuals to create voucher designs.

Vouchers can either be presented as discounts, free merchandise, or free food. Customers already get excited when they receive discounts from their favorite restaurants, how much more if they get free merchandise (i.e. shirts, mugs, key chains, and other souvenir) or better yet, free food. Vouchers entice customers to come back. As long as they are satisfied with the food as well as the service, they will certainly come back. Some restaurants rely too much on the vouchers for customers to return, but if they serve mediocre food in the first place, then giving vouchers are useless.You may also see payment voucher designs

Customers also feel special if they are given vouchers. This is because it is uncommon for restaurants to hand out vouchers on a regular basis and also to any customer. Restaurants also like to form a special connection with their customers. Restaurant owners like to make their restaurants a homey and relaxed culinary experience for their customers.You may also see gift voucher designs

In the first place, who would want to eat in a cramped food place where the dishes are not properly cooked, the utensils are dirty, and the servers are always angry? Great food and great ambiance benefits not only the restaurants (revenue and income) but also the customers (delicious food, opportunity to meet other people). You may also see drink vouchers.

Vouchers also provide restaurants an opportunity to earn in the long run. This is because restaurants do not earn immediately when they hand out vouchers. Actually, they lose money at the beginning, since they initially spend on buying the materials and printing the vouchers. Restaurants also lose money if customers use the vouchers. These vouchers are after all discounts or sometimes freebies for the customers, which result in the restaurants earning less than they normally do. You may also see thank-you voucher designs.

Restaurants begin to earn if customers keep returning. That is the actually the only reason how restaurants can return—repeat customers. Restaurants are not expected to earn by just standing pat and doing nothing. They need marketing tools, specifically vouchers so that customers will know about their business. Once customers are finally eating at the restaurants, it is the job of the restaurant owners and their staff to ensure that these people keep coming back.You may also see spring voucher designs.

New Burger Dinner Voucher Example

new burger dinner voucher example1

150 Dinner Voucher Example

150 dinner voucher example1

Fast-food Dinner Voucher Example

fast food dinner voucher example1

Tips in Creating a Dinner Voucher

Listed below are some essential tips in creating a dinner voucher. Follow these tips to make your voucher look attractive and eventually increase the revenue of your restaurant.

1. Use a slogan (don’t be boring)

The front face of the voucher should immediately catch the attention of the customer. This means that you should use a slogan when creating the voucher. The slogan should be very short—a single phrase or a single sentence. This is because vouchers are small pieces of paper to begin with, and there is no space to add a whole paragraph.You may also check out here fitness voucher designs.

Be creative when writing a slogan for the voucher. Also, include punctuation marks to make the slogan more direct. You can also be simple when writing the voucher, but make sure the actual purpose is clearly indicated. Here are some examples to guide you:

  • 30% Discount on Your Next Visit!
  • Delicious Food! All Yours for Free!
  • Congratulations! 20% Off on Your Next Meal!
  • Are You Hungry? Don’t Worry!
  • We’ve Got Your Next Meal Covered!
  • Do You Want Free Food?

2. Use the restaurant’s theme in the voucher

Don’t make the design of your voucher difficult for yourself. Although there are hundreds of designs you can choose, the easiest but the most effective design you can use is implementing the restaurant’s theme in the voucher. For example, if you own a Mexican restaurant and use Mexican designs and colors in both the interior and exteriors, use the same designs in the voucher. This creates a uniformity and a singular theme which helps the restaurant gain a distinct identity.You may also see blank vouchers.

Applying the restaurant’s theme in the voucher is not only limited to the colors and restaurant designs. If the restaurant displays unique decorations, those decorations should be included in the voucher as well. Going back to the Mexican restaurant example, if your restaurant displays a sombrero, then a sombrero design or image should be included in the voucher. Another example would be if you own a Chinese restaurant. If you have glowing lanterns being displayed, then use the same lanterns with glowing effects in the voucher.

3. Make it colorful

Aside from using the restaurant’s theme in the voucher, you can also use colors to make the voucher more visually attractive. Be creative when applying colors in the dinner voucher. You can use one color or multiple colors (two or more) depending on the design you want. But it is suggested that you use two colors to avoid making the voucher cluttered and messy.You may also see free voucher designs and examples.

The two colors are simply the main colors that you will use. If you will be using other designs with other colors in it, make sure the designs and colors are divided properly. For vouchers, you can use one color for the text and two colors for the background. You can place the two colors side by side or create abstract designs using the two colors. You may also see birthday vouchers.

Also, take note of the color combinations that you will be using. You can go with the simple black and white combination as this combination can be the perfect match for other colors (i.e. adding blue, red, and yellow to the white and black combination). You can also go with the blue/yellow combination, red/black, blue/orange, yellow/red, green/blue, and blue/red, just to name a few.You may also see shopping vouchers.

Colors simply add a personality to the voucher, and if the voucher is attractive, the customers will certainly keep it as a souvenir.

4. Keep it small

Vouchers are small marketing materials, and they should be kept that way. Even invitations are bigger compared to vouchers. Simply saying, vouchers should not be of the same size as posters, tarpaulins, or even flyers. The standard voucher size should measure around 5–7″ in width and 2–5″ in length. Avoid making the voucher too big as it loses its purpose. Think of the voucher as having a similar same size of a movie ticket.

The actual voucher size should fit inside the customer’s pocket, where it is not folded or crumpled just for it to fit in the said pocket. Additionally, even if the voucher is small all the details should be clearly seen in the voucher. The text should be readable (not blurry or pixelated) and the images or colors should be clearly seen.You may also see receipt vouchers.

5. Voucher instructions should be written at the back

It is a common scenario where voucher instructions are listed at the back of the voucher. Although restaurant staff are required to inform the customers on how to use the voucher, it won’t hurt the restaurant if the same instructions are listed in the voucher. Additionally, if restaurant staff are too busy or unavailable, then the customer can use the voucher based on the instructions listed at the back of the voucher.You may also see prize vouchers.

Since space is limited in the voucher, make the instructions concise and specific. You don’t want to waste too much as you may not be able to write every instruction in the voucher.

Multipurpose Dinner Voucher Example

multipurpose dinner voucher example1

Shrimp Dinner Voucher Example

shrimp dinner voucher example1

Easy-to-Cook Dinner Ideas

Dinner is where family and friends get together to enjoy a hearty and delicious meal. If you own a restaurant, you should include dishes that are not only affordable but also sumptuous and won’t take a long time to cook. Here are some easy-to-cook dinner ideas you can include in your restaurant.You may also see business vouchers.

1. Pesto Spaghetti

The first pasta entry in this list is the classic spaghetti in pesto sauce. Aside from being easy to cook, they are also very delicious. First, toast pine nuts until golden brown. Then mix the pine nuts in a blender with chopped basil, garlic, olive oil, Parmesan, and salt. You now have your pesto sauce. Cook spaghetti in a separate pan. Once the spaghetti is cooked, mix it with the pesto sauce. Top the dish with the remaining pine nuts and Parmesan.You may also see travel vouchers.

2. Herbed Butter Tenderloin Steak

Tenderloin steak is just an amazing melt-in-your-mouth dining experience. Season both sides of the steak with salt and pepper. Before cooking the steak, add olive oil and butter in a hot pan. Then, add the steak and cook both sides depending on the desired degree of doneness (rare, medium rare, medium well, well done). Then, further cook the steak in an oven for 10 minutes. Remove the steak from the oven and top it off with butter and thyme. You may also see food vouchers.

3. Sauteed Shrimp

Even if you’re allergic to shrimp, you simply cannot deny that it is very delicious. This dish is very simple, but customers will certainly come back for more once they tasted this underrated seafood classic. In a large pan, add some olive oil, chopped garlic and onions. Then, add shrimp, parsley, oregano, and red pepper flakes. Stir frequently until the shrimp are bright red and opaque. You may also see expense voucher examples.

4. Macaroni and Cheese

The second pasta dish in this list is an American favorite. Creamy and cheesy, it’s simply just delightful. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. In one pan, cook the macaroni and set aside. In another pan, stir frequently chopped onions, flour, milk, and cheese. Mix the sauce together with macaroni and bake for 20 minutes. You may also see cash vouchers.

5. Bacon and Eggs

Who said breakfast dishes can only be eaten during mornings? There’s a reason why bed-and-breakfasts have become very popular. People just love to eat those sunny side eggs, sausages, bacon, and pancakes at any time during the day. The most popular of all breakfast dishes, bacon and eggs is just beyond compare. Fry bacon in a skillet or you can fry it together with the eggs. For additional flavors, you can roast some cherry dried tomatoes or sauteed onions.You may also see spa voucher examples

We hope you found this article to be informative as well as helpful when you will be creating your own dinner voucher example. As previously mentioned, vouchers have been around for quite a while now and they have become very effective marketing tools that are used by restaurants around the world.

Start-up restaurants are not only the businesses that use vouchers but also restaurants that have been operations for years. Other types of food businesses such as food stalls or carts, food trucks, and convenience stores also give out vouchers on a regular basis.You may also see meal vouchers.

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